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The road to glory - Fram Larvik

Started on 2 November 2018 by pickshield
Latest Reply on 7 February 2019 by pickshield
You're actually flying, is a real testament to your ability as a manager
What a fantastic season for you and the squad. A real testament as Griffin said to your ability as a manager to get so much out of your team. The finances from a run in the Europa League would be fantastic, fingers crossed you can, somehow, pull one off to get to the group stages!
How times have changed! Now in the Europa League qualifiers, a title challenge to come next season?
mgriffin2012 - Yes it was a good season. Sadly this season is not going very well.

ScottT - Thanks! I spent a lot of time on this transferwindow to get better players. Nice to see the money come in as well :p

Justice - True that! seems forever since we were in the second division! Not a title challenge, sadly, but I will bounce back!
pickshield's avatar Group pickshield
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2025 season

Another busy pre season for Fram Larvik. They will try to prepare for the qualifying to the Europa League this season. Can they maintain the focus on the league?


Marc Biakolo - Stade Marseillais - 12 500€
Marco Mauno Johannessen - FREE
Carlos Augusto - FREE

Milvoj Petrovic - Hønefoss - LOAN
Torbjørn Grytten - Sogndal - 55 000€
Marius Bratberg Lund - Sandnes Ulf - 4 000€

Not the best start for Fram Larvik this season. It seems like they are back to conceding too many goals.
It's funny to see that the expectations have rose so drastically over time. Once upon a time that would have been considered a really strong start. Hopefully you'll be able to address the number of goals being conceded and convert draws into wins, as a result.
Some decent wins in there and you're performing above media expectations so I wouldn't be too disappointed! However, it's nice to see your ambition for the squad :)
Not a terrible start to the season. You're not too far off the teams above you and you could easily overtake a few with a few good results.
Note: Haven't had time to play much cause of work and Christmas, but now I'm back :)

ScottT - Yes that's true! I think this is a very important season for the team, and for the future.

Jack - Well yeah, and it was cool to see they don't think I will end in the bottom of the table, haha..

Justice - Thanks! hopefully I can get some more wins in the future.

2 victories in these 6 games are not good enough for Fram Larvik if they want to fight for the top spots, but a 8th place in the league for now is not too bad.
Not the best set of results but being nine points behind top spot isn't too bad. You can guarantee that the teams above you will drop points!
Turning just one of those draws into a win would have helped a little. Hopefully form can improve as the season goes on.
Inconsistent but you're more than capable of turning things around and putting together a very solid run of results
Justice - Yes I'm hoping for a good run with some nice results in the future! sadly I can't play a lot because of work these days..

ScottT - Indeed. Working with my defense as we speak :P

mgriffin2012 - Hoping to turn the draws into victories :)

Fram Larvik end the season on a good 5th place, and they had a nice run at the Europa League that they can be proud of.
Things are not as good as they seem in Larvik though. Key players wants to leave, and the moral in the squad is really bad. Can Patrick Johansen stay for another season?

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