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Kalle Koskinen: The Iceman

Kalle Koskinen Challenges The World Of Football In This Tale
Started on 23 April 2019 by Justice
Latest Reply on 7 December 2019 by Griffo
Congratulations on qualifying and recovering from the set-back of the loss in the third game to defeat one of the top sides in the Ykkonen in Ilves. You have demonstrated your ability to beat strong sides like Inter Turku, beating them last year, so hopefully you can do so again.
Shame to see that the manager of Kotka is better overall than Koskinen but that's life I guess :/ Well done on qualifying I guess.
Justice's avatar Group Justice
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Digging Up The Past

Michael Scott Returned To Perform His Most Disturbing Music Video Yet


Middlesbrough-born vlogger Michael Scott has made a shocking return to the public eye by releasing a music video on social media platform Youtube named 'Digging Up The Past', which saw the noted Arsenal supporter take aim at former Finnish international midfielder Kalle Koskinen once more. The music video was taken down by Youtube moderators within hours of its upload, with the video in question under investigation by Finnish police for some disturbing details in the lyrics and in the actions undertaken during filming.

Michael Scott came into trouble with authorities last year on two occasions. He was first handed a five-year worldwide football stadium ban for racially abusing Arsenal's Eddie Nketiah during a Premier League fixture at the Emirates Stadium in February of last year, due to the Mia Koskinen Act. In retaliation to the ban, Scott took to the internet to produce a music video titled 'Killing Kalle Koskinen', in which he took aim at Kalle Koskinen for being one of the founders of the Mia Koskinen Act. Scott's music video landed him in hot water, earning him a two-month jail sentence and six months of community service, as well as a lifetime ban from football in Europe.

Scott had kept himself quiet following the incident, until his music video release today. The music video was set in a graveyard in the south of Finland. Michael Scott was dressed in a hooded cloak, with only his face visible. In his hand was a shovel, covered in fresh dirt. Scott appeared to be standing beside a headstone which belonged to Mia Koskinen, the mother of Kalle Koskinen. The ground in front of the headstone had been dug up and nothing remained in the empty space where a coffin once belonged.

The lyrics of 'Digging Up The Past' were even more disturbing than the visual presentation of the video. Scott spoke of his desire to destroy Kalle Koskinen in the song, labeling the current manager of Peimari United as a 'child murderer and liar'. As was the underlining theme of his last music video diss track on Kalle Koskinen, Michael Scott focused on the death of Kalle's mother, Mia. While he appeared to dig up Mia from her grave in Hietaniemi Cemetery in Helsinki, Scott suggested that he would perform sexual deeds on the corpse of Mia Koskinen, in an act to destroy the reputation of Kalle Koskinen.

Finnish authorities opened up an investigation into the actions of Michael Scott and had the music video removed from Youtube. Despite the video's removal, clips have continued to be shared online on other forms of social media, prompting Finnish law makers to threaten those who share the clips with legal action and hefty fines.

Hietaniemi Cemetery has since been closed down as police began investigating the scene of the crime. The grave site of Mia Koskinen is currently being inspected by crime scene investigators, with soil samples taken for examination to identify any activities undertaken recently. The graveyard is likely to be closed off to the public for some time, which has disgruntled local residents. However, a police spokesman has made assurances that the investigation would be over quickly.

Michael Scott is believed to be at large somewhere in the Baltic country of Finland. The public has been advised to contact the authorities should they have any information on his whereabouts. Peimari United manager Kalle Koskinen was asked for his comments on the matter but he refused to talk to reporters. A statement from his estate has not yet been forthcoming, but the former Bayern Munich midfielder is said to be deeply upset about the matter.

Comment Section

ScottT, thank you. Inter will be a massive challenge, but we are well-prepared for that battle. We want to continue to prove our value, and a win would certainly bring home major plaudits.
Jack, for now perhaps ;)

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Great update. Michael Scott continues to be a stain on humanity with his obsession for Mia Koskinen and his continued targeting of her son, Kalle. The Finnish authorities seem swift in their actions and hopefully a prison sentence may be justified, to prevent this happening for a while. It seems the only logical thing. However, I suspect this won't occur, for whatever reason, and this won't be the last we hear of Michael.
Justice's avatar Group Justice
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Squad Overview: Peimari United 2020

A Look At Peimari United's Squad Ahead Of The 2020 Ykkönen Season

No. Name | Age | Position | Nationality | CA/PA
1. Aatu Hakala | 19 y/o (28/07/2000) | GK | Finnish | /
Wage: €140 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2021 | Value: €18,500

22. Ville Saikkonen | 26 y/o (23/09/1993) | GK | Finnish | /
Wage: €130 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2021 | Value: €300

12. Bruno Rodrigues | 23 y/o (03/10/1996) | D(R),AM(R) | Portuguese | /
Wage: €75 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2021 | Value: €14,500

26. Arttu Eerola | 19 y/o (14/06/2000) | D(R) | Finnish | /
Wage: €120 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2021 | Value: €180

4. Rasmus Holma | 27 y/o (13/09/1992) | D(C) | Finnish | /
Wage: €70 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2021 | Value: €28,500

21. Tatu Mäkelä | 31 y/o (14/06/1988) | D(RC) | Finnish | /
Wage: €70 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2021 | Value: €19,750

28. Mikko-Petteri Latosaari | 26 y/o (25/09/1993) | D(RC) | Finnish | /
Wage: €75 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2021 | Value: €900

27. John Mattsson | 27 y/o (20/06/1992) | D(C) | Finnish | /
Wage: €110 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2021 | Value: €250

3. Jukka Virtanen | 17 y/o (15/08/2002) | D(L) | Finnish | /
Wage: €85 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2021 | Value: €450

23. Felipe Aspegren | 26 y/o (12/02/1994) | D(RLC), DM, WB(L) | Finnish | /
Wage: €180 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2021 | Value: €16,000

25. Lauri Parkkunen | 24 y/o (15/02/1996) | D(RL) | Finnish | /
Wage: €75 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2020 | Value: €9,000

16. Eero Hyökyvirta | 21 y/o (17/03/1999) | DM, M(C) | Finnish | /
Wage: €250 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2021 | Value: €31,000

24. Jesper Brechtel | 26 y/o (21/01/1994) | DM, M(RC) | Finnish | /
Wage: €375 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2021 | Value: €23,000

14. Sasha Popovitch | 26 y/o (08/05/1993) | M(C), AM(C) | Finnish | /
Wage: €110 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2021 | Value: €35,500

15. Iiro Järvinen | 23 y/o (03/11/1996) | DM, M(C), AM(C) | Finnish | /
Wage: €75 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2022 | Value: €29,500

13. Saku Klinga | 23 y/o (19/08/1996) | DM, M(C), AM(C) | Finnish | /
Wage: €70 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2021 | Value: €16,500

18. Mika Jussila | 27 y/o (11/01/1993) | M(C), AM(RC) | Finnish | /
Wage: €75 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2021 | Value: €25,500

6. Sami Suikki | 17 y/o (05/12/2002) | M(RC) | Finnish | /
Wage: €0 p/w | Expiry Date: N/A | Value: €0

29. Kevin Larsson | 18 y/o (15/09/2001) | AM(RL) | Finnish | /
Wage: €110 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2021 | Value: €27,500

19. Justus Kauppinen | 22 y/o (27/04/1997) | M(R), AM(RL) | Finnish | /
Wage: €150 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2021 | Value: €29,000

7. Akseli Ollila | 19 y/o (25/04/2000) | AM(LC), ST | Finnish | /
Wage: €150 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2022 | Value: €55,000

11. Riku Sjöroos | 25 y/o (10/03/1995) | M(L), AM(RL) | Finnish | /
Wage: €120 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2021 | Value: €29,500

10. Jesper Santanen | 16 y/o (20/07/2003) | ST | Finnish | /
Wage: €10 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2022 | Value: €1,100

20. Antti Pokela | 22 y/o (18/11/1997) | ST | Finnish | /
Wage: €70 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2021 | Value: €325

9. Rasmus Nielsen | 17 y/o (23/08/2002) | ST | Danish | /
Wage: €75 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2021 | Value: €37,000

Comment Section

ScottT, it certainly will not be the last we hear of Michael Scott, that I can assure ;)

Previous Update: #47 - Digging Up The Past
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Squad is looking really good, some really nice young players with potential and nearly all Finnish, showing how Finland is capable of producing great youth talent. And Michael Scott, he's just a B-tech Gangsta rapper
A lot of young, talented players. The future is bright for Peimari as they approach a new era in the Ykkonen.
A very talented young squad with quite a few looking capable of playing at a higher level already. Looks like it is going to be another strong season.

Michael Scott never seems to go away does he...
I appreciate the dig in the Michael Scott update. Don't hate me cause you ain't me ;)

The squad needed some changes as you will be wanting to compete at the top of Ykkonen immediately so the squad is looking very good. It's now just a matter of finding the right system for the new crop and them gelling as they certainly have the quality.
Justice's avatar Group Justice
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Peimari Power Past Impotent Inter

Peimari United Were 5-2 Victors Against FC Inter Turku In The Suomen Cup Last Sixteen


Peimari United proved to be the surprise package of the Suomen Cup for a second season running as they demolished local rivals FC Inter Turku to the tune of 5-2. Sixteen year old striker Jesper Santanen was the star of the show as he scored a very well-taken hat trick of goals in front of his home fans at HakkisPaana in Sauvo, with Peimari United defeating FC Inter in the Suomen Cup for the second time in as many years.

The stadium was at full capacity, with 400 fans turning out to view the display. FC Inter were looking for revenge for last season's elimination at the hands of the hosts, but the Paimion Leijonat had grown stronger in the time since the two foes last contested a game against each other. Peimari's attacking prowess proved too hot for Inter to handle, and so too was Hyökyvirta's long range effort in the second minute. Inter's goalkeeper Jere Koponen could do no more than get a weak hand to the powerful shot, which flew through him and into the back of the net. It was advantage to Peimari United from just the second minute of the game.

Akseli Ollila had been in incredible form during the early stages of his Peimari United career, and he doubled his side's lead fifteen minutes later from a set piece. Kevin Larsson was the provider, sending a wide free-kick towards the back post area with a wicked amount of pace and swerve. Ollila rose highest to bury a powerful header beyond Koponen, doubling Peimari's lead.

Ollila nearly turned provider just minutes later as his long ball was latched onto by Jesper Santanen, but the young striker had his shot parried away by Koponen. Santanen did score in the next wave of attack, however, as Jukka Virtanen's low cross was converted by the striker at the front post.

Jesper Santanen Was As Clinical As Ever Against FC Inter Turku

Santanen scored his second, and Peimari's fourth, goal of the game early on in the second half. Inter looked to be worse for wear as the game progressed, and Santanen broke free of the two central defenders to get on the end of a deep Bruno Rodrigues cross. Santanen showed great composure to cushion a header back in the direction of the cross, and the ball nestled in the far corner of the goal.

Despite being four goals down, Inter proved to have a little bit of bite left in them, and Brazilian attacker Douglas denied Peimari a clean sheet. Following some clever play from veteran striker Furuholm, Douglas wrapped his foot around a long-range effort to send the ball into the top corner of Peimari's goal. It was an excellent goal for the striker, but didn't do much to change the mood.

Santanen completed his hat trick by providing the finishing touch to a quick and clinical counter attack started by midfield maestro Sasha Popovitch. The midfield giant sent Kevin Larsson free down the right wing with a fast-paced long ball. Larsson wasted no time in redirecting the ball towards Inter's penalty area, where Jesper Santanen was on hand to stroke a first-time finish into the far bottom corner of Inter's goal.

Inter scored one more goal before the game was up. Mika Ojala's free kick was headed on by Teemu Penninkangas towards the back post of Peimari's goal. The ball was untouched as it deflected off the woodwork before settling in the back of the net. It was no more than another consolation goal, however, as Peimari United went through.

Peimari United 5-2 FC Inter Turku

Player Ratings:
Peimari United:
GK: Hakala (7.3)
DR: Rodrigues (7.4)
DCR: Mäkelä (7.1)
DCL: Holma (7.1)
DL: Virtanen (7.7) [62']
DM: Hyökyvirta (8.7)
MCR: Popovitch (7.9)
MCL: Järvinen (6.9)
AMR: Larsson (9.0)
AML: Ollila (7.9) [62']
ST: Santanen (9.6) [77']
Subs Used:
Sub 1: Aspegren (6.6) [62']
Sub 2: Sjöroos (6.7) [62']
Sub 3: Pokela (N/A) [77']

Manager: Kalle Koskinen
FC Inter Turku:
GK: Koponen (6.8)
DR: Markkula (6.6)
DCR: Tanska (6.4)
DCL: Bikana (6.7) [83']
DL: Penninkangas (7.5)
DMCR: Hradecký (6.4) [76']
DMCL: Mäenpää (6.6)
AMR: Ojala (7.0)
AMC: Bâ (6.8) [77']
AML: Murilo (6.5) [57']
ST: Furuholm (6.4) [71']
Subs Used:
Sub 1: Douglas (6.6) [57']
Sub 2: Mäntylä (N/A) [76']
Sub 3: Kuningas (N/A) [83']

Manager: John Allen

Teenage Striker Jesper Santanen Was The Star As Peimari United Demolished FC Inter Turku

Kalle Koskinen:
"All good. We played with the right intensity and mentality and we fought for every ball. We scored five excellent goals from five very unique attacking styles. The players gave their all today, like it was a final. That is the mentality we have to take into every game. We must continue to show that we will give our lives in battle to win. That is how we get our success.

We were, perhaps, a little bit sloppy in defence in the second half. We were a bit slow in our reactions for their first goal. We should have closed their player down before he took the shot on. The second goal was poor from our part when defending the set-piece. We should have won the first ball, and then the second ball. We won neither and we conceded as a result.

We're excited, of course, about reaching the quarter finals once more. We have produced some good performances this year and we have developed a lot as a group over the past year. We must focus on improving every facet of our game in order to continue competing for trophies and that is what we shall do."

Comment Section

BigMaguire, the country needs some new young stars, I hope to be able to make them the new golden era.
ScottT, hopefully the era in Ykkonen will only last one season :P
TheLFCFan, there are plenty of players in the squad who are capable of playing Veikkausliiga football. Hopefully we can achieve promotion to give them that opportunity at our football club!
Jack, I've been trying to fit them into the current system rather than fitting the system around them. While I signed a lot of players, they were signed to fit into what was already put in place.

Previous Update: #48 - Squad Overview: Peimari United 2020
Next Update: #50 - Season 2020: April
Fantastic result which continues to show the quality embedded into this squad!
Good to see Kalle isn’t just celebrating a massive win, looking at the negatives and the couple of lapses in concentration will make the team better overall in the long run. Great to see such a youngster in Santanen grabbing a hat trick!
Justice's avatar Group Justice
12 monthsEdited

Season 2020: April

An Overview Of Peimari United In April 2020

Kalle Koskinen:
"Following a positive start to the season in Suomen Cup qualification, we were determined to begin our Ykkönen and Suomen Cup knockout campaigns with a bang. With the remnants of winter still leaving a chill in the air, we wanted to warm up the mood with a positive start.


Peimari United Played And Won Two Competitive Games In April

Our first competitive game of April was the small matter of a Suomen Cup last sixteen clash against local rivals FC Inter Turku. They were big favourites, but we were a class above them. A hat trick from sixteen year old striker Jesper Santanen inspired us to a comfortable 5-2 victory, which probably flatter Inter in truth, sending us to the quarter finals of the competition.

Our second game of the month was our debut game in Ykkönen. It was the first time in Peimari United's history that the club had played at this level, and we came out on top with a win over FC Haka. A goal from last season's goal-scoring hero Riku Sjöroos just before half-time was the decider, as we struggled to compete having made significant squad rotation following the cup game. A good win, however, and the clean sheet was very welcome.


Peimari United Were Off The Mark In Ykkönen

Too early to judge, realistically. This league season would be longer than the last, with a total of 27 games to be played (teams play each other three times). FC Ilves, under the guidance of manager Sami Hyypiä, were the favourites to win the league, but we wanted to have a say in that matter.


Peimari United's Finances Were Fairly Strong

We were in fairly good shape. The increase in wage expenditure meant that we were expecting to go into the red by the end of the season, but that was to be offset by prize money earnings, television rights earnings and sponsorship earnings. We were content with the financial situation.

Upcoming Fixtures

Peimari United Had A Suomen Cup Quarter Final To Kick Off May

The month of May was set to be one of our busiest. We were to play a Suomen Cup quarter final against TPS (away) to kick off the month, before playing eight Ykkönen games. There was the potential for this number to be increased too, were we to progress in the Suomen Cup. A big clash against FC Ilves in the league awaited us at the end of the month.

Comment Section

ScottT, the quality is there, now we just need the results to follow!
TheLFCFan, the best way to improve is to always try to better yourself, even in victory. Kalle understands that, having had Pep Guardiola as a manager, and looks to instill this same mentality into his squad.

Previous Update: #49 - Peimari Power Past Impotent Inter
Next Update: #51 - Peimari Rally Late To Secure Semi Final Spot
A great start to proceedings. Hopefully it sets the tone now! May is hectic to say the very least and rotation will be key to manage fitness.
The large amount of Incomings in the transfer window are going to be needed next month it seems. A good start to the new league let’s hope it continues

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