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Mats Kool | Football Koolture

Started on 25 July 2019 by Jim
Latest Reply on 14 September 2019 by Justice
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Remembering My Past


It's the first time I've been so happy in years. After getting my first ever coaching badge, I can finally start doing what I love, managing a football club. Who am I you ask? My name is Mats Kool and I was born in Rotterdam on the 23rd of July in 1994. An only child to my then 34 year-old father, Arthur Kool, a fitness coach at a semi-professional club. I never met my mother, Daphne, as she perished moments after I was born due to heart failure but I heard many good stories from my father. He always took me to work with him, as I was too young to be left alone. Even though vaguely, I still remember my dad showing 5 year old me his job. That was when I knew what I would do with my life. I loved, and still do, playing football but I was fascinated with the work of the manager, Ben Dirkx. My dad was good friends with him so when my father was showing the drills to the players, Ben taught me everything about football. He showed me how he comes up with his tactics, the instructions he gives to the players and how every player had a part to play in his team.

Moving on a few years, I went on to learn about football in a national level as the only team I watched until then was the one my father and Ben were employed at. Born in Rotterdam, there were quite a few teams based here. Most people supported Feyenoord and some even Sparta Rotterdam. The team that I found fascinating though was S.B.V. Excelsior or just Excelsior as they were most commonly known. My father was a season ticket holder since before I was born, but he stopped going to the club's matches for a couple of years as he had to take care of me all by himself. When he decided I was old enough, he got us both season tickets in the late start of the 03/04 season, around November. The first ever match he took me at was against Sparta Rotterdam, Excelsior's rivals. The match finished 1-0 in favour of Excelsior after Danny Buijs, the now FC Groningen manager, scored what proved to be the winner at the 30th minute. The atmosphere was amazing at the then Stadion Woudestein, the smallest stadium ever in the Eredivisie. That club is the reason I started loving football as a whole and one day I hope I will be able to lead it to glory.

The next few years went by quite fast. My life was quiet and school was going good. Excelsior suffered relegations, but also achieved promotions. Shortly after I started attending university life hit my family. Bob, the manager and friend of my father, came to our house and informed us that the club my dad and him worked for had been dismantled. From what he told us the owner didn't even tell him why. But all we knew was that more than 20 people were suddenly unemployed. Thankfully my dad found a job as a waiter at a local restaurant and even took a loan so he could still (barely) pay my tuition fees and keep us fed. I insisted on getting a part-time job but my father refused. He wanted me to study and so I did. After 4 years of hard work and sweat, I got where I am right now. Looking directly at my coaching license and being really excited about starting management in football.
Great to see you back mate and this is a fantastic opening post to what I hope will be an excellent story. It certainly be if you're able to stick around for a while. ;) Looking forward to how Mats will fair in management and who will give him his big break into the game. Love the backstory to the character, too. A great insight into his life and the relationship he shares with his father.
Good to have you back! Hopefully Mats Kool can takeover Excelsior and topple Sparta!
Kool story bro.
A good start Jim, looking forward to this.

A Whole New World


One week passed since I had bagged my license. I really preferred to manage in Holland, as I would be able to stay close to my 59 year-old father. I could not bring myself to leave him alone. That is why when I saw a Dutch club looking for a manager I immediately applied. That club was Koninklijke HFC, who played in the Dutch Tweede Divisie (3rd division). Everything was going good, as I got as far as getting an interview. After a few days I got a phone call and not a good one. They were satisfied with the vision and energy I had but as a club aiming to avoid relegation, they couldn't take any chances giving the job to someone who had never managed a club before. As days passed, the same thing happened with numerous other clubs.

I couldn't find a job in Holland and that was making me worried. That's when my father convinced me that it was okay to work abroad and that he would be fine as he would stay with Ben. I was still very unsure but I had to accept it if I wanted to help my dad. That's when I started looking for jobs in the nearby countries (Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany). I managed to get an interview with Luxembourg side F91 Dudelange but as I expected, I did not get the job. The next morning I read somewhere that Luxembourg side Racing FC Union Luxembourg were in need of a manager. I immediately applied and I got an interview with a club yet again. I was not optimistic at all as I thought the same thing would happen, me not being the right person for the job. Some days after I got an email. I thought that was weird, as the previous clubs would just call me to tell me I didn't get the job. Curiosity got the better of me, so I opened the email and immediately spread a smile. It said "Congratulations Mr. Kool, Jean-Marc Faber decided that you were the right person to manage Racing FC Luxembourg. Below you will find your contract details. Please come to the club's facilities in the next 4 days as you need to finalize the contract."

I could not believe my eyes. I got the job. I immediately called my father and told him the news. He sounded way more excited than I was. When he returned home we had to plan out how things would work out. I told my father that I would give half of my wage to him. He immediately rejected but he could not change my mind. My father was the reason I did all of this. I wanted to help him live a calm life. He has had it hard for many years and it was time for me to relieve him. In the next hours I found a place to live, I booked plane tickets and I packed my stuff. I left early next morning. When I was to board the plane I saw my dad's eyes watering. He told me that he was extremely proud of me and that he would look forward to seeing my results on the internet. I started crying too and I assured him that I would call him every single day. We said our goodbyes and after an hour or so, I landed in Luxembourg. A whole new world was opening up to me.

Comment Replies

Scott: You know I missed this community. That's why I'll try to be more active than I was this past year. Here's to continuing! :D
Balik: A tad impossible right now but the future is definitely not far. :)
Justice: Your puns are so fucking Kool! ;)
TheLFCFan: Thank you kindly mate!
Nice start so far, looking forward to how you do in Luxembourg.
LUXEMBOURG : O Interesting decision, will be have to see if Mats plays it Kool in his first interview.
A very different location to start. Looking forward to this even more now!
I swear a football pitch is bigger than the country you're managing in anyway! Great start and it's good to have you back writing some quality stuff already Jim.

The Start Of Something Great


When I exited the airport the road was full with taxis. I got in one and tried to explain to the driver where I was going but I found out he didn't speak neither Dutch nor German. I decided to show him my hotel on Google Maps so he could take me there and I was successful. It was around 11:15 pm and since I was exhausted, I immediately went to sleep. The next morning was a stressful one. I didn't know where the club's facilities were located so in order not to be late, I had to rush. Thankfully I found a German speaking taxi driver and he helped me out quite a lot. On the way to the facilities he showed me good places to have a drink, grab a bite and some stores. After 15 minutes we had reached our destination, Stade Achille Hammerel.

Outside of the training ground was a charming blonde woman named Natalia who welcomed me to Luxembourg and asked me to follow her so I could meet Mr. Faber, the club's chairman. At around 9:00 am the meeting started. Since we covered almost everything during the interview, it went by quite fast. The only thing we did was review our objectives and agree on my wage. It started with €825 p/w but as I thought it wasn't enough for both me and my dad, I tried to raise it and thus we managed to settle on €925 p/w. Mr. Faber wanted me to guide the club to at least a 4th place finish so we could qualify for the Europa League Preliminary round. Cup wise he wanted us to reach the semis. I explained to him that I would try my best to lead the club to a successful campaign. The contract was the following:

  • Wage: €925 p/w
  • Duration: 12 months (30/06/19)
  • Transfer Budget: €14.000
  • Wage Budget: €3.700
  • League Expectation: Qualify For The Europa League
  • Cup Expectation: Reach the Semi Finals

  • Around an hour later I signed my contract. This was it. I took the first step into football management. My dream had finally come true. I also realized that now, I would have to work harder than I ever did. But deep down I knew that this, was the start of something great.

    Comment Replies

    SOA: Thanks for the kind words mate. Hoping for a great managerial career!
    Justice: I mean he's already Kool but I won't be doing an interview update. In case you're interested he was the Koolest person in the room. ;)
    Seb: The most underrated countries make for some amazing experiences! :D
    Jack: You're too kind dude. I wouldn't say quality, but oh well. :P
    Obviously a miniature budget given that you're working in one of the tiniest countries. This first 12 months at the helm are incredibly important as it sets the tone for your management. Let's get you into Europe!
    This is exciting. Mats career certainly has a different element to it, with him accepting a job in Luxembourg! I've never witnessed a save in this country before, so I'm looking forward to exploring the unexplored with you and Mats.
    Mats' career starting off with a club aiming for the top but has limited resources! Can't wait to see how his first month will be. Racing FC looks like a Kool club to start with.
    Jim's avatar Group Jim
    4 yearsEdited

    Club Overview

    Basic Info

    Full Name: Racing FC Union Luxembourg
    Nickname: Racing-Union
    Status: Semi-Professional
    Founded: 2005
    Competition: Nationaldivisioun (1st Division)
    Home Kit Color: Light Blue
    Away Kit Color: White (I didn't color it for obvious reasons)


    Stadium: Stade Achille Hammerel
    Capacity: 5.814 (814 seated)
    Surface: Grass
    Season Ticket Holders: 105

    Training Facilities: Below Average
    Youth Facilities: Basic


    Leagues Won: 11 Nationaldivisiouns
    Cups Won: 2 Coupe de Luxembourg


    Most League Appearances: Alija Besic (205)
    Most League Goals: Julien Jahier (50)

    Comment Replies

    Jack: Need a good start for both the club and my career so let's do this!
    Scott: It has some great food for starters. ;)
    Balik: I swear, these puns are the Koolest! :D

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