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Representing A Continent

Started on 15 November 2019 by TheLFCFan
Latest Reply on 13 August 2020 by OneMoreGame
Spartak seem to have a very good team this year! I know from my own experiences, but hopefully you can challenge them next year! Good luck in getting Champions League for next season, I'm sure you can!
A tight race for Champions Leage football, but you have got to favour CSKA Tu-land that spot
Essentially, a win is what is required. Best of luck to Luke and his players.

Maksim Smirnov - The season has come to a close, with Luke Hendricks guiding us back into the Champions League for the first time in two years. Today we will discuss the season as a whole, taking us through some of the biggest moments of the season.

Vadik Vassily - It’s been a great first season under Luke, in my opinion. There were certainly times of frustration with results not going our way and throwing games we should be winning away in the final moments, but I think this platform has been a great start.

Sergei Titov - It’s a great platform, Champions League football, whilst automatically getting into the group stages, will do our finances a world of good. There was certainly a point towards the end of this season that I thought we were going to bottle it, but thanks to Ivan Oblyakov leading the way in the last few games, we got over the line.

Maksim Smirnov - Well the season certainly started out well, twelve wins from our first eighteen in the league with four losses. Our Europa League campaign also got off to a good start, going unbeaten in the tournament and finishing top of our group with five wins and a draw.

Sergei Titov - It was a good start to the year and we got to see the ideas that Luke was trying to implement pretty early on. The Ural opener was a great way to kick the season off and results like the 4-0 over Tambov, 4-1 win over Rostov and 3-0 at home to Lokomotiv Moscow, were clear indications that we had a great team on our hands.

Vadik Vassily - The first half of the season was certainly impressive and we were able to end the period in second, something not many of us would have expected at the start of the year. Despite the great results there were also some worrying ones. Krylya Sovetov drew 2-2 with us, the same result came against Akhmat despite holding a 2-0 lead with seven minutes to play and once again a result against Sovetov when they beat us 2-0. Those games saw us drop valuable points that could have seen us mount a title challenge.

Maksim Smirnov - That brings me to my next question, best result or performance of part one of the season, followed by the worst?

Vadik Vassily - The best, I believe cam against Lokomotiv Moscow, in our 3-0 victory over them. It was a game that we played some of our best football in and got a massive result, whilst keeping a clean sheet. On the flip side, our 2-0 loss to Sovetov was and still is a disgrace. We weren’t missing too many key players, and they managed to score twice despite having three attempts on target. It was poor up top and at the back that game, and I still can’t believe just how bad we were.

Sergei Titov - I’d agree that Sovetov was the worst game we played in the first part of the season, but I’d disagree with the best. Despite only scoring once, I have to say the 1-0 victory over Krasnodar. They had been sat first a few games before our match and we completely outplayed them. We held them to just two shots all game and probably should have scored more ourselves having had eleven shots on target. Nonetheless a very impressive game from us.

Maksim Smirnov - Having played a couple of friendlies, our winter break came to an end a lot sooner than the majority, due to our participation in the Europa League. Having been drawn against Belgian side Gent, we won the tie 5-2 on aggregate. But the run came to end having to face Inter Milan in the Second Knockout Round. A 3-0 aggregate loss, but in neither game did we disgrace ourselves, which we can be happy about. Inter made it to the Quarter finals and lost to finalists Arsenal. Apart from our Europa League run ending, what do we think of our second half to the season.

Vadik Vassily - Inconsistent is the best word I can find for it. We only lost one league game out of our final ten matches, but our best run of wins was just three. Way too many draws in games we should have won almost cost us our place in the Champions League and had it not been for our late run of good form we would have been finishing 5th at best.

Sergei Titov - Echoing what Vadik mentioned, in the first half of the season we drew just three games out of eighteen games. In our last twelve we drew five, including one against Sochi who finished 12th, as well as the collapse inside nine minutes against Rostov.

Maksim Smirnov - I assume that will be down as one of the worst performances, along with the Zenit loss?

Sergei Titov - Certainly, that Zenit game was a disgrace and not just our performance, I think the atmosphere got a bit too much for our young side and they folded unfortunately. I hope that it will give them the experience on how to deal with it in the future.

Vadik Vassily - I think it will, lets not forget the average age of this team is still just 23, four years younger than the league average. They need time to grow together and as people, but with another years experience under their belts, I am excited already for the coming season.

Maksim Smirnov - We did have some impressive results that second half of the season, which was the best for you two?

Sergei Titov - For me that 3-1 win over Dynamo Moscow who ended up finishing 4th in the league. They had been in ridiculous form before that game, going sixteen games unbeaten in all competitions, drawing just three of those games. It was a massive result for us over a team who were contending at that point for a high finish.

Vadik Vassily - The thing about that Dynamo game was they put us under tremendous pressure, but we were class in defense. Then when we had the ball we turned on the class creating a number of chances and taking three of them. It was a big win as Sergei said and following that win we won four of our last seven, losing just once.

Maksim Smirnov - Award time, Player of the season?

Vadik Vassily - I’d go with Mário Fernandes. Playing in 31 games, only 26 goals were scored when he played. Helping out defensively wasn’t Mário’s only addition to the side, as he scored three and assisted seven goals in all competitions, from his right-back position. There is no wonder some of the world's best are interested in him and we will do incredibly well to keep a hold of him this summer window.

Sergei Titov - My call is actually someone who hasn’t won a Player of the Month award so far this season, Ivan Oblyakov. Ivan has been one of our most consistent players all year, playing in all but two league games and contributing with six goals and six assists in all competitions. He has set himself apart from a group of midfielders that nobody was really sure who was the star at the start of the season, and has cemented his place in the center of midfield for as long as he wants it. But like Fernandes, Ivan is now a man in demand, with the likes of Inter Milan and Lyon supposedly tracking him.

Maksim Smirnov - Young Player of the Year is pretty obvious to us all then with Ivan taking that one home as well. Who do you think would be the runner up in that one?

Vadik Vassily - I’d go for Arnór Sigurðsson, the Icelandic international who was incredible in the first half of the season. He tailed off slightly in the second half of the season as he missed a number of games to injury, but I think he did enough to finish second in Young Player of the Season.

Sergei Titov - Yeah Arnór, like many of our players this season, got unlucky with injuries this year, but his numbers remain impressive. Twelve goals and four assists in 28 games is nothing to be upset about and his contributions have been key throughout the year. He is also linked with teams across Europe, but with a deal signed until 2023, the club seems hopeful of keeping him for the coming season.

Maksim Smirnov - Final award, signing of the season?

Sergei Titov - Chancel Mbemba without a doubt. He has been incredible this year and has signed for just £1,000,000, a complete bargain. Not only has he been a rock at the back, winning 92% of his tackles, but he has also created four goals in all competitions this season, scoring two himself. A great pickup.

Maksim Smirnov - To cap this off, let's take a look ahead to next season. What do we need to make further progression next season?

Vadik Vassily - I’d like a striker to provide some sort of competition for Fedor Chalov, as Lassana N'Diaye is our only real option at the moment. Timur Zhamaletdinov has done very well on his loan deal, scoring twelve in 25, but I think we need a slightly higher quality forward to really push Fedor forward.

Sergei Titov - Not losing players to injury every other day would be a good start. It felt like we very rarely had a full strength squad out at any point this season, so I’d love for that to be looked at this pre-season. Other than that, just some added depth would be brilliant. We have a young team with only two players, Igor Akinfeev and Victor Vasin, who featured in what would be considered our strongest eleven, being above 30. So some added depth to keep everyone fresh and pushing for better would be great.

Maksim Smirnov - It has been a great season overall and one we have enjoyed sharing with you all. We will be back next season, for now, thank you for watching.


Aaron:They were by far the best team in the league, just hope they don't get much stronger in the summer.
Syb:...Wow...Thankfully we secured it!
Scott:And a win is what we got. A massive result to go into next season.
A nice review to conclude the season. Congratulations to Luke on qualifying for Europe next season. A fantastic debut season for him.


6th January 2020

The day before christmas, it wasn’t where I wanted to be on this particular day, but it was where I had to be. The Journey to Christmas event was something many families attended around this time of year and Luke Hendricks was clearly no different. He and his young family strolled around the event with no care in the world. If only that life was for all of us.

I have made a number of mistakes in life, as have a lot of people, but most will see their mistakes fade over time. Not me. Mine will live with me forever. My wife, Natasha and I have been together since school, years ago, and we married not long after leaving. I loved her, I still do, but I messed up massively.

Having an affair is one thing that will never leave me. She doesn’t know, she would leave me in an instance and that would destroy me. Up until almost a year ago, I thought nobody knew. How wrong I was.

You see it in the movies all the time. A mysterious envelope that’s been left on your desk or posted through your post box. I found it on my car, tucked behind the windscreen wiper, to ensure it didn’t blow away I assume. It was odd, but I took it inside the car to give it a look. Opening it changed my life forever.

Pictures showing me with Khristina, a former schoolmate and and one of Natasha’s bridesmaids, on numerous dates. Some showed us holding hands, whilst a couple saw us sharing a kiss. The most damming of all, the pair of us getting dressed again, on mine and Natasha’s wedding day.

If Natasha was to see the photos, it would be the end. She would leave me in an instance and probably track down her former school best friend and give her more than enough words. She’d have every right to be upset, but I couldn’t let something that ended years ago to come up and affect our relationship now.

Natasha had never found out about Khristina and I, and I was willing to make sure she never would. It was clear I was being blackmailed and the letter attached explained exactly what I was to do. Have the burner phone, that was included in the envelope, and be ready at all times.

It was as simple as that.

The first instructions started coming in a few days after receiving the phone, go follow this person, dig some information up on another. Whoever is behind it, clearly had a thing for information and knowledge on people. I guess it is true when they say ‘knowledge is power’ as having particular knowledge can make a person do something they really don’t want to be doing.

Having been given tasks to do for a couple of months, my next ‘target’ was given to me.

“Luke Hendricks, follow him, gather information, take photos, whatever you can do.” read the message.

Normally a particular task would last a few weeks at most, but I had been told to watch Luke for the past six months. As the manager of one of Russia’s biggest clubs, there is already a lot of information on him, so that was easy to start. But the following of him was tough, he would have a number of security around him the majority of the time and his house was secured with very little ability to see into it. He clearly valued his privacy.

Today was a rare occasion that I could watch him. Understand him. As a CSKA fan myself, I had been following Luke for years already and a massive fan of what he did for us. To get through the clear stalking of one of my favourite footballers was hard. But I couldn’t risk Natasha finding out. I couldn’t lose her.

As Luke and his family sat down at the Snowboarding competition taking place, watching him without being seen became tougher. Around the streets it was easy enough to follow him, there were thousands of people around and blending in was easy. But here, where there is an audience but with no movement, blending in became a lot tougher.

Having watched him for over half an hour, with Luke clearly not paying much attention to the competition itself, he looked up suddenly. Looking directly towards me. I thought I was busted, but he quickly looked away and focused his attention on his family.

With adrenaline pumping through my body, I got another fright when my phone buzzed, indicating a text message.

“Where are you? We have this episode to film! Hurry we are waiting!”


Scott:A very good season indeed, but no time to rest on it now!
Unsettling indeed! Interested to see where this could lead.
A great platform to build upon by finishing second this season. Alan Dzagoev certainly isn't the player he used to be is he? Interested to find out who the stalker is...
The football's been good but did you know that Poch got sacked?
I can only imagine who is funding this stalker...

A Difficult Pre-Season

11th July 2020

So my second Pre-season is wrapped up, with our first outing of the season coming tomorrow against Tambov. It’s been a tough couple of months, with a lack of funds available to really strengthen the team, whilst for the second year running, having a number of players unavailable due to international games. We can’t get a full squad in Pre-season and yet we are supposed to be fully ready to perform from the get-go, but it is something we need to deal with.


Assessing last season was something I spent a lot of time doing in the first couple of weeks after our season ended against Arsenal Tula. It was a good season overall, something we can work on and build upon with a place in the Champions League group stages this season. But it also meant we needed to strengthen to ensure we did build on it.

However, as previously mentioned the finances weren’t strong enough for us to maneuver effectively in the window. So to start I had to assess who we could afford to let go to allow us some wiggle room in the market.


Hörður Björgvin Magnússon

The first, and most notable, player out of the door is Icelandic center-back Hörður Björgvin Magnússon. Despite being signed only two seasons ago for £2,500,000 from Bristol City, at 27 and on £21,000 a week, taking 4.4% of our wage bill, he had to leave. On the decline, and with Crystal Palace offering us £4,000,000 with clauses to be paid every six months totalling £500,000 I was happy to see him go.

Kristijan Bistrovic

Next out of the door was Croatian midfielder Kristijan Bistrovic, who leaves us to join Rubin Kazan in a deal worth £600,000. A player on a very high wage sitting at £13,750 a week, Bistrovic was another I was happy to let go. Having only played one league game all season, we couldn’t justify the amount we were paying him and with a number of youngsters coming through in his position, it made sense to let him go. By selling Kristijan it also means we get another foregin player spot back, just like we did from selling Hörður Björgvin Magnússon.

Alexey Zakharov

The next outgoing player, is one not many of the fans will even notice has gone. Sixteen year old Alexey Zakharov, has joined Tambov on a deal worth £3,000 plus 50% of whatever his next sale fee is. Having made his way through the youth system, the center-back wasn’t a player I was particularly impressed with and therefore he was able to leave.

Boris Sviridov

The final sale so far is that of Boris Sviridov, another young player who came through the system towards the end of last year, this time leaving for £1,500 and again with a 50% sell on clause. A player who seemingly had no chance of ever having an impact at first team level, we felt it was worth cashing in on Boris now and hopefully making a bit of extra income on him in the future.


Danila Yanov

The first to leave the club on a temporary basis is Danila Yanov, the 20 year old attacking midfielder, will join second division side Fakel for the year in hopes to aid his development. Danila featured in a number of games last season, seventeen in total, with fourteen appearances off the bench. But with the Russian youngster not likely to get many starts once again this season, we decided it would be best for him to get some experience.

Khetag Khosonov

Khetag Khosonov is another player who has been allowed to go out on loan in order to get some game time under his belt. The central midfielder had a spell on loan with Tambov last year, with mixed results, this year taking a step down into the First Division, we hope to see him shine. It is likely Khetag’s last chance with the club and if he fails to impress will likely be moved on next summer.

Cédric Gogoua

The final player on his way out of the club is Cédric Gogoua, a man who I have no idea why the club signed in the first place. Despite not playing a game in almost three years,Cédric was signed just before my arrival for £350,000. A player who is not even a standout at under 21 level has no chance of making it at the club and hopefully if he performs well at Tom on his loan, we can con them into paying some sort of fee to take him off our hands.


Sergiy Bolbat

First in the door is Ukrainian right-back Sergiy Bolbat, who joins on a free transfer from Shakhtar Donetsk. An international, with tons of experience to his name, he joins us as a back up to Mário Fernandes who will of course retain his place this season. Sergiy is an excellent crosser of the ball and has real pace that can be used especially off the bench against a tiring opponent. An added layer of depth, on a free and I think we can be very happy with the deal.

Radovan Pankov

The second senior player to join the club is Radovan Pankov, a 24 year old center-back from Serbian giants Red Star Belgrade. With the sale of Hörður Björgvin Magnússon we were left a little short in the central defensive area, so we went out and signed Pankov for just £725,000. In my opinion a player who has exactly what is necessary to be a competent defender, Radovan will continue to develop and will be a good player to have as a backup option. On a wage of just £6,000 a week, I think we have replaced Magnússon with a better, younger and cheaper option and therefore I am happy with the business.

Raphaël Anaba

The last arrival, to this point, is left-back Raphaël Anaba, who joins from French side Lyon, in a deal worth just £50,000. The Cameroonian defender is unlikely to see much first team football this year, playing behind Luis Olivera and Georgy Schennikov but with Georgy now 29 and having suffered a nasty injury last season, I believed a third choice left-back was needed. Anaba looks a capable talent and at just £50,000 it is a very small risk in signing him.


In terms of targets we are still looking at before the transfer window closes in just over a months time, we have a few names on our list.

Roman Yevgenjev

Current number one target is Roman Yevgenjev a player we have currently placed a bid for ahead of the first game of the season. At 21, Roman looks a very promising Russian defender, and standing at 6”4 is a giant at the back. A player of his quality would very much strengthen this team.

Maxim Safonov

Our final two targets are current Krasnodar players, starting off with 16 year old Maxim Safonov, a talented young striker who has emerged on the scene in recent months. Despite his age Safonov looks like a top talent and with the potential to be a highly talented striker in the coming years. My only worry about the already Russian Under 19 capped player, is his lack of natural fitness.

Magomed-Shapi Suleimanov

The final target we currently have is 20 year old Russian winger Magomed-Shapi Suleimanov, who is currently impressing in European Under 21 Championship Qualifiers, having scored two goals in four games, along with three assists. Having had a breakout season for Krasnodar in 2018/19 scoring eight goals in twenty games, the youngster has a reasonable amount of top tier experience and would be a wonderful back up to Lucas Santos on the right wing. Having already had contracts rejected by Oleg Shatov and Jovane Cabral, Magomed-Shapi is a player I am very much interested in.

Pre-Season Results

A mixed set of results in pre-season, truth be told, winning three and drawing two. Unbeaten but nothing to really shout about. It’s tough to get a real guage of where we are when half of the team is unavailable to even train with us until the week before the first game of the season. We are lucky that we don’t have an incredibly difficult start and hopefully the players will be able to gel nicely again in the opening set of fixtures, which will be helped by the lack of new arrivals into the starting eleven.

The player of Pre-Season has to be Lucas Santos, with the Brazilian continuing his fine form off the back of last season. Scoring four goals and grabbing an assist in the five games is a good indication of the right-wingers ability. I am excited to see his development continue this season as I think he has the ability to really take this side forward. Interestingly we have had a number of loan offers for him, but we have absolutely no interest in seeing him leave.

Season Preview

The bookies have us finishing third this season, an improvement on last year's odds placing us 5th. Current champions Spartak Moscow are expected to finish one above us whilst Zenit St. Petersburg are expected to top the table. If you wanted an example of a team trying to buy the league, you have to look no further than Zenit. Having spent £21,000,000 on players this summer, with the arrivals of Sime Vrsaljko and Mitchell Dijks, they have also signed world cup winner Olivier Giroud on a free and Pablo Sarabia on loan. Their deals take their total wage bill to a mammoth £41,390,000 a year. A total that is £8,000,000 more than second highest spenders Spartak Moscow and almost double the £20,940,000 we spend a year.

Nevertheless, we have to remain focused on us and to kick off the campaign we face Tambov a side we beat in all three games we played last season with a total score of 12-2. I expect us to get off to a good start and hopefully we can build on that with a reasonable start to the season.

A big season is ahead of us, so we need to train hard and prepare well. I am excited to see what this team can do in the Champions League and I truly believe we can make a push at the title this season.


Scott:Not looking good for Luke!
Imagine: Unfortunately not, in all honesty I'd forgotten about him until I looked through the squad and was disappointed to see him injured for so long. He will hopefully play some sort of role this year, but not at the level he once did.
Jack: Sounds like the sort of thing someone we've met before would do, doesn't it!
Those sell on clauses could really come back to help in the future! Some good signings in there too, I see you winning the league this season....
Zenit really ought to be winning the division this year. There is such a disparity that it's difficult to comprehend. I'm looking forward to gauging an understanding of the latest recruits and possibly a couple of the targets Luke has in mind should he get a deal over the line.

A big season await. Some very managable games in the opening month should help to get some early momentum.

Maksim Smirnov - Competitive action is back and what a start we have had, four wins from four whilst scoring thirteen goals in that time. Let's take a look at this months return to action for the CSKA Moscow boys.

Vadik Vassily - Another big win to kick off the season for us in Luke Hendricks second season in charge. Tambov did well to stay up last season and once again aren’t expected to do too much this season, however, to beat anyone 5-0, whilst not letting them have a single shot, is a brilliant result. Nikola Vlasic, who disappointed some last season, got the game off to a great start scoring after fifteen minutes. Igor Diveev and Arnór Sigurðsson then opened their accounts for the season, before Nikola added two more before the halftime whistle to secure his hattrick. It really could have been more as well, with Giorgi Shelia, the Tambov goalkeeper making fourteen saves in the game, with seven coming in each half.

Sergei Titov - It was an incredible start to the season and unlike last year, we followed it up with another emphatic victory. Newly promoted SKA-Khabarovsk welcomed us and very quickly Volodymyr Shepelev opened his tally for the year on the fourth minute. Just seven minutes later, Fedor Chalov put us two ahead, with Arnór Sigurðsson making it three inside fifteen minutes. A terrific start, but we slowed down and SKA pulled one back but their celebrations didn’t last long as Arnór made it four. Another big win for us to start the season.

Maksim Smirnov - Following two impressive but expected victories, we faced a tough test against Rubin Kazan. Arnór Sigurðsson continued his impressive start to the season by opening the scoring whilst Nikola Vlasic doubled the teams lead giving us the eventual 2-0 win. Incredibly, that goal means Nikola Vlasic has now beaten his tally for the entire of last season in the league and is just one shy of his tally in all competitions from last season, in thirty-three less games.

Vadik Vassily - A record that shows he underperformed heavily to his standards last year, but has turned it on this year. The month ended with what was expected to be our easiest game of the month, a home game against newly promoted Nizhniy Novgorod. But they weren’t ready to lie down for us despite going behind early on, with Igor Diveev getting his second of the season. It was our other center-back Radovan Pankov who scored the second of the game. Pankov has started every game so far this season, with Chancel Mbemba only set to return from the Olympics next month. Nizhniy managed to get a deserved goal late on, but we held on to the victory.

Maksim Smirnov - With such a great start to the season, it’s going to be tough to single out one player for this month's Player of the Month award. Who edges it in your opinion Sergei?

Sergei Titov - I believe there are three standouts this month, the obvious two being Nikola Vlasic and Arnór Sigurðsson with the third being Ivan Oblyakov. The first two both have four goals and two assists to their names so far, whilst Ivan has chipped in with four assists. I think all three have been great, but I am going to give it to Nikola Vlasic. Following a poor season last year, which we have all commented on, it was going to be a big season for Nikola and he has really stepped up so far. Four goals including that hattrick and two assists is a great start and I hope he continues it.

Vadik Vassily - Probably a fair winner, but I would like to also give credit to the other two Sergei mentioned as well as Igor Diveev. He’s helped us to two clean sheets in our first four games and has popped up with two goals himself. A great start to the season for the twenty year old.

Maksim Smirnov - Igor has been great thats for sure, but I agree with the pair of you, Nikola has been the standout this month and deserves to win it. His form hasn’t gone unnoticed either with Valencia and Lazio reportedly taking a real interest in him. We also rejected a bid from Southampton according to a number of English papers, with a bid of around £15,000,000 being offered.

Vadik Vassily - Nikola isn’t the only player we have supposedly had offers for either, Lucas Santos has received a number of loan offers that were rejected, whilst Igor Akinfeev had a £3,400,000 bid rejected from Italian side Fiorentina. Luke Hendricks stating ‘neither are for sale’ when asked about the potential moves.

Luke Hendricks :
“No, neither are for sale and neither will be leaving the club. Lucas (Santos) played incredibly well last season, so well in fact we signed him on a permanent following his loan ending. He is still a key starter for us and will remain so. Onto Igor, it’s laughable that anyone thinks we would let him go. Igor is a goalkeeper of the highest level and even at 34 is still performing to incredible standards. He brings so much experience and a tremendous leadership ability to the dressing room. Again there is no chance either are leaving.”

Seregi Titov - Fair play to Luke for standing his ground and rightly so, I can’t imagine Igor ever playing elsewhere and it wouldn’t surprise me if he joins the coaching staff one day, once he hangs up his boots.

Maksim Smirnov - Despite Lukes clear views on Igor’s future, it does seem he is looking to the future, with an offer supposedly being made for Krasnodar goalkeeper Matvey Safonov. The twenty-one year old is highly thought of around the country and if we can get him in it would be a massive coup for us.

Sergei Titov - It would be a great deal and he would join our newest arrival Magomed-Shapi Suleimanov from Krasnodar. Magomed is a player who really suits the system Luke has implemented here. He’s a quick winger who likes to cut in from the right, and has a good finishing ability. He certainly has some areas to work on in his game, for example his decision making, whilst he has also been accused of not working hard enough by some. Hopefully we see these improved over time and at just twenty there is no reason why they wouldn’t.

Maksim Smirnov - Following what has been a great month, will Magomed-Shapi make an impact in the coming games.

We start the month with an away trip to sixth place Akhmat before continuing our travels to Arsenal Tula. It’s then a return home to face Krylya Sovetov and Suleimanov will have his first crack at former side Krasnodar. The month is rounded up with an away test against local rivals Dynamo Moscow. Thoughts on the month ahead guys?

Sergei Titov - A tougher month than July, but one I think we will do well in. I’d expect us to take eleven points in those games and hopefully that will be enough to keep us top of the league. I think the first and last games will be the real testers and we may only be able to take a point from them each.

Vadik Vassily - I agree this month is a lot tougher, but I believe we can get thirteen points, with a win over Akhmat who have relied on some late goals so far this season. I believe with this form we can continue going strong.

Maksim Smirnov - With that it is the end of the show, thank you for watching.

*Taken from CSKA Armiya Youtube Channel 29th July 2020*


Aaron: The sell on % is certainly nice, I can't see any of them ever really commanding a massive fee, but any extra income is greatly welcomed.
Scott:It's quite ridiculous just how much money they spend compared to everyone else in the league, I went in for Giroud and he was after 100k a week. Just ridiculous money that we need to contend with someway.

The first month has gone well, now it's about building on it.
An excellent start. Some very impressive results too. Inevitably some of Luke's players are attracting interest and offers, but it's pleasing to see those turned-down quickly and with an emphatic answer being given in the press.

Hopefully Luke and his team can continue their perfect start to the season. I suspect this season could be extremely close in regards to the title-race.

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