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Conor McDonald: The Student

Started on 18 April 2020 by Jack
Latest Reply on 3 September 2020 by ScottT
A lot of new faces in the team, you need to check if they can bond well together on the pitch.

Also looks like there will be a incoming new transfer in the life of Conor, too.

August & September Results

Ligue 1 Standings (as of 30th September 2027)

Champions League Group B Standings (as of 30th September 2027)

Conor’s Verdict

In a season with focus on building on previous successes with a younger, more domestic side, we did not get off to the start we wanted.

We only play the favourites twice in a season and to lose the first of them by a 4-0 scoreline was gutting and leaves a lot to be asked for from other clubs in the league.

Our bogey team Nantes also proved to be a pain in the backside for another season. The fact that I have only beaten them once in my entire tenure at Bordeaux really needs to be assessed for when we play them next time.

However, I was extremely proud of our comeback, beginning with that resounding 7-1 win to shake off the disappointment of a very poor opening month from us.

In September, we really began to show our credentials as contenders as we went all month with just win after win. The biggest one in the league in September was the victory over Nice as they are flying high and the last thing that I wanted was an outsider team seeing themselves as a top five contender.

Our qualification into the Champions League was a very unnerving one to say the least after a 0-0 draw in Kiev. However, it was the Rangers score that really struck fear into me when Alfredo Morelos put two goals in the last five minutes past Bajic, taking the Playoff to extra-time. Thankfully Palinkas was on hand to relieve all stress but to say it was a close call would be an understatement.

Since then, our European form has been phenomenal, beating the group favourites Bayern as well as another key contender in Internazionale. At this rate, we are well on our way to the knockout rounds!

Scott: :))
James: Well Cobh have been doing just fine as of late, maybe there's not even space for him back in Ireland ;)
Seb: Saoirse was certainly a huge part in his life that no doubt kept him from participating in unkind situations. We shall see!
OneMoreGame: Indeed, departure out: Saoirse Byrne ;)
A rocky start was quickly put to bed with much-improved form since. That applies to both the league and the Champions League where campaigns certainly didn't begin too well. It seems to be a common theme for Bordeaux. If they started well and finished strongly, they could certainly step-up their challenge for the title.
with that pace, you'll lift the UCL before you think about winning the league
Not the best start in the first matches, but you manage to escape from the mediocre results and return to the winning path in the end of the month. Two great last minute wins against Nice & Lorient.

Great performance in CL!
Pretty sure I said similar last season. The start was clearly focused on Champions League qualification, and that focus saw some poor league performances early on. You seemed to bounce back though with the 7-1 win and then the Bayern result which is very pleasing. Once you are in that top two and qualifying automatically, you are going to be putting so much more early pressure on PSG I think.
I wish Nantes would just gtfo already, sick of seeing them take points off you! The 7-1 win has been the turning point for you so far, and if you can keep this form... a top 2 place awaits you at the very minimum. Hopefully your defenders can tighten things up, as you're conceding a fair few [nearly as many as the 4 clubs above you combined!], but thankfully you're scoring a lot of goals too.

Best of luck, now find a seedy French nightclub and enjoy yourself ;)

The Sunshine After Dark

The Bordeaux team had arrived back from their domestic flight after a crushing 1-0 defeat at the hands of Lille in the north.

The match itself was a tight affair, it could have gone so many other ways but Lille had managed to sneak one goal past Bordeaux less than a minute after the second half restart. They had a man sent off later, not that it made much difference.

It was precisely the opposite of what Conor needed after a tough week in his personal life after splitting up with his girlfriend Saoirse.

With this in mind, Conor knew that the wrong thing to do was to dwell on his problems at work and in his personal life with alcohol. That was why he ended up at the closest bar he could find, ordering another gin and tonic, double, at l’Apollo.

With autumn in full flow over the south-west, Bordeaux had kept dry throughout. Although it wasn’t the sweaty temperatures of summertime, it was cool enough to sit outside on the street with his ice-cold drink.

He looked back at his notepad that he took to all of Bordeaux’s games, sketching and scrawling tactical pieces with every phase of play. In his head, he had done all he could to make his team play the right way. Perhaps the substitutes of Novicic and Quarta could have been made differently or earlier.

Newly-promoted Dijon presented themselves as Bordeaux’s next opponents and he began to make some preliminary plans in his notebook for training on Tuesday morning.

Despite this, his mind kept wandering back to Cobh and the pulsating thought that he would not see Saoirse again. In his mind, she was the most perfect woman for him: smart, funny, successful in her own right – but he had lost her. What tormented him even more was the idea that she probably wasn’t even thinking of him, yet he couldn’t get his mind off her.

Trying to formulate his tactical ideas in his notepad to take his mind away from Saoirse, he heard the noise of a chair being lightly picked up and put down on the pavement behind his back.

For a minute, all he could hear around him was the sound of his pen etching onto the paper despite the loud city noise and talking surrounding him where he was sat.

“Somebody is working hard,” a female French accent commented in English behind him.

He knew for a fact that not only was the woman speaking about him, but she realised she was speaking to Conor McDonald. Nobody would have spoken in a second language in Bordeaux if they hadn’t considered that the person they were speaking to was foreign.

Conor turned around the face the woman and immediately he was dazzled by her. Her tall frame and slender body were like of a Victoria’s Secret model. Her blue eyes, like the sea, were calm and emotionless. Long, wavy black hair, so smooth and silky, almost as if it was tailored from the most luxurious fabric.

Finding it hard to take his eyes off this woman and find some words to say, Conor simply agreed. “Yes, all very tough tonight, working for the week ahead.” Conor laughed nervously before turning back to his notepad.

“Does that mean you don’t have time for a chat with me?” She said with a flirtatious hint in her voice.

It was as though Conor had completely erased his thoughts from moments ago when he was thinking about Saoirse before pinching his glass, shutting his notebook and heading to the empty seat opposite this mysterious, beautiful woman. As he walked past her, she was eye-level with Conor’s hand and glass.

“As soon as I saw you here, I had to come by and sit next to you. My father and brother are the biggest Bordeaux fans and absolutely adore you.” She said smiling and revealing her glistening white teeth.

If she was happy to see him here, she had no idea how happy Conor was to see her and now be seated opposite her.

“That’s very nice to hear,” Conor smiled back. “And what is your name?”

“I’m Chloé. Chloé Dehon, that is.” She said.

“Well, it is lovely to meet you tonight, Chloé. What do you do for work?” Conor asked meanwhile taking a sip of his drink as an antidote to his nervousness.

“Oh, I’m a model. Next year I am going to be modelling for Elie Saab at the Paris Fashion Week for the first time ever – I’m really nervous!” Chloé said excitedly. “There are lots of restrictions and physical things for it which is a lot of pressure for me but currently I am meeting them!”

“Yes, well it wouldn’t have taken me a second guess to tell that you were a model. You look delightful tonight.” Conor said, trying to compliment Chloé without sounding odd.

“Thank you very much, Conor,” Chloé laughed. “You are very handsome yourself, is that a football manager requirement?”

Conor felt literally flattered by Chloé’s return compliment as he chuckled at her joke. From then, he felt much more confident after breaking the ice with her.

“Well Chloé, I see that you do not have a drink currently and God knows that I need an alcoholic drink and good company to help me get over losing tonight,” Conor said. “What do you drink?”

Scott: Indeed, I am worried that the PSG result will bite us in the backside later on, though, knowing their notoriety for unbeaten runs.
Tango: I honestly don't know which I'd prefer!
OneMoreGame: Yeah, it was a tough loss to take against PSG but we handled the bounce-back from it well.
Seb: The poor start has become something of a trademark of Conor's at Bordeaux :)) I'm glad we're back on track though, it bodes well for the future.
James: They are the bane of my career I swear, surprised not to see it become a competitive rivalry in the club info ;) It's a young squad, so they are prone lapses in concentration particularly at the back. As for Conor, I think a cafe suited him better than a nightclub :P
Saoirse who? Nice to see that Conor has gone from dating politicians who'll lie to the public without any qualms, to some arm candy like Chloé. What odds will Paddy Power give that he'll blow it within 3 months!?

Good to see Conor developing an off-field character, as if he is constantly focused on his work... his other vices will creep back in and take over his life again.
And as soon as the next woman comes along, Conor pounces. He wastes no time! Although I forgive him given Saoirse was an absolute disaster.
The new transfer will bring the much needed emotions and hopefully many many goals in the opponents goal! :D
Conor, don't do it mate. I've been there and it's the wrong idea...

October & November Results

Ligue 1 Standings (as of 30th November 2027)

Champions League Group B Standings (as of 30th November 2027)

Conor’s Verdict

As ever, our early season performance in August is really letting us down in the hunt to take down Paris Saint-Germain.

Even with a near-perfect league performance aside from one loss to Lille at the start of October, we still linger six points behind the league leaders.

In these months we did get some key results in Ligue 1 such as the 2-0 win over Monaco which puts them out of contention for a short while after finishing 2nd last season. Wins over Marseille and our fierce rivals Toulouse were also delightful considering their media reputations as the ‘underdogs’ or ‘sleeping giants’.

Our return fixture against Paris Saint-Germain is in January so that gives us time to prepare as well as make some transfer adjustments to the team before looking to knock them down a peg following their 4-0 demolition of our team at home in August.

Paris do have some tough fixtures over the next two months such as the games against Nice and Lille in December who are both pushing for Champions League football next season. Then in January they have ourselves, Marseille and Toulouse – not an easy line-up by any means.

I’m delighted to have qualified for the Round of Sixteen in the Champions League, too, after what has been a sensational Group Stage performance. We currently sit top in quite a well-balanced group in terms of quality.

Our next Champions League fixture will be Inter who will only be fighting for their Europa League spot after their two losses to Bayern Munich, meaning they cannot qualify for the Round of Sixteen despite only being three points off 2nd spot.

James: Just wait until Saoirse sees it in Heat magazine :P
Scott: He's built his career out of flexibility, why not his love life?! I'm sure you are in favour of the transfer from Saoirse :))
OneMoreGame: Never had you down as an innuendo man! Very good :))
MidKnightDreary: Well, we can only hope he has a better experience than you did!
Good work in the Champions League. Six points behind PSG, there's still some work to catch them but it's certainly coming.
I've heard "when one door closes another opens" but it seems like Conor has moved on pretty quickly! It also looks like whatever happened that evening worked with the run you went on following the Lille game. Great work and the pressure is ever so slightly increasing on PSG.

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