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FM21 Pre-Release Content

A curated collection of Football Manager 2021 news and articles published around the FM Scout network.
Started on 20 August 2020 by Stam
Latest Reply on 29 September 2020 by Stam
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Football Manager 2021 pre-release material to kick-start the FM21 discussion forum.

Football Manager 2021 Confirmed but Delayed

FM21 will be released during 2020, just a bit later than usual due to the global crisis. My personal guess: early-mid December.

Football Manager 2021 New Features the FM community wants

We've asked our followers on social media what they want to see on FM2021, and this is a selection of their suggestions.

Football Manager 2021 Possible New Wonderkids

JG is handpicking hot new talents who might make their debut in the FM 2021 database. Unearthing the next generation of wonderkids.

This list will be updated whenever there's new relevant content.

There is a dedicated FM21 fan page on Facebook.

You are welcome to contribute club recommendation and player preview articles for FM21.
Hi Stam,

I think the release of FM21 would be around Christmas, 25 December. It's a good time for marketing, SI have more time to know all data from different leagues - some will have extented transfer market period.
There is no point in releasing the game this late. Just make a transfer update, skip 21 and work HARD (one can dream, right?) to release 22 early/mid september 2021. Because already, realeasing FM in very very late october is dumb, we're 3 months into the season.
Because if the game is delayed, this could mean the patches are delayed. FM is unplayable until march, so now it will be what? April? Season ends in may...
I was expecting an early December release personally, so late November seems soon enough, considering the circumstances.

To be fair, we're not really 3 months into the season... more like 3 weeks. And the transfer window hasn't even closed yet. Everything has been pushed at later dates.

While a data update (similar to what PES is doing with their 2021 DLC) might make more sense for the fans, it doesn't exactly work well for the developers. At the end of the day, they have a business to run and profit to make. And the absence of a proper competitor means they don't feel the game needs any 'ground-breaking' changes.

Regarding the match engine, certain veteran tacticians (I know of) claim that the FM20 iteration of it is broken and not enjoyable. As far as I can remember, SI stated that in order to change the ME significantly, they'd have to build it from scratch, which is quite the task.
Of course they will say that. They won't tell you "we could fix it with a patch in a month, we just decide not to do it and we prefer to milk you for $50 more". Bottomline is, FM21 won't be fixed. At least, not 100%. Maybe a step forward will be done, but no more. I think we've been around the game long enough to know that, right?

The "actual context" really is a good excuse for everything right now. Kind of amazing how companies can jump on anything to excuse anything.

3 weeks into the season? Late november, season started in september. And usually, season starts in august, game is released very late in october.

$50 in almost december, game broken until april and the last patch, and then still broken, with nothing to hope but a better FM22, knowing very well that it won't be better and it will be the same.

Not getting money for 21 isn't that big a deal for a big company like that. FM doesn't cost them that much to make, given how similar it is every year. Like you said, they have no competition. Meaning nobody will go somewhere else. It's sure money for them, whatever happens.
Indeed it's going to be nearly 3 months into the season by November 24th. My bad, I thought you were referring to "now" with those 3 months - which is why I said it's only 3 weeks. :D

Of course the context is a good excuse, but surely a part of it is genuine too. I hear video game publishers are also lowering the margin they give to retailers due to the global crisis.

I don't really know how much it costs for them to make and maintain the game, so can't comment on that.

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