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FM22 and it's major tactical inconsistencies

Started on 28 March 2022 by CevRam_96
Latest Reply on 28 March 2022 by CevRam_96
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This is the most absurdly inconsistent and incomprehensible version of FM I've played so far. Tactics are all over the place with no apparent logic nor cohesion to how your team performs on a match to match basis. One game you'll see your players creating multiple goal scoring chances, being defensively astute, able to press and make well timed tackles, build up from the back and looking solid all across the board and then on the following fixture and against similar opposition, they turn into absolute amateurs who couldn't string three passes together on the opponent's half or have a decent shot at goal if their own life depended on it, for no apparent reason whatsoever. Change tactics as I might, nothing will make a meaningful difference in effecting the way my team is playing in these godforsaken matches where everything starts going inexplicably wrong from the very beginning. It's like you're just forced to sit there and watch your players make fools of themselves up until the final whistle. The feeling of powerlessness that comes with this is beyond frustrating and I have to seriously hold myself back from exiting the game and delete the save on the spot.

Why do regular non cookie cutter tactics that don't simply resort to exploiting weaknesses in the ME and instead strive to best accommodate the particular characteristics and abilities of the players on your squad have to be so consistently inconsistent? I'd like to achieve some tangible success on my own without having to download someone else's strikerless or assymetric formation with 7 attacking roles and extreme pressing that's aesthetically hideous and hard to take seriously from a tactical standpoint but that seems to be the only way to go this year if you don't want to struggle all the time to win even against lesser teams. To me frankly, using other people's tactics greatly detracts from taking enjoyment out of winning to the extent I still refuse to do it even though I can't seem to get far any other way. Hence, I'm stuck in a perpetual cycle of starting new saves that never last long because things turn south rather quickly every single time. Perhaps it's best if I go back to FM21.

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