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Oriol Vivas - Creating a Dynasty

Started on 18 April 2022 by J_ames
Latest Reply on 26 July 2022 by Jack
difficult decision to let go Major. Despite his physical deterioration, he has been very important to the club with his goals. Hopefully his successors will prove you right to let Major go!
Wow this is quite a plot twist! Brave choice of Oriol to choose for himself instead of Aizawl fc! I'm more curious now for what will come next for Oriol!
I could tell that even with the continental football on the way, the division was far too easy of a walk for Oriol, it's not surprised me in the slightest to see him depart. I wonder if a club in Spain shows an interest after his first endeavour?
That is what I would call is a big cliff hanger haha. I'm curious where Oriol is going to for his new challenge as being a manager. Looking at all de countries you have loaded it could be a lot of clubs!
I wonder if all of the schmoozing with high-level execs has worked in Oriol's favour? I can't say I am too much of an expert on Hongkongese football, so I'm not entirely sure if it will prove to be much more of a challenge than India. However, if he can prove he can be successful in two different countries, it's another good thing on his CV for the future.
Seems like Oriol is really wanting to throw himself in the deep end of the football life. He has experience in turning water into wine with Aizawl, what he did there was tremendous but the admission that the club is in a bad state from the ownership is a poor indicator of the kind of club this is. No doubt that there will be stress, particularly with the goal of not suffering a relegation in the process of reorganisation.

Fair play for wanting to take on that role, even without success it shows strong character to do this and to have a strong partner works in Oriol's favour, even if his work career falls from underneath him as a result of this role.
Oh god, we've moved onto the teams with a name I can't pronounce whatsoever, I'll do my best each time I comment :)) Just looking at Vivas'/Rivas' press release, I see Persipura are riding somewhat of a wave with a 3-game unbeaten run at the moment, so it seems a good time for you to come in and begin to figure some things out, despite the circumstances remaining difficult. Looking forward to seeing how you do with much more of a challenge, a polar opposite to how you left Aizawl!
The foreign player rules are a clear hindrance to trying to get a decent job done but I'm sure that Oriol can lead this club out of the pit that it's currently in. At least he sounds happy where he is though!
Vivas las Rivas

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