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FM23 new features and ideas

Started on 16 May 2022 by Stam
Latest Reply on 21 April 2023 by ttam
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FM22 had what is likely to be its final patch some time ago, so it seems like a good time to start talking about things we wish to see on the next iteration of the game.

Of course it doesn't have to be entirely new features, but also areas where you believe FM could do with some improvements and refinements.

So, in what ways do you think FM23 could be better than FM22?
I would like to see a better color scheme for teams in match, get tired each year of seeing two teams playing in similar colors making it hard to see who's the opposition.
Hopefully the chance to start as the U18s or U23s manager , and work your way either up or getting in offers.
taking over real managers and be able to play with them
1. Set Piece Coach.
2. Simpler scouting approach (especially the confusion between Until Finished - Ongoing).
3. Better 3D animations.
4. Reduced price for In-Game Editor or increasing the capabilities (like mass editing).
5. New role in AMLR strata with empty PI (no hard-coded player instructions), like MRL, DM, CM, DRL
- Possibility to manage infrastructure like stadium, youth camps, merchandise, foreign offices... All being able to automate for players not wanting to manage these things.
- Manager profile should be enhanced. I can marry and have kids, which will pop up in my club's youth team.
- Much more questions and answers for interviews.
- Actions that will define my managers character and reputation.
- Animations or screens where trophies are presented after winning them. Or even screens when loosing/winning big games. Screens where important moments of my career or of a player or my club are presented in a more atmospheric way.
- Combine the scout emails, so I do not receive multiple emails a week if scouting was finished but only one with all finished scouting since the last time, I opened the inbox.
- Combine even more mails with the same topics.
- Possibility to change jerseys colors and layout for new season (optionally).
Is there any forum to provide feedback specifically for the mobile version? It could be improved with some relatively simple changes.

If there's one immediate change, I'd like to see the grid system reworked for the team line up. The grid doesn't really capture 5 at the back formations. It would be better if the defensive full back position only had the option for defensive full back or full back and then the advanced position had the wing back and inverted options. It would be nice to see this area combined into a single square and the player position changes when the different tactical role is changed.

I'd like to see the same thing with the LF and RF position. Just keep combine the options in the corners and have the player sit further back if the winger option is chosen, higher up if the inside forward is chosen and further inside if advanced playmaker or inverted winger is chosen.
@Remembury: Your best bet is to post either on the official SI forum (under the relevant area for the mobile version) or on which is the biggest fmm community and the developers actively monitor and often participate in discussions.
I think a create a country feature and design your own leagues and cups would be cool and integrate it into European competitions to take on the best in Europe...

I personally run my own league like this but on different software .... I've seen others ask for something similar elsewhere
My wish list:

1) A historic database back in the past as possible (or retro DLC)
2) Improve 3D animation
3) Possibility to set up an out of possession formation.
Bring back Touch, please! I love this game but I can't always devote the time necessary for the 'full-fat' version.
As soon as I realised there was no Touch version for PC in FM 222 I got a refund. I miss the game a lot.

Prevent teams demanding utterly ridiculous sums of money for their players, it's just getting dull now.

Have a good day, all :-)
- It will be great to "be" a real manager. I always have conflict in select some teams because i don't want that those managers gets sacked xdddd.
- The possibility of doing something with the money you earn during your career, because it doesn't matter if you get a contract of 10M or 1M.
- Balancing the transfer issue (difference between the price at which you sell your players and the price at which you buy them).
- Contracts: It is not normal that a player asks me for 20 million to renew his contract, I have to sell him and in the other team he has a 12 million contract.
I would like to see tactics be far less important. At the moment FM is 95% about finding whatever tactic 'works' in the latest version of the ME. This is made worse by SI 'balancing' things and breaking what worked before.
Some of these have already been commented but I am definitely a huge fan of them.

- Ability to manage U18's/23's teams - especially when starting a career.

- More in depth manager profile - being able to set your own favoured personnel, disliked people and even add some previous jobs to make your experience look realistic.

- Ability to play as a real life manager (e.g. take control of and play as Erik ten Hag)

** All of those 3 tie into me being bothered by taking over from a real life manager or a manager with no experience or past jobs taking over at a club like Manchester United.

- Dugout camera.
2022-05-22 05:28#288453 macgufo : My wish list:

1) A historic database back in the past as possible (or retro DLC)
2) Improve 3D animation
3) Possibility to set up an out of possession formation.

i agree with the historic database option cos they have all the data from previous games it wouldnt take a mad amount of work to get this...

Baseball game i play has this feature exactly where you can go back in time and start at the beginning of any season you want right back for ages

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