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FM23 new features and ideas

Started on 16 May 2022 by Stam
Latest Reply on 21 April 2023 by ttam
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Choose the club sponsors
Stop the match engine allowing players to run through other players
1. Allow you to praise/warn multiple players at once for training, last match result or form.
2. Include women football, as well as allowing you to be a manager for U18 and U23.
3. Include pressure from media and supporters to increase/reduce play time of players, and let it affect their happiness/morale.
4. Include biased media, in which journalists have teams they support and some are less professional about it. Also, allow you to argue with journalists and even ignore them in interviews.
5. Allow training schedules to be set for the whole year in a easier way.
6. Make training schedules affect the tactic directly. For example, if you train play through the wings, players use the flanks more often, increasing the chance for them to take decisions in that direction.
J League!
if not playable, then at least make it easy for us database makers to 'add' that league as playable...

Bring back old scouting, nowadays I send scout to check player and create report card for just one week, why do I later get same report 1283928392 times, suddenly showing up again?!

In last two editions they've messed up something in database, in the past you will get wonderkids from more counries even if you won't load their leagues, and won't add players from top clubs/players from top leagues,
but nowadays it's messed up.

fix youth rating to be more 'flat'
One South American country shouldn't be 155, and other European country shouldn't be 69, just make it something in range 100-150 or 90-140 for all countries in South America/Europe.
Improved animation

Improved faces for the newgens

Better and more realistic sounds in the match (I know I am in the minority here)

The new mentoring (the one introduced a few years ago, I don't remember exactly) is something that I have been unable to understand and accept for several editions and that I find extremely annoying and amusing at the same time.

In my opinion, the previous idea (I do not remember in which exact edition of FM mentoring was changed) was more more more realistic.

A simple example - a new, young player comes to the team.
A more experienced footballer establishes some kind of friendship-mentoring relationship with him, maybe even at the request of the club manager (that's us :-)). For example, he drives him to training, trains with him in tandem during training sessions, gives him small tips, etc. etc.
Does this happen in reality? Yes or no? Of course it does! It was realistic in previous FM editions.

Nowadays in FM it looks like this: an experienced player wants to mentor a new player, but the President or Director of the club comes to him and shouts that "this is not possible, because the mentoring group must consist of a minimum of three players!!!" :-)

Then a resigned Cristiano Ronaldo spreads his hands and apologizes to the young player from the academy, while forcefully looking and wondering who could be the third in the mentoring group.

Does this happen in reality? Yes or no? Of course it does not!!! It is completely unrealistic!

After all, this is totally strange and I don't understand where this ridiculous idea comes from.

This absolutely must be changed.

Alternatively, there should be an option that an experienced player can have more than one player under his mentorship, say two would make sense.

In my opinion, there should also be two options: the manager directly asks for mentoring, or the player himself on his own initiative takes care of a younger player.

What do you think about this?
Being able to invite a player to have a conversation with them, specifically to iron out issues that the player has, such as not wanting to sign a new contract etc. This option should be available at any time (with the player having the option to accept or decline the meeting if they wish). It gets annoying when you have a player with 12 months left on a contract and they are unhappy about something, and you can't trigger a discussion to rectify it.

Being able to choose particular stands in the ground, to update. Be nice if you could select a particular stand, and ask to upgrade it/extend it etc.

Being able to adjust prices in the club store/merchandising, so you can try to generate business/more funds

Being able to approach the board with a suggestion of an affiliate with a particular club from around the world, and the chances of it being agreed being greater. Would be great if you could select a particular club with brilliant youth setup etc, and suggest to board, rather than asking for an affiliate and hoping they pop up in the suggestions.
2022-08-12 20:34#289252 Rob1878 : Improved animation

Improved faces for the newgens

Better and more realistic sounds in the match (I know I am in the minority here)

I wouldn't mind better match sound. I just mute it now.
All time nation leaderboards

Very much would enjoy leaderboards on career mode whereby it gives you an all-time leaderboard in a league!
They had one-season leaderboard, however I did 19 seasons in Poland and winning CL etc however was like 5,000 overall in Poland due to being an one-season leaderboard.
Just so you can compare with other managers around the world!
I like good animation it's the most important for me. However, more people prefer good sound as I see above. Recently, I had an essay work over visual perception. I wanted to connect to a business or to game point but I didn't know how to do it. Luckily my friend referred me to essay writing service. First I refused but when I read edubirdie review I decided to try. Why not? I was deeply impressed who they showed the connection in visual effects, phycology and business success. Even a visual brand pic or story wall in social media plays an important role. I think it's good to invest more in visual component.
The game needs some sort of management of Promises i.e. The option to discuss breaking or changing your Promise.
e.g. You Promise to loan a player out for him to get game time but another player gets injured so you are going to play him now.
You have a player who can play on both wings, you promise him you will play him on the left wing but your other right winger breaks his leg so you need to abandon that.
Def bring back old scouting format. This is definitely not as good... eg to be able to add 15 in determination as a search parameter is a must for me.

Please can someone please (I have seen this mentioned on quite a few occasions!!) fix the sponsorship. Its absolutely ridiculously poor to suggest promoted teams to prem who have now fantastic rep worldwide and play in champs league every year should only get eg $100,000 kit sponsorship every year (sorry have not got a pound sign). Massively flawed. Maybe somewhere in line with reputation?!

Not too keen on the mentoring either. Agree previous method was probably a bit overpowered, but new version has gone completely the other way. Do think the mentoring however should only occur between 1 senior and 1 youth player (as its more realistic that a manager would say to 1 player in particular "Please take eg Johnny under your wing and help him improve his game to your standard!"), than it would be for it to occur with a group of players. As for over/underpowered, somewhere between the older and newer system would be more realistic I think.

Please remove the the stupid occasions when a player gets upset when you congratulate them on scoring or playing well. Completely unrealistic. Yes, they may think they can do better, but to suggest the manager has not treated them well is idiotic!

Cant think of any other ideas at the moment, but these basically spoil the game for me so hope SI listen to suggestions.
...And transfers. Forgot about that. Big bug bear for me and again ridiculously poor. Someone touched on it briefly. To buy a player eg for $100 000 000 million and be forced to sell for a fraction of the price is completely unrealistic (transfer listed or not). Its completely out of touch with the real world where it costs 5 mill just for a toe these days. And you are expected on a regular basis to lose massive amounts for no reason whatsoever. The board/supporter reactions to this need amending too. There also seems to be a problem selling players of good quality to other clubs, often occurs that simply nobody wants them which is a joke as well. There have been occasions when I have tried to sell good/very good/world class players and simply no one wants to buy them. Again completely unrealistic when in reality, clubs would be biting your hands off.

Please improve dir of football role. The role is useless and does not do any different/is even worse then human managers. So poor, given up and do it myself.

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