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Still waiting for Genie Scout.. Try Scoutmeister

Thread about Scoutmeister
Started on 10 December 2010 by Dunc
Latest Reply on 7 January 2011 by Stam
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By the way Meister, will this be the logo for your app?

It's not exactly good, font doesn't fit, FM11 logo is a bit of an overkill for it, and FM-base logo is maybe out of date since it won't be exclusive for them.

We could try a new logo version for you while you're preparing for release. What do you think?
If you want to. I'm not sure if it would offend my friend who made that logo.
Here's my version:

The star is for the first year it would exist, if you make one for FM12 it should have 2 stars.
Fancy. I like it.
I'm not yet pleased with the year/version placement but it can be tweaked in case you want to use it.
@ meister

Since the problem is the new patch, could you release it for the 1.1 patch?
Tweaked the logo, I'm now satisfied with the outcome :)

So when it's possible to download scoutmeister because normally it's disponibl befor christmas.
@ Stam - great work mate,looks splendid.
Ernest7 : @ Stam - great work mate,looks splendid.

Thanks mate, I think it's brilliant too B)
But by all means, post a version with a transparent background.
There you go mate (256x256):

Used a bit brighter star for this.
now all we need is the scout itself ;)
Really looking forward for this Meister! (The logo is looking good by the way Stam)
- I've come to realize that i'm dependent on a tool like this by now. I've been playing for quite a long time and i can't really handle the scouting anymore without a tool like this.
Right now i'm in the holiday vacation and craving for some serious FM sessions, but i can't really get going without a scouting tool and it drives me crazy! So yeah, i've been checking several forums countless times for updates and stuff.

So yeah, the point of this post is: keep up the good work! I'm really looking forward to it, and i'm sure thousands of others is too ;)

PS: Baby jesus.. and me, would love you if Scoutmeister was released before the 5th January!
Cant wait for this app sounds like its gonna be a good little piece of kit :D cheers meister ;)

Stam like the logo very snazy :D

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