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Still waiting for Genie Scout.. Try Scoutmeister

Thread about Scoutmeister
Started on 10 December 2010 by Dunc
Latest Reply on 7 January 2011 by Stam
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Dunc's avatar Group Dunc
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Original thread:

Hi guys.

With the release of Genie Scout likely not to be released till 2011, why not try something similar.

A developer over at FM-Base has developed a programme that is similar to genie in many ways, but it's also different.

If you would like a better look, feel free to have a look at the thread posted above.

It is soon to be released and will definatley be out before christmas.

If anyone of improtance has an issue with this thread, feel free to pm me.
looks good, i'll be sure to check it out... will need to be some program to beat genie though ahaha but you never know...
It's not about beating, but making an alternative. :)
# Dunc : It's not about beating, but making an alternative. :)

Yep, competition is healthy :)
p.s. What is the release date? and I see people are talking about a beta version... can anyone test this or is it just a selected few??
At the moment, there are about 10 people testing the beta, although there has been talk about an open beta soon, but you would have to be a member of FM-Base.

No official release date has been set, but we can guarantee it will be out by christmas.
Stam's avatar Administrators Stam
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As much exclusive is Genie Scout here and every fansite is putting up a download link of their own without even asking for permission...

Anyway, it seems good. Now some questions for you:
  • Will you be releasing it open source?
  • Did you get the initial code from FMSX?
  • Does it work 'offline' loading the actual savegame files or real-time?
  • How does remaining anonymous will help keep the program a fm-base exclusive?
1) I'd rather not
2) Database structure is based on FMSX, credit will be given where it is due. Hopefully this won't be a problem?
3) Offline
4) Being anonymous hasn't got anything to do with it being exclusive, and I've already revealed my identity on FM-Base. I thought it would be a fun thing to do for a while.
1) If you're using open source code as a base for your program, I think you have to release it as open source as well.

2) For this you'd have to ask Amy (littleblue), but I don't think she will have any issue with that.

3) That's good, I was hoping it shouldn't work real-time.

4) I got a little confused why somebody else started a topic for you in the first place. It would sure be fun doing this.
1) I don't think there's any obligation for that, however it's a question of the code licensing, although I'm not exactly sure.

2) Will do.

4) Someone else posted it because at that time I couldn't be bothered to make an account.
Let us know when it's ready mate, so I can add a proper download page for that.
I'll be contacting you then.
Cheers :)

By the way I like the minimalistic approach and the clean interface, it reminds me of the good old FM Scout by Nygreen days.
Less is more ;)
# Dunc : It's not about beating, but making an alternative. :)

yeah...great news... :D

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