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Still waiting for Genie Scout.. Try Scoutmeister

Thread about Scoutmeister
Started on 10 December 2010 by Dunc
Latest Reply on 7 January 2011 by Stam
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Cannot stand people who slate things for being late which are free and try start arguements with the person who is putting all the effort in. Get a life. If you really want it on time, do it yourself and see how hard it is. Thanks meister and also thanks to eugene. The effort these two put in is obviously second to none and is also the knowledge they have is unreal. Keep up the work guys
Meh, I'm sure Genie Scout will be out soon and no one will need this.
# Meister : Meh, I'm sure Genie Scout will be out soon and no one will need this.

I don't think you should stop working on yours just because of Genie.
Meister mate don't be disheartened by the upcoming release of Genie Scout. I suppose you were hoping to release your program earlier than Genie as a major point of success, but I believe you should stick to your goal of releasing an alternative utility nonetheless. Why? For a couple of good reasons actually.

- Your program is simpler and maybe easier to use and understand by newbies.
- You have no ads.
- It would be your first attempt, and the feedback and overall experience that would come out of the whole effort will help you improve it and be more ready for next patch and of course FM12.

By releasing Scoutmeister you'd be making an entrance in the FM scene, and I think that should be the most important fact. By giving up now it wouldn't be a good thing for your reputation, when you announce something you need to deliver even if you're late doing so; better late than never.
Yes, you will get mockery and disgrace from a loud minority for whatever you do, but that's something inevitable which you should ignore anyway.

That is my friendly and honest advice.
I agree with stam.
Personaly, I don't know if your program will be better or worse than genie's but I will certanly give it a try.
We'll see.
oh come on ! why not give it a try ? the hype around the meister has grown, I'm sure people will give it a go, regardless of the geine scout... obviousley you would know this better than me, but it has sounded like you've come far with the utility since the relesedate atleast wasn't supposed to be far off (but again, you know were you stand)... i think it would be a shame any way, some competition and feedback will hopefully give us 2 imrpoved scouts ?
Genie Scout will be released during January how I see it, so you have at least about a week to get yours out sooner. People will try it just because of the hype anyway. I doubt Genie Scout can get much better than what it's going to be once GS11 will be released, because it's already close to perfect. But Scoutmeister is new and will definitely need all the feedback. Calling it off is not a shame, it's letting down yourself first and foremost.
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That's exactly what I mean. If it's perfect then why bother making an alternative?

EDIT: Because it's not perfect. Among all of this I forgot why I set out to make this in the first place. Genie Scout for me was unintuitive, slow and had ads. I wanted to make something that would break the GS monopoly and set a foothold with this software.

I won't give up now.
Already explained why release your program in my two previous posts.
The question is why did you bother going for it in the first place? Just because you could have it released sooner? Maybe because you thought Genie won't be released at all?
Your friend who started this thread talked about making an alternative and not trying to beat Genie, what did he have in mind?

Think of how Scoutmeister is different than Genie Scout and try to write a list of that. Then think of next patch 11.3, if you plan it properly you could release a compatible version probably sooner than the rest... that will earn you downloads for sure. In the end, you should be creating a tool for yourself first, something you'd enjoy using - and sharing it with the world. You'd have plenty of time to build upon your initial effort and improve.

I won't be arguing this matter anymore, it's your program your decision. I think you have more to win than to lose if you follow my advice.
Yes, well, I edited my last post for the answer.
Buddy, I know this thread has gone to hell (and back), but for what my opinion is worth, don't give up. I will download, try and use (if it's good) your utility if it's better/easier to use than Genie Scout.
Something to cheer up :D

# Meister : Splendid!

Don't you forget, you are from the very selective group of "I make non-realtime FM utlities, hence you don't need the game opened to use the tool", which has only one member called Eugene !

I'm a programmer, I know that motivation is sometimes "absent", but keep it up, we want your tool, we want an alternative, we don't want ads, and we don't like monopoly.

And you'd be a definite master if you realease your code on open source. Or take the time, after your tool relaeasing, to explain comprehensively the structure of the players DB in FM. Some might help or involve.

Keep up the good work, bro. We want ScoutMeister. We really do.

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