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Your Team, New

Your Team
Started on 13 December 2010 by jackounited
Latest Reply on 21 April 2011 by dapod5xrus
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Hello. I'm creating a team full of created players. Don't worry the players arent going to be world class more like lower leagues. The created players are going to be YOU! So if you want yourself to be in the team just reply on this post. It will need these things:
Full Name: ...
Date of Birth: ...
Nationality: ...
Postion: ...
2 Strengths: ... & ...
2 Weaknesses: ... & ...
Prefered Foot:

You can also have other information if you'd like to add it.

The team name, league and primary, seconary and third colours will be decided with a poll on this website.
Maximum of 24 players so first post first serves so get posting.

P.S Don't worry, I will still play my Blackpool carrer.
Great Idea! i'm in!

Full Name: Tom Shaughnessy
Date of Birth: 17/06/93 (make me abit older though!)
Nationality: English/Irish
Postion: Goalkeeper
2 Strengths: Reflexes & One on Ones
2 Weaknesses: Communication & Throwing
Prefered Foot: Right

haha this is ace, can you post all of our players on here so we can take a look after? :)
Hang on don't we have FC Scout already?
tomy's avatar Group tomy
12 yearsEdited
Full Name: Haris Pilton
Date of Birth: 01 June 1991
Nationality: Romanian
Position: MC/AMC
2 Strengths: Creativity & Passing
2 Weaknesses: Adaptability & Aggression
Preferred Foot: Right

@MLR this is for his own fun :)
Thanks for the posts so far and keep on telling everyone about this. Tom_BcFC and tomy are definitely in and remember to vote on the poll. Thanks. The team will be made on the 27th of December but if it passes that date it will be whenever there is enough people uploaded.
Well, if you need more "virtual players" I have some on my mind, real name persons and their positions :)) not footballers ofc
Full Name: Sam Elliott
Date of Birth: 11/11/1991
Nationality: English/Irish
Postion: MC/DMC
2 Strengths: Tackling & Long shots
2 Weaknesses: Dribbling & Flair
Prefered Foot: Right

Great idea :D
Full Name: Fionan O'Sullivan
Date of Birth: 13/12/1985
Nationality: Irish (born in Dublin)
Postion: D/WB R
2 Strengths: Strength & Determination
2 Weaknesses: First Touch & Aggression
Prefered Foot: Right

(Looks like half your team's going to qualify for Ireland, either by the granny rule or automatically)

Good luck ;)
Full Name: Martín Sarthou
Date of Birth: 27/04/1985
Nationality: Uruguayan (born in Montevideo)
Postion: Central Defender (centreback)
2 Strengths: tackling & heading
2 Weaknesses: versatility & Aggression
Prefered Foot: Right
Full Name: Eddy WU
Date of Birth: 08/06/1993
Nationality: Australian (born Chinese)
Position: Centre Mid/AM (c)
2 Strengths: Creativity and Decisions
2 Weaknesses: Aggression and Long throws
Preferred Foot: Right
Full Name: Johan Lennartson
Date of Birth: 11/02/1994
Nationality: Sweden/guyaneese (born Umeå)
Position: Centre Mid/AM(c)/CF
2 Strengths: Determination and Strength
2 Weaknesses: Acceleration and agility
Preferred Foot: left
Full Name: Zahos Doganos
Date of Birth: 7/1/89
Nationality: Greek
Postion: DR/MC
Strengths: Tackling, Passing, Technique, Creativity, Stamina & Influence
Weaknesses: Heading, Strength, Acceleration & Marking
Prefered Foot: Either

Additional Info:
Heigh: 1,84
Personality: Fairly Loyal, not the one for big matches but competend ;)
Favourite Club: Aris FC
brill!!! remember to vote on the polls
# MLR : Hang on don't we have FC Scout already?

Yh as someone said before this is a personal project, and he is entitled to do this, however I would also encourage members especially on this thread to get involved with the official fm scout one, of which we have personally made kit/logo/e.t.c, so everyone please get involved:

Infomation is below, again any queries send me, or sun_chris a message
Sorry guys I never knew FM Scout had one but I will still do this definitely and I join the FM Scout one! Thanks for telling me.

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