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How to read a .fm file

Started on 21 December 2010 by Exciliknite
Latest Reply on 23 December 2010 by Exciliknite
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Hi everyone,
In order to develop my own scout I started trying to open a .fm file (savefile).
However I can't do that. I don't know the used encoding neither an IDE able to open it.
Is anyone here familiar with this issue?
I suppose you'd want to know that to create a tool (scout/editor). Perhaps littleblue could answer that; I'm personally not aware of that.
It seems littleblue doesn't appear here.
I tried to find her email at the profile but she hidded it :(
I really want to start developing something but I have no information about how to read a *.fm file. I don't want to base my solution on a real time's type framework.
I'd appreciate any information of any kind you (all of you) think would help me.
i am not sure what it is your trying to do once you can read the file,
and i can't help with that either i am afraid as i can't read mine either,
the closest i got was opening it in notepad, but that was just complicated
I already used the notepad++ and tried to change the encoding unsuccessfully.
Once I can read a file I'll try to develop my own scout (like geniescout). But first I need to create my database using the *.fm file. The alternative would be to use an existing framework but it's not able to run offline (the game must be running at the same time).
You can't *just* open the file with a notepad and change the encoding to make it human readable. The save file contains data in binary files and they're in a specific order, so you'd have to know what to read and from where. There's no official documentation for the save game structure, but forays from the community have been made to decipher it. Littleblue has worked on it for years and was kind enough to release the result of her work open sourced. You can look at it here: FMSX - GoogleCode project
Thank you very much. That's very useful.

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