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Bugs for GS11 version 1.00 beta 1

Submit any bugs you may find while using Genie Scout 11 build 127
Started on 7 January 2011 by Stam
Latest Reply on 12 January 2011 by Stam
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I have the GS g version after donating to Eugene, but I have a weird issue :(

Genie scout g: wont work on my laptop, its working fine on my pc.

Free Version: works fine on both my laptop and pc :(

Can i use GSg on both computers?

Thanks in advance :)

P.S I will upload pics and save games if needed by Eugene just am at work atmb on my laptop lol
Exporting CSV's doesn't work. Only a few colums are being exported. The txt export does work.
I'm also seeing the 'minimum fee release clause' problem. These numbers seem to be completely random and are certainly not correct. I don't think this is specific to my save game so I haven't uploaded it anywhere (it's 95MB) but if you need it let me know.

Many thanks to Eugene for a fantastic program.

Minimum fee realease clause is fixed. Working on loading data errors. I'd like to ask to use zip or rar, and do not use megaupload. It's difficult to download multimple files.

Thanks for the feedback.
# Ewoud : Seems like most people get the same error ("Error Loading Entity").

It says xml data is corrupt...
Maybe got anything to do with windows 7?

I use xp and also have the problem;/
tmlphanny's avatar Group tmlphanny
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It worked fine for a bit, then I started getting an error message when trying to load any of my saves.

The error message: "Access violation at address 0070E0B9 in module 'FMGenieScout.exe'. Read of address 00000000."

Here's my save:
Use Print Screen button on your keyboard (Prt Scr) to capture the error, then open Paint and do Ctrl+V to paste the image data there. Save as jpeg and you have your picture.
I have detected a bug in the "division" column. The data in this column is wrong. Rest of columns are ok but this....i put an example:

Xabi Alonso---Real Madrid--Champions league(Division of the country)

Thiago Silva---AC Milan---JFL(division).

An this happens with all the teams of the game.
@Genie tnx for the reply. ive uploaded my savegame as a .fm file. on mediafire. page 4 of this thread. hope thats ok.
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# gert78 : Exporting CSV's doesn't work. Only a few colums are being exported. The txt export does work.

Found this too.

I setup my own layout for export (included the player stats), but when exporting to csv only gives "unique id, name, nation,club,date of birth, position, age, best rating, best pot rating, pd" regardless with what I select.
When exporting to a text file it does include all the selection columns for my layout, eg. acceleration.
Using the ads free version on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, installed Scout to default location.
For now I'll amend my PHP script to process the text file.

With with regards to the staff export, text file is ok, but csv file just gives me double quotes and no data.

This is a link to my custom layout for players
# JohnnyMongo : well I havent started a new game. it's the exact same savegame file. just loaded with the two different versions of the genie scout.

Woops, I misread your post. Hmm it does seem strange.. Especially as players that are given high ratings in the no-ads version are definitely not good players (just look at the PA)... There is something very weird going on there. How could Genie scout even come up with all those player names? Also it doesn't seem like it is only the names but also the stats..

Have you checked if there exist players with those names in your game?
is the beta2 going to be out today?
# ngi94 : is the beta2 going to be out today?
Y dont know but be amazing! ;)
# milaness :
give me a suggestion how to fix this error! already saved again not resolved!

First beta is NOT compatible with compressed save games! Make sure your save is uncompressed!
How? Un-tick "Compress Save Games" in FM preferences and hit Confirm! Save your game AGAIN, and then try to load it in Genie Scout 11.
I have this problem with Genie 11:

and this is the link of my savegame (to upload in Internet I've reactivated compress savegames)

Click here for the savegame...

Thanks For All!!! :)

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