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Der Scoutmeister - Beta Out

Started on 8 January 2011 by Meister
Latest Reply on 31 October 2011 by Stam
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An alternative scouting tool for FM2011

What it is?
Scoutmeister is a lightweight scouting tool for FM2011 for Windows. It's currently being fine-tuned after a long delay due to problems with the newest patch. These problems, however, have now been solved meaning the software works with the 11.2 patch.
Currently the main design points have been usability and speed, which hopefully it excels in. I won't be giving out a static release date because I doubt I'd stick to it, but it's not going to take too long.

Wow! Looking good! B)
Can't wait to try it out.
Keep up the good work! B)
its looking nice especially position rate, so genie is batman and scoutmeister will be robin look like B)

I know it's pretty late, but I just realised that if you can add one feature, it would be awesome, and I would most likely end up using Scoutmeister rather than Genie Scout.

Can you add the feature to search by the Home-grown status of the player? For Champs League, we need 8 home-grown players from that nation and we have players like Vela who are not English, but are home-grown in England. It would be really great if you could add that!
I'll see what I can do.
Thanks Meister :) will defo try it when you release :D


I dont see no pictures here have the links broke?
Weird, I can't see the pictures myself either. The links are correct, though.

That would be awesome if you could do that. :)

From the preview pictures, I really like your utlity. I completed 2 seasons with Sunderland and won the League Cup and the Premier League in my second year, also reached the final of the FA Cup. When I installed Genie Scout, I was surprised to find that my players were rated generally in the range of 70-75, I was expecting at least some of them to be above 80 since they had been performing so well. :P

This is the first time I've played the game without Scout after getting to hear fo Scout some time back. I guess it goes to prove that you need to rely more on your own intuition and tactics and be a good judge of your players' ability rather than rely too much on the Scout. :)

By the way, I can see the pictures just fine.

If you're using Google Chrome with Adblock, disable arbitrarily blocks a lot of things that it shouldn't block.
It has to do with I think, the picture paths were being redirected to their cache. I changed the image paths accordingly and they should now show up.
Thanks for that. ;)
The problem is the paths keep changing... why not use another site to upload your pictures mate? Like or or flickr or... your fmscout file space :)
Uploaded them to my file space and corrected the links in the topic. Thanks for the tip!
@Meister, when do you think Scoutmeister would be ready to use? You've been doing a great job mate, keep with it ;)
# Meister : Uploaded them to my file space and corrected the links in the topic. Thanks for the tip!

Maister will tell us when esc scoutmeister

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