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Bugs for GS11 version 1.00 beta 2

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Started on 12 January 2011 by Stam
Latest Reply on 2 April 2011 by marcel127
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already been reported but I have enclosed a screenie.

leagues are a complete mess. every time i do a search it reports that my club is in a different league
First of all: the biggest issue (at least for me) is completely solved on 217 (won't loading savegames).

Congratulations for both Eugene and Stam for that and for the GS itself!

Second: I'm having the same problem reported by TazzFM and other members. Division names are really a mess!

I don't think it's necessary to upload my savegame to solve it, but if you guys tell me it is, I will!
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I've just downloaded the new version of Eugene's Scout, and I'm getting this error message.

I've uploaded a zip with my game and my dump file here:

I'm on Win7 64bit and I'm running DVD version of FM 11.2.1.

i'm the Brazilian coach and when i list the brazil players in the scout for make my choises for the matches, the names of many players in the scout appear with arabian names and doesn't match with the name of that players in the game. Why this happens?
In this beta 2 version, you can't export your selected data in *.txt anymore, now it´s only show a few coluns, and delete others like *.csv of the previous beta 1 version..
In this beta 2 version,export *.csv continue with same issue.
I'm gonna uninstall this beta 2 and install again the beta 1, at least I can see all my exported data in *.txt format.
Best regards
PS: Stam, I think this it´s a soft critical point, hope you don't get me wrong this time.. Cheers mate..
I've just downloaded the new version of Eugene's Scout, and I'm getting this error message

"List Capacity out of bounds (1954112768)"

I'm on WinXP Servies pack 3 and I'm running FM 11.2.1.

# stam : What's wrong with finding best player's position using Genie Scout?

Not the op, but I think he means not the position itself, but the role.

Squad analyzer, for example, for a forward it would give his rating as a poacher, as a complete forward, as a trequartista, etc...

Now that FM has tactic creator with roles, how about Genie Scout try to implement this feature? That would fall into the "major cool" category for sure.

Sure, genie gives you an idea if it's a fast striker or a targer man the best position for the forwards, but there are more variations, and also the other positions.
leagues are still random, but that's a minor error.

the main problem is most saves that have their data-base edited can't be opened in genie scout. also, i've heard that some saves that are edited by fmrte can't be opened in genie scout too. i would really appreciate it if eugene can make the scout compatible with data changes. it would be a lot more convenient and more people can enjoy the fabulous genie scout.

anyway, thanks for all the hard work, eugene. you are a true legend, mate :D

Still the same problems for me

1/ "Invalid floating point operation" appears randomly while clicking / scrolling / moving the mouse

2/ Divisions are still wrong. I.E. for France :
Ligue 1 => Second Division B4
Ligue 2 => World Cup Quals (OCE)
National => World Cup Quals (NAM)
CFA => Regional Division
CFA 2 => Second Division D
Eugene on his twitter account said this:
"The problem with wrong division names has been resolved" about 21 hours ago via web

This problem of course will not appear in the next release! Thanks a lot Eugene! :D
# pinball_88 : My problem:


still same problem here, do you use the original FM's db?

because i don't and i've seen people that don't use the original game's db with the very same problem.
The beta all loads up fine but then it freezes and i cant press anything, i have to do a control , alt and delete to end it.! HELP please.!

got stuck in this step for 30 minutes and there are no response at all
can't even open the genie scout
I have a question: i have some tools as Grekazor, Team Zone Analysis and ProZone, all for Fm2010, but i supposed they work also with this version of Genie Scout. I tried to load my csv files, but they don't work. Any suggestion? Thanks

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