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Bugs for GS11 version 1.00 beta 2

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Started on 12 January 2011 by Stam
Latest Reply on 2 April 2011 by marcel127
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Sorry if I'm being an idiot - but I am having a problem with the g ad free beta 2 Genie Scout.

GS loads with entirely fake names for players. I assume this is some kind of deliberate breaking if you dont have a key file. But I am a donator and do have a keyfile which is located in the Genie Scout directory.

Any suggestions?
After 2-3 database refresh the program simply freezes.
I know when you export to CSV only some columns are taken(basic information, GK Rating, Unique ID, TS Rating, FS Rating and DC Rating) but the values are from the first columns you put after the age column and not the values from the column headers. So if you switch the columns in Genie Scout and export a few times you can still have all the values.

Genie Scout:

Exported CSV file:
Im still having the division problem to.
in the start of the season it was ok, but now in february i cant search clubs for division!
it only shows two divisions, and those arent even the ones i choose for the database.
I've just downloaded the new version of Eugene's Scout, and I'm getting this error message

"List Capacity out of bounds (1954112768)"

I'm on WinXP Servies pack 3 and I'm running FM 11.2.1.

Is there any perspective when the next beta or full version will come? There are still bugs in there...
I have an error....
There is somenthing I don't understand... because my save file...yesterday it doesnt't work
today it works....
but another save game of today is not working

CANNOT CREATE c:\PROGRAM....\GENIE SCOUT11\db_b128_v1572_TFMNonPlayer_24585_EFileCorruptError.dmp"

PS: another problem....
When I try to exit from GS ... I can't do it.. I should use TASK MANAGER
I don't know if I have to post my savegame, but my problem is that some young players have not the same name in genie scout. For Example, in FM2011 I have Rubén, but in Genie scout is Dino, and Leandro, but in Genie scout is Feng Yi...
If you need my savegame please let me know.
I use Windows XP and get:

^ That when I try to boot. It has the loading GUI bar thingy come up but then it proceeds to say that and not open. Not much point me uploading my game save as this has NOTHING to do with it.
No good news about final version? :/ :)
# ngi94 :

got stuck in this step for 30 minutes and there are no response at all
can't even open the genie scout

I've got the same problem.
right click icon and run as administrator. :)

Please help me! I can't use te GS11 b128 version. I'm on Vista. I haven't got problem last year with the GS.

the problem:

The same problem persists in version 11.0 saved game and in 11.2.1 saved game

a seved game:

Thanks for help!
hey I realized if GS11 is works fine when I didn't use fm editor,,but when I use FM editor to create player or club,GS won't load my saved game and shows error notification... :(
I get a "floating point division" error, I think it is because I have some ridiculous regens that are five stars (but not actually as good).

Save game: (valid for 2 weeks)

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