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Players For The Lower Leagues

Players for teams in the BSN/BSS
Started on 27 October 2011 by Utaka
Latest Reply on 28 July 2013 by Moredhel
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Gary Wales: Free Transfer - at 32 years of age he is a fairly experienced striker with almost 70% of his stats being over 10 and a couple of his stats are even at 14, 15 and one at 16. I play in BSS with Chelmsford im 17 games in and he has scored 6 goals in 8 games and has 2 assists as well. At this level he is a very good player and i signed him on £220 p/w
Bily Tsovolos is a great central defender for all the BSS/BSN/BSP and NPOWER1.

Also, sign Sebastian Carole, a great left midfielder.

I started with Woking on the BSS with no transfer budget and I manged to go to BSP on my first season.
I recently started a save with Bielefeld in the German Third Division (and managed to win the cup in my first season so spent my second playing in the europa league while being in the Second Division ... which I won!!!!! - but that is another story) so I had the opportunity to use the following players (most demand little or no wages):

Michael Contreras - lb 19yo peruvian who is dirt cheap and I scouted him every game with top teams and he came back **** potential. The guy is amazing. Never puts a foot wrong.

Danny Da Costa - 18 yo rb/cb German. He was in the reserves of Werder (I think) and loaned him (free of wages and of money) from the first season, again for the second and bought him for the third. His stats are amazing and has been a rock for me at every level.

Mario Gavranovic - cf Swiss - In the schalke reserves. Costs 1,9m second season but comes for free loan. Has great stats and absolutely murdered the second division with 32 goals. Tried to buy him third season when Im in the first division but he wouldnt come so I loaned him again and he has already started scoring freely. Third season worth 2.6m

Muralha dm Brazilian - 18 yo plays at flamengo. Loaned him when in the second decision now bought him. Full of energy. Very recommended.

Michal Svec - dm/cb Utility man with reasonable stats. Got him on a free last season. Now in the third is valued at 3.3 mil!

Bence Zsenes - Hungarian cf. 18 yo. Has potential for League 1/ Championship Level at least.

Geovanny Caicedo cb - This guy is 31 in the first season but that should not put you off going for him. He is the most recommended player on this list. He costs around 500k with instalments and has the stats and the performances of players costing at least 5 times that!

More to come when I m back home and playing but generally speaking Id wholeheartedly recommend Bielefeld - its a challenge, you can build a team over 3 seasons, the German leagues are nice (not too many teams and matches) ...Lovely

Daniel Chima CF Nigerian - Bought him in my third season (first in top tier) and so far he's started once and scored a hat trick against Kaizerslautern. For 200k that i paid it deffo looks like a bargain.

Igor Stefanovic - GK bought him second season for very little now in third season he costs 2.1 mil. He's been instrumental to my amazing success.

Stanislas Oliveira DM - Came in for 300k and has been extremely useful - when you are forced to operate with a small squad utility players such as him are crucial

Roman Burki GK - Was valued 60k in second season but got him on a free for the third. Is 22 yo and now worth 1.9. Has great stats.
Damian Reeves from Altrincham is a great buy for a BSP/BSN/BSS clubs. He's available for £3,000 at the start. He will score you 20+ goals in the first season!
Jamil Adam (CF) - Already mentioned, RIDICULOUSLY good in non-league football. Had him at Berwick Rangers and Kettering Town also, guaranteed goal machine.

Nouha Dicko (CF) - EXTREME pace, acceleration, and surprisingly good finishing for only a stat of 9. Budget shuffle and break your records to sign him! cost me 100k from Wigan but scored 45 goals as I won the BSP with Kettering, sold him for £750k a year later unfortunately, he goes on to be amazing in the future, remember seeing him score 40 in league 1 in 2018 on a previous saved game!

Quinton Fortune (CM) - Superb midfielder available on a free at the start of the game. Unfortunately seems to come off injured nearly every match though.

Pablo Counago - (CF) - Makes a great Trequartista, free transfer.

Joe McKee - (CM) 20 for free-kicks and penalties, excellent young prospect available on loan from burnley.

Davide Petrucci - (CAM) take him from Man Utd at the end of 1st season when his contract expires.
#61083 McMilney : Davide Petrucci - (CAM) take him from Man Utd at the end of 1st season when his contract expires.

Been using him at Bielefeld for 2/3 seasons together with NORWOOD. Both been quite good for me and both now valued at 3mil+
Hi guys im looking for gk,lb,2cb,rb,rm,lm,2cm,2cf for ebbsfleet
Jamil adam is a very goodr for lower leagues
with luton michael west and jon shaw are also class and both can be available for free at end of 2011/12 season.
List of good Blue Square Players who can make promotion easily:

Rudi Pounoussamy: Great keeper for Blue Square, not many keepers like this in lower divisions, must have French leagues I think, comes on a free transfer with wages around £200 p/w maximum

James Gilpin: Good young scottish keeper, great one on ones and will do a job easily for you, free transfer, sometimes will sign as back up for Pounoussamy at £50 p/w

Billy Tsovolos: Great 17 year old Australian defender, plays as DC/DL/DM/CM, signs at youth contract at £5 p/w

Faisal Hemati: Afghanistan defender, good for back up but can step up when needed, signs for £5 p/w

Guillaume Norbert: One of the best players at this level, plays at League One/Two level and can play RB or RWB or RM, signs for £275 p/w

Jase Griffiths: Brilliant midfielder who scores plenty of long range goals, can pass the ball around as well and signs for £275 p/w

Patrick Vaz: Signs on a free transfer and can play CM, CAM or LAM. Signs for £160 p/w and very versatile

Eric Farro: LAM and signs on a free transfer, great crossing, scores plenty of goals and good for a few seasons. Signs for £170 p/w.

Mathias Fanimo: Signs from West Ham for 5k, signs for £110 p/w and plays extremely well, develops into a good League One/Two player and can do a job in the Championship

James Cronesberry: Irish Winger, plays LW and great fitness, scores plenty of goals and signs for £50 p/w

Yohan Guichard: Can play at RAM or ST, signs for a free transfer at £180 p/w, scores plenty and provides plenty of assists, Highly recommended

Trevor Mutero: Can play on both wings and up front, 18yr old Zimbabwe player, signs for £5 p/w, good for back up and can play in BSP

Dali Gomez: 22 yr old Striker from Argentina, great stats and supplies a lot of quality goals. Comes for £210 p/w. Sometimes signs as a back up player

Pablo Counago: Definitely the striker to try and sign. Free agent Spanish striker, who was playing in the Championship a few years ago. Definitely scores plenty of goals and signs for anywhere between £200-600 a week. Add him to your shortlist and he will sack his agent, making him cheaper

LASTLY, if you go to West Hams team, you can sign plenty of good players for less than 10k each, such as Sebastien Lletget, Eoin Wearen, Callum Driver, Oliver Lee and Ahmed Abdulla,
I started to play Clyde from Scottish lowest league. I have so limited budget on salaries that I can't sign most of the players mentioned in this topic. Please help me pick other Scottish club from 3rd league with better financial opportunities. At least some of the players would agree to play for me I assume.
Federico Laurito is a 20-something striker, I got him at Wimbledon and San Marino. Argentinian, played 5 times for the Argentina U20s.
Pablo Cunago (Experienced spanish striker, has player at the highiest level in La Liga for several years, in my save of Mansfield Town in the BSP (Second year 1st 3 games to go "Allready promoted to L2" he is the captain of my team, scored 22 goals 1st seasson and has 18 this seasson with 3 games to go, BTW he won the player of the year award and top scorer) Free transfer
Striker: Wes Fletcher. Only early 20s. Hes scored more goals than games for me as Exeter in league 2. Amazing.
Pablo Counago obviously the best striker around, with salary around $1000, sign him if you want some trophy and promotion,

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