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Don't know where I'm going, but I'll get there!

Started on 31 October 2011 by l3nnart
Latest Reply on 30 July 2012 by The FM Rookie
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Yes i remember that.

It was just hell over there.

So our offensive problem is still costing us points we should bag with ease, but sometimes I swear there is someone up in those coulds who just enjoy taking a piss on me...

Out of luck

After our farily good run of form we've gone right back to where we started the season: playing pretty well but failing to bring home points to show for it. The players are getting frustrated and two of my best players have requested transfers... I've accepted simply to shut them up but I've got no intention of selling them.

The midtable is close as only 7 points separate us on 15th place and River Plate at 6th, so with 19 more games to go there is still time to turn this ship around (for real this time), but the players and the board are loosing patience so time is of the essence!

Get out!

After having continued problems making our dominans on the pitch translate into points the board lost their patience and the once so thoughtful Mr Ulloa didn't seem the least bit sad when he delivered the news that my contract had been terminated...

On the upside my name is now recognized nationwide, so hopefully this will help ease the hunt for a new job...

So needless to say it's not the start I'd hoped for... but learning from you're misstakes is the only way forward so I'll be back, ya'll just gonna' have to wait and see!
Great story so far! I think it's a bit weird how you've been managing in Argentina, but you've only got knowledge of Sweden (home country?) and Brazil :P
# WeAreDerby : Great story so far! I think it's a bit weird how you've been managing in Argentina, but you've only got knowledge of Sweden (home country?) and Brazil :P

Well yes, it's because I'm swedish and am a brazilian citizen as well :P
This couch is way to comfortable...

Days have turned into weeks, weeks to months and in less than five months I'll be counting YEARS(!!!) since I last found myself at the helm of a team... I've recived a couple of offers but none that made my balls tingle like the argentinian job... considering the time since I last recived an offer I'll probably have to jump the next offer regardless of how demeaning it feels... Well I guess it's what you get from not getting it right the first time!
The game is harsh and I feel that I might get the sack if my results don't improve.

It took almost three years, but yesterday I got the call I've been waiting for!

I know that a second-division in eastern europe isn't close to the glamour I'm aming for, but considering what a disaster my last job turned in to I guess I've got alot of dues to play before I've earnd myself a shot at the big-time!

I don't know anything at all about the club right now to be honest, but I'll give you a thorough tour tomorrow when I've gotten some insight on my own.
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Up to speed

So long time no see, no worries, I'll bring you guys up to speed!

Duajska Streda was already a pretty solid side for the slovak second division. My only transfer has is what my friends and I would refer to as a "dong", a very black, very fast and very productive forward (for him to be a fullfilled "dong" though he should have been strong as a bear, brave as a lion and smart as a rock).

He's scored in most of the games he's participated in and with an upgrade of playmaker I think he'll score more than once a game next year.

My spell here has thus far been a great success with a record of 11-2-2, taking the team from a bottomhalf position to a promotion-contender (with 3 games to go we were 4p away from promotion but Dubnica who were sitting on top of the table refused to give up any points so at the end we never came closer). Here's the final table:

And just for the heck of it you'll get the playerstats as well:

With the financial situation being pretty much just crap I haven't been able to change the squad much and the same will probably go for the next season. However I'll be looking to strengthen some of my key-positions such as one of the MC's (the playmaker), one of the CB and one of the strikers (the playmaker there as well). Though as I mentioned earlier the team is already pretty solid and truth be told I think the players I posses today would be enough to achive promotion next year, however one must almost look to improve because the day you're satesfied is the day you should quit!
Take Two

So after a pretty successful autumn it's time to take yet another shot at making it into the big leauge!

I'm happy with the moves I've made and the team is definetly looking strong enough to clínch the protmotion. I've upgraded my intire defensive line except for the left-fullback, gotten myself a strong playmaker in the middle and added some brazilian magic up front. Here are my top transfers:

With only a week or so until openingday everything is feeling great, so for now au revoir, auf wieder sehen, and I hope next time you hear from me it will be a report telling you how the train is on a one way track to th premier division!
Make- or break time!

Just over two thirds of the season has passed and things are already being put at it's point as the schedule puts our two promotioncontenders Puchov and Petrzalka up against us as well as eachother in the first two games of the cycle (with only 12 teams in the leauge we have to play every team three times and we play them in the same order all three times). Luckily for us we are the team who gets the extra game at home against both teams this season, I take it as a sign that this is our year!

Overall it's been a good season with only one sequnce of bad form, but considering that our THREE best strikers were injured at the same time offers enough of an explanation for me. Even with results being good though we haven't been able to shake Puchov or Petrzalka, in fact the three of us have usually stayed with in 2 points margin for most of the season and taking turns being top dogs. With this in mind and the fact that we only have nine games after these makes the games against the other top teir teams extremely important. Out of the first four games already played against them in the previous two "cycles" we've only managed to pull off one win. It came against Petrzalka.

The lads were pumped as they walked out on Mestsky Stadio in front of the homecrowd knowing that a win tonight would mean poleposition in the promotionrace. The game was firce from kick-off, both sides had really come to play! During the first half Petrzalka was probably the better side, but they didn't take their chanses, nor did (both sides managed to creat a couple of ccc). In half-time I decided to move some of my offensive force around to make something happen upfron - it paid off! 72 minutes in, 19 year old native Slavomir Szabo scored the ever so important first goal! After that we managed to stay in control of the game and around ten minutes later Lennarth sealed the deal with a beautiful long range shot that curved into the top corner!

Here's the table going into the Puchov-game:

As you can see, a win against Puchov doesn't mean a safe passage to promotion, however it forces them to pull on their huntingcaps and staring at the table hoping for slip-ups while we can focus on our game.

On a sidenote (and yes it is a sidenote compared to battling for promotion) we made it to the semifinals of the domestic cup. We're about to face Nitra, a top-half team of the top division, so without any pressure on us what so ever I'm hoping for an upset there.

I'll keep you posted as soon as I've played the Puchov-game!
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One step closer

Two pictures will do...

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One step closer

To stay in the spirit of short posts:

Mission complete

What I thought would be a fight to the death turned into a walk in the park after the Puchov-game. The promotion was officialy secured with three games to go! This is what the final table looked like:

What made this successful season diffrent from other promotionruns I've had is the absence of a clear star. Harsanyi did end up with the highest avg.rating in the leauge, but barley made the top10-list regarding goalscoring and assits so I wouldn't say that he was a clear MVP, instead I see teamwork as the biggest factor behind this triumph.

Here are the in.vid.stats at the end of the season:

I've got no idea what to expect for next year, what I do know however is that I'll have a busy summer if we're ough to make an impact.

Oh, almost forogot, on a SIDENOTE, we were reduced to ten men just 30 minutes in to the cup-final, but managed not just to stay afloat but also being the better side through out the first half. The game was more even in the second half but with 15 minutes to go we managed to bag a great goal! However Zilina refused to be beaten, and even though their first goal looked offside their 2-1 win was well deserved... but none the less it was a great expreience for the lads!

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