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Don't know where I'm going, but I'll get there!

Started on 31 October 2011 by l3nnart
Latest Reply on 30 July 2012 by The FM Rookie
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Congrats mate! Surely a good European team will be the next destination?
Do you apply for any big jobs that become available or wait to be offered?

Also, Any chance of a screenshot of the progress of Stevie May. He starts the game at St Johnstone
#39857 Mikethemanc : Congrats mate! Surely a good European team will be the next destination?
Do you apply for any big jobs that become available or wait to be offered?

Also, Any chance of a screenshot of the progress of Stevie May. He starts the game at St Johnstone

thanks, in my eyes England is the ultimate challange, however I want to wait until I get the call from Liverpool before I go there. Atm I would like Italy of France or a team in an even samller leauge as long as they have the capacity to challange in CL. I was close to getting Napoli which would be great as they are one of my favourite teams, but they looked past me and now Anderlecht feels to be closest.

About Stevie May I can only see half his stats due to lack off knowledge but I'll let you know when I can
The purple suits me!

Great story so far, really enjoyed reading it.

It helped me get back into fm after a couple of months away from it (due to boredom).

I have now started a new game unemployed and with sunday league experience and i've got right back into the game (as i normally would not do this).

I'm managing Real Jaen (think thats how you spell it) atm, and I'm second in the spanish third division. My aim is to be manager of a top english club after winning various trophies around the globe.

I look forward to reading more of your story.
#39898 l3nnart :
The purple suits me!

suits you well if i might say mate, cheers and keep updating us, lovin it!
Promising start

So I'm back in Europe, but this time in a whole new enviorment. The grey and cold Slovakia has become beautiful Belgium!

Anderlecht is a team with great foundations. An avg.attandence just below 30k, stable finances and great facilities/networking. I came to the club during the final stages of the "Championship Group", something that's pretty unique to Belgium. Once all teams have played eachother twice the leauge is devided. The top six go on to the "Championship Group", with them they take the points they've gathered against the other teams in the "Chmpionship Group". This makes the championship harder to win but I like the system as I belive that you have to beat the best to become the best.

The team wasn't doing very well when I took over, placed 5th of the six teams. We got off to a good start winning three straight with a combined GD of 9-1, from there on it turned into a rollercoaster and we ended up in 3rd place, which I guess was okay given were we started.

This year however anything other than 1st place will be a huage disappointment. After a great transferwindow the squad looks strong enough to do anything! We had a few stars at the club already, but after all these years of empty pockets I just couldn't contain myself now that I for the first could do some serious buisness! We've brought in tons of young, promising South American blood alongside some of the African stars I had the opportunity to check out during my time a Maritzburg. If things goes as planned I seriously think we can be contenders for the European crown in a couple of years.

I've decided to stick to the 4-2-4 tactic that led me to the titles with Martizbrug, it suits the squad and myself as well. Our great DMCs and MCs combined with the skill up top will be leathal!

I'll get you guys some screens of the players and such as soon as I have the energy for it.
Meeting expectations

Thus far no one can say that they are disapointed with us !

I owe it all to the power of my dongs!!!

I've got more great players, this was just an insight in the fantastic squad I posses!
Any update mate?
#40714 Mikethemanc : Any update mate?

I've got 11 games to go until the Championship Group, then I'll fill you in!
Fill me in?? No need for violence mate! haha
Ok, good luck!
Cleaning house

The victorytrain rolls on and shows no signs of stopping! Thus far we're totalling at 37-4-2 in comptetetive games (excluding a couple of draws in second cup legs but couting the one loss I suffered with my C-team in the last game of the groupstage of EL). And to be honest 3 of the 4 draws I am counting came in the last 5 games which I let my assistant take care of (rest asure he won't be in charge anytime important!).

We've crushed everything in our way, including Dnipro who we knocked senseless (1-6 in the first leg and a crusing 2-2 at home in the second) in the first knockout round of the EL. Next in line is Atalanta and I don't expect them to put up more of a fight.

In the domestic cup we won the first leg away from home against Standard 2-3 (we were up 3-0 but suffered two injuries and due to the tight playerrestrictions we can't play with any subs which led to us into playing 50 som odd minutes with 9 players) a fierce proof of superiority!

We've got 11p down to second place, much due to the draws we suffered at the end of the season, both against oppositions featured in the Championship Gruop. However, with only 10 games to go, I couldn't be more calm!

There's only one concern in my mind right now: the fact that we've suffered at least one injury (on many occaisons more) during the last 5 or so games is troubbeling as our EL squad is limited. Provided that everyone stays healthy we are real contenders, if not... well we're yet to see!
One down, two to go

With almost all focus switched to EL the leauge play suffered, however we are an outstanding side in Belgium and we secured the title with three games to go.

We still got two more titles to bring home, the Belgian Cup in which we're playing AA Gent and the ELfinal were Bayern awaits.

Thus far the knockoutstage of the EL has been delightful, we've beaten Dnipro on a 8-3 aggregate, Atalanta 4-2, Celtic 8-5 (by far the most thrilling encounter) and finnaly Anzhi 6-2 in the semis. Bayern just mangaed to beat Basel (3-2 aggragate after a narrow 2-1 win at home) and if they don't come strong to the finals there won't be a contest!
fantastic, loving it mate!

does all of your players are regens? or do you have a "real" player by any means in your team?
#41330 Sporting_23 : fantastic, loving it mate!

does all of your players are regens? or do you have a "real" player by any means in your team?

thanks mate, nice to hear that people are enjoying it !

and yes, all of them are regens, all real players are so old that only the best have quality and they all have insane wages so they aren't on my radar
Two down, time to finish this up

As I expected (cocky, I know, but I had a feeling) we won the ELfinal against Bayern. It was thrilling though as we clinched the winner in the 88th miunte. Mwaipopo got one of few chanses this year as Ikawena was injured before the game and Lombardi was playing like shit so I thought Mwaipopo couldn't do worse, it took him five minutes to prove me right.

This is by far my biggest scalp yet. Not just winning a major European trophy but also beating a household name like Bayern to earn the title (they are still a powerhouse, the were defending champs in EL and won Bundesliga this year). Now only the domestic cup remains before it's time to consider the future.

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