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Wayne Rooney gone to 2 and a half stars??

Started on 7 November 2011 by fifaface89
Latest Reply on 28 November 2011 by Jonny_Toon_Army
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Happen to me once. Maybe not some great known player but I had good left winger in FM07 and he broke his leg and was out for 11 months. Before injure he had good nearly all stats above 10 but when he come back from injure he had a few good stats. It was was of talent.
give him a very intense individual training programme. I play a network game with a friend who is utd and I'm with West Ham and England. Rooney got a 6 month injury, and wasn't the same for nearly a season. Was awful for me in Euro 2016. My mate at utd gave him an intense pre season and now he is coming back to form.
never had this cruciate injury thank god. every single one of my players are essential, even the backup. I can deal with several week or even 2-3 month injury but a entire season is a killer.
#34989 Anubis206 : Ive got major injury problems it seems every new FM is littered with ridiculous injuries!

Ive played 6 games (AC Milan) and i have got

Willan out for 4 months
Pato out for 4 months
Zlatan out for 3 months
Cassano out for 5 months
Nesta out for 3 weeks
Aquilani out for 1 month

None of these players got injured until i started competative football!

Ridiculous! There are definately issues with injuries, i have softened up my training a bit too try and provent it but all the injuries come in match!

dude, your squad is so old that your players get strokes!!! You can count on getting alot of injuries in the future as well!
If you found out that your player is injured for more than half a year, it would be best to use FMRTE to remove that injury if you do not want him to collapse as a footballer.

Or if you find that most of your players are injured for a lot of time, you can use FMRTE to decrease their injury proneness.

Otherwise, don't use FMRTE to edit as it takes away the challenge.

Fun or frustration, you decide.
Hey guys, just wanted to say that this hasn't happened to me on FM but this has happened in real life, example: Alan Smith...

From being one of the most promising strikers in England he suffers a serious leg break then he is completely wasted (being a Newcastle fan is so frustrating sometimes! He's getting paid like 70k a week and doesn't even make the bench)

But yeh I think that in FM, as long as they are not too old, if you play them regularly enough then eventually they will reach their potential again.

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