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Personality attributes

Started on 8 November 2011 by Evo
Latest Reply on 8 November 2011 by Evo
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I think I have a good understanding of what the different personality attributes do but would like a more comprehensive understanding of them, I'll list the attributes with my understanding of them, I'd like to know if anybody has any additional ideas or disagrees with any.

Adaptability - how well/quickly a player will adapt to a new club/new country.

Ambition - the players desire to improve himself, reach his full potential. Play at the highest level possible.

Controversy - negative attribute (20=bad), how likely a player is to argue with you, go against you, reject your suggestions, speak out against you and cause issues in general.

Loyalty - how loyal a player is to his club, if it is a low attribute his head will be turned at the first sign of interest from a bigger club and request a transfer etc.

Pressure - if a low attribute he will struggle when focus is put on him: media attention, expectant team talk ("I expect a win", "expect a performance"). If a high attribute he will thrive under the pressure.

Professionalism - how professional a players attitude is, how hard he is willing to work in training, how likely he will do as he is told, get on with his work, react in a mature manner.

Temperament - how well a player holds his temper. High attribute: level headed, cool, doesn't cause trouble, morale stays consistent. Low attribute: prone to losing temper, unpredictable and morale can change dramatically in an instant.

Sportsmanship - how sporting a player is. High attribute: honorable, will kick ball out of play if opposite side player is injured, will react less badly to a loss?

Please comment and add any of your interpretations.

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