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A Guide to Genie Scout
Started on 9 November 2011 by portugalthemig
Latest Reply on 28 November 2011 by Stam
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The guide is nearly ready. The text is done and I'll be posting the text guide ASAP. I didn't go into specifics about search mechanics because if I were to do something like that it would be extremely time consuming as just about everyone has different needs. The guide focuses more on an explanation of how to work GS and techniques to make working with GS a little easier, and certain things that maybe be a little confusing e.g. general rating vs. positional rating.
can someone help me please i have this problem on my manager game i bid for a player in pound £ for exampel 15mil it comes up at right hand corner at comments wen u are about to bit it comes up with 500 mil yor bid over all is am not biding that much am only biding 15 mil orany think i try even at 1 mil comes up wiith houndred of milion and bilion in bid so i just let it go an click on continue yor bid has bin accepted at 300 mil i only bid 18 mil for a player can any help how to change it please
i make an offer for a player at fee wer it is in pound 10 mil or 7 mil it comes up with hundreed of milions or even in bilion why is that dos anyone know how to make it work properly like u bid the same the offer is the same as you made for it please
can you post a screenshot of this happening klodian?
how do u do a screenshot i dont know how u do it ?? you know wen u bit for a playe u go to make an offer then u go down to the fee u put a bid how much u would like to bid for the player for exampel 9mil at the right hand corner as u makeing the bid at comments gos with milion an milions of pound i dn know why it dos that u made an offer wen u click continue u made a bi of 450 mil for this player i bid 9 wat u on about i dont getit
Press f12 to screenshot the game then upload it when you get out of the game.

What you're describing, put simply, is impossible. You obviously think you are bidding a small amount but are putting the wrong amount in. Try bidding smaller amounts and match it up on the right with whatever you want to bid and learn that way.

give us GS :p
i check everyday please i need this asap thanks
hopefully it is ready before thanksgiving!
i click on f12 it says saved i cant find it wer abouts dos it save at wich folder
klodian click print screen on what you want to show me, then open paint and paste the picture there. save it and upload it here.
the guide is ready and waiting admin approval to be posted on the site. again any questions about GS can be answered there once the guide is published.
#35295 jimmy1984 : i check everyday please i need this asap thanks

I keep checking bout 3 times a day atm now i know it is gonna be out this week! Please Please Please today!!!
i see in your nickname portugal, so..

ja se tem mais ou menos uma ideia de quando sai o geniescout 12? so dizem que vai ser em novembro :/ uma ideia nao? :)
Press F5 serveral times...Please release it soon,i have to go to school a bit later :(

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