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Something new but somehow old.

New story.
Started on 26 November 2011 by macdab55
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Something new but somehow old

I have selected 13 leagues in 5 different nations:

France (National and above)
Italy (Serie C2 and above)
Holland (Jupiler League and above)
Poland ( First Division and above) and
Spain (Liga Adelante and above)

So for my first game in full version I have decided to start with Olimpia Elblag in First Division (second tier of competition).

History of Olimpia Elblag:
Olimpia Elblag had been founded in June 1945 as Olimpia Elblag. The best years for the team came in 1980’s as for 8 seasons in second tier of Polish league, they have 6 of them in 80’s between 1981-1984 and 1985-1988. The highest position that they had was 8th back in 1986-1987 season. In Polish cup they have reached 1/8 final in 1976-1977 season.
Notable Players:
Well Olimpia only have 1 player who might be heard. This player was J?nis Intenbergs who played for Olimpia between 1990-1991.

Appointing new manager
On 21st of June 2011 Olimpia’s chairman Lukasz Kononczuk had announced that a 37 year-old Saint Lucian former semi-professional player had been appointed as new manager of the team.
James Fall new manager of Olimpia had given a interview for Dziennik Elblag.

DE: So how does it feel to become manager of team like Olimpia?
JF: I think this team has a potential but I think it will take a while until this team has trophies.
DE: What tactic will you be using?
JF: I will be using a 4 defenders, 2 central midfielders, 1 attacking midfielder, 2 wingers and 1 striker.

DE: Will you do any transfers?
JF: From first looks of it I will be looking for right back, central midfielder and left winger.
DE: Any players you are looking at?
JF: So for I am looking at Fernando Ismael Rodriguez who is ok left winger.
DE: What are your plans for this season? And what are your plans for the future?
JF: For this season I am hoping to stay up in the league so I am planning to be in around 14th or 13th position this season and in the future I am hoping to qualify into Ekstraklasa in around 3-4 seasons and maybe someday I will win Ekstraklasa but it will be long till that.
DE: Thank you very much for the interview.

Meeting new team
According to my assistant manager:
My best GK is: Krzysztof Stodola

My best CD is: Robert Sierant

My best RB is: Pawel Wojciechowski

My best LB is: Slawomir Szary

My best CM, AMC and ST is: Bartosz Iwan

My best AMR is: Mateusz Kolodziejski

My best AML is: Lyubomir Lyubenov

Next Update:
Next update will be pre-season friendlies and transfers.
Pre season Friendlies and transfers

In my first season in summer I have played 6 friendlies:

Olimpia Elblag Reserves 4-2
[color=#73D216]Orkan Rumia 3-0

Nielba 1-2

Dinamo Buc. 1-1

Chojniczanka 1-1

Otelul 2-3

Well these result aren’t great but there not really bad neither. I think the best result was against Dinamo Bucharest because Dinamo is still a lot better team than my Olimpia and drawing is really good result. I think I am most disappointed with losing against Nielba because Nielba isn’t that good team and I was kind of hoping to win in this game.

So far after first month in summer transfer window I managed to sign four players:
Serges Kiema DM/CM/AMC – Free – Free Transfer

Fernando Ismael Rodriguez AML/AMC/LM/MC – Free – Free Transfer

Alexandre Teklak RB/CB – Free – Heppignies

Artur Gieraga RB/CB – Free + 50 % of his next transfer fee – LKS Lodz

I really happy with the transfers especially with Teklak and Gieraga because they have really good attributes for team like Olimpia and I think they put much into the team. Well Teklak is kind of old so he might help Olimpia this season and maybe next season and as for Gieraga I think he might spend a few good season with my team. I don’t know much about Serges Kiema because never really had him but his attributes seems to be ok for team like Olimpia so I have my hopes that he will be good signing for me. And lastly Fernando Rodriguez, I really like him, sign him a few time and I have to say that I think he will be really good signing for me as he is really good left winger for teams like mine and I actually think that he might be one of best signings this season.
And so far as I am concern I am not planning to sign new players.

So far I only sold (or released) one player:
Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk CM – Free-Free Transfer

I released him because he was (and still is) 31-years-old already and he stats wasn’t really good and he was unhappy with my team and no-one wanted him when he was on transferred list so that’s why I decided to release him.

Fixtures in July and August:
Kolejarz (H)
Pogon (A)
Nieciecza (H)
Radziankow (A)
Olimpia Grudziadz (H)
Polonia Bytom (A)
GKS Katowice (H)

So I think in these 7 matches I think my team is capable of getting around 5-9 points because well Olimpia is newly promoted team so they don’t have as good squad as the rest of the league and some of these teams are pretty good but I still think that my team is capable of winning against team like Kolejarz or Radziankow. I also think that my team will definitely lose points against Polonia Bytom because they had been relegated from Ekstraklasa and they have pretty decent team so I think if my team will draw with them, it will be real success.

June Result:
Kolejarz 0-2

August Results:
Pogon 1-2

Nieciecza 1-0

Radzionkow 0-0

Olimpia Grudziadz 3-2

Polonia Bytom 4-4

GKS Katowice 2-1

Wow some really great results there. So my team got 11 points out of first 7 games which is just incredible because I thought my team would get more or less around 5ish points but I wouldn’t thought that my team is capable of getting so much as 11 points. After first two games I thought that my Olimpia will lose all the games or at least most of them because they didn’t play good and I seriously thought that they were not really good but then amazing win against Nieciecza. Maybe they didn’t play well but it was incredible that they managed to win against better team even with a red card they still managed to hang on to 1 goal advantage.
Then came kind of disappointing draw against Radzionkow because my team had played really well in that match but it was really disappointing that they didn’t managed to score that important goal but everybody in my team (including me) is blaming striker Pawel Buskiewicz (I also blame him for losing against Kolejarz) but still Olimpia didn’t lose in this match so I am just pleased that at least my team got a point in that match.
I think the best result in this month was games against GKS Katowice because GKS is one of the best teams in the league (they have been 4 times Runners up in Ekstraklasa in 87-88, 88-89, 91-92, 93-94 seasons), definitely a lot better than Olimpia and they have pretty decent squad but they don’t luck in this season so far. And in this match they also haven’t luck in this match because the last goal in the game came in 85th minute so quite late in the game.

League Table:

In first season my Olimpia is predicted to be 14th and just after first 7 games they are surprisingly 6th with 11 points which is better than great because before first game I was thinking that Olimpia will be lucky to be out of relegation zone but if they keep playing like this than I think they could be overachievers this season (Olimpia Grudziadz is predicted to be 15th and they are 1st so that’s way I think other Olimpia will be overachievers of the season but you never know).

September Fixtures:

4 games played this month:

Zawisza 0-0

Bogdanka 1-3
[color=#CC0000]Flota 0-1

[color=#CC0000]Polkowice 0-2

Some pretty horrible results for my team. I expected at least 4 points this month but I was hoping for more because Olimpia played really well in August and I thought they will continue to play like that but now instead of having 9 games unbeaten streak they have 3 lost streak which is just terrible.
I am really disappointed with all those games because Olimpia played really bad and I really thought they would lose against Zawisza which would make 4 games lost but thankfully they managed to grab that point to not get into relegation zone.
In future I hope they will play better and that month was just off because if seriously they will continue playing like this than I won’t past half-way point of the season with them which would be probably one of the worst games that I played in Football Manger history.
In matches against Zawisza and Flota I blame Pawel Buskiewicz because he was started starter in both games and he didn’t score single goal so far and it seems like he doesn’t want to score because he misses his chances.

League Table:
Every team has a bad patch during the season and this seems to be yours, keep your head up and don't give up.

You showed at the start of the season you can do well in the division and this will return.

Good luck.

After some pretty awful results in September I decided to change my tactic a little. And to be honest I didn’t change it a lot, I only change that my defensive line isn’t pushing up but they are deep instead and I changed passing style from shorter to more direct.

Here are 5 games which I played:

Wisla Plock 2-2

Warta Poznan 4-2

Arka 1-0

Sandecja 0-2

Piast 3-3

So really good results there against pretty good teams. But I have to say that my Olimpia was pretty lucky because in some of this games they didn’t play really well and they were out played like in game against Wisla or in match against Piast, Piast played a lot better than my Olimpia.
I think I am most pleased with a draw against Piast because they are currently at the top of the table and Piast had a 7 winning streak in which they only lost 3 goals so that was just amazing to know that my Olimpia was the team who stopped Piast winning streak and to be only team the league who scored 3 goals against them.
I am most disappointed with match against Sandecja, not just because it is only lost in this month but because it was really crap performance by my team and I think it could actually be one of the worst performance my team will ever have this season. So I am not pleased with that and I just now hoping that they just won’t play like that anymore.
Like in previous post, the performance against Sandecja, I blame Pawel Buskiewicz because he plays really bad so far and I really had my hopes on him because he was quite good in previous versions of FM but know in my opinion he sucks so much that I even consider selling him (or even release him) in winter transfer window and also my team needs money.

League Table:

So 11th position after 16 games which is quite good position for my team and to be honest it is better position than I expected before I started this game because when I started the game I thought that my team will be around 13th position at best but I really didn’t expected that my Olimpia is capable for being in such a good position and if it keeps going than it will be one of best places that Olimpia had in their history.

November Matches:
Kolejarz (A)
Dolcan Zabki(A)
Pogon (H)

So only 3 games in November and there are last 3 games in 2011 because after match against Pogon I won’t have any games until 25th of Febuary 2012 which gives my team rest for nearly 3 months. But back to the matches in November, I think my Olimpia is capable of getting around 3 or 4 points because I think Kolejarz is quite easy opponent even for team like mine. Against Dolcan I think it will be harder so I think my team could get 1 point in this match but they could also win or lose in that game. Pogon will be hardest opponent in November so in my opinion they probably will lose in that game but my team plays at home and if they can stop team like Piast at home than I think they could also draw against Pogon or even win in that game.

Kolejarz 0-0
[color=#EDD400]Dolcan Zabki 1-1

Pogon 0-3

Again poor month for my team and after watching getting hammered by Pogon I just lost my hopes of getting any good position this season because now my team is just playing awful and they just keep losing points on really easy opponents and that is really annoying me.
Well I really thought my team could do better in those games because these 3 teams aren’t that good. Game against Kolejarz was really poor performance by my team, they should have win that game easy because Kolejarz is really not as good as mine so I was really confident that Olimpia will easily win this game.
Well then came game against Dolcan which ended in a result that I thought I could get but again in this match but then again they didn’t play as good as I hoped for but still played better than in game against Kolejarz so at least I am happy that they improved in their play from the last game and that they managed to get that point.
Lastly a horrible performance against Pogon because Pogon just out-played my Olimpia and even with red card they still managed to win against me. I am really disappointed with my player performance but it’s not 100% of my players fault but partly it is my fault too (and some of the opponent too because as one of Polish former managers Kazimierz Gorski said You Can Play As Your Opponent Let Your) because my tactic isn’t that good.

League Table:

So despite kind of poor performance my Olimpia is still 11th which is quite but they are only 1 point ahead of relegation zone so in every match I will play in the future I could go into relegation zone which is not good because my target is to stay away from the zone but there isn’t is much that can I do except of playing with tactic a little and maybe sign a few better players if any would want to join me.

I want strength my squad a little. I want to sign 1 defender, 1 midfielder and 1 striker to see if there could help my team to maybe go back to my first games when they played really well and most importantly they had one of the best results in the league.
So far I am looking at:
•For central defense I am looking at: Petr Pokorny – a Czech defender who is really looking good for my Olimpia but he is 35 – years old so he isn’t youngster.
•For central midfield – I am looking at: Michal Lachacz – a Polish central defender/midfielder who despite being 36 (born on the same day as me but 19 years earlier) has still quite good stats. And he spend quite a lot of time in Norwegian Mysen (6th season with them.
•And for a striker I am looking at: Jardel – who apparently really wants came to me which is really surprising because he still is really good striker for team like Olimpia and despite being 38 (and having not so good physical attributes) he would be still the best striker (and even the best player).
Winter Break and Transfers

So I have arranged 12 friendlies between 10th December 2011 and 25th January 2012. First 6 games were against quite easy or similar opponents (all played in away fixtures), and 6 other were against quite good (all played at home).

Narew 1-0

Jeziorak 0-0
[color=#EDD400]Baltyk Gdynia 1-1

[color=#EDD400]OKS Olsztyn 1-1

[color=#EDD400]Elana Troun 1-1

[color=#EDD400]Gryf Wejherowo 2-2

[color=#73D216]Ruzomberok 3-2

Lech 0-1
[color=#CC0000]Legia 0-1

[color=#EDD400]Wisla 2-2

[color=#EDD400]Skonto 2-2

Borac (BL) 2-2

Well actually my Olimpia did good job in these matches because they only lost 2 games matches against top Ekstraklasa teams which usually compete in Europe every year so they are actually playing really good in friendlies.

I think I am most pleased with win against Ruzomberok because they are decent Slovakian team which won Slovakian League back in 2006 and had been in UEFA Champions League third qualifying round in 2006-2007 season and they have been in UEFA Cup first round in 2001-2002 and 2006-2007 seasons and it is actually incredible feeling that you managed to win against team who played in Champions League.
I am most disappointed with all those draws in away fixtures because these teams aren’t really bad but my team still should beat them. I think the only team that could have beaten my team could be OKS because they were in Ekstraklasa between 1995-2002 seasons and they still kind of good team.

So let’s talk about the transfers which I made in winter transfer window. There were 3 transfers which I did and they are:

Michal Szostko LB/CB – Loan – Jagiellonia

Well he is still young and seems to be OK for team like Olimpia Elblag so I am hoping that he might have a good half-season in my team because I think he have potential to be one of better Ekstraklasa defenders in futures.

Petr Pokorny CB/SW – Free- Free Transfer

Well he might be 36-year-old defender but I think he still might have the rest of this season and maybe next season in good form and he also have experience in that league as it would be his 4th season in Polish First Division (and 9th overall) so that’s why I think he is good signing for me.

Artur Wichniarek ST- Free-Free Transfer

Yeah another experienced player in my squad but he still is best striker on my team now and he played 4 seasons in Hertha and he is one of top goalscorer for Bielefeld in which he scored 83 goals in 212 games. And I think that I am most happy that I have sign him because I think he might have good scoring season for me but I will have to wait and see.

Febuary/March Matches:
In Febuary I only play 1 game which is against:
Nieciecza (A)

And in Match I play 5 games against:
Olimpia Grudziadz (A)
Polonia Bytom(H)
GKS Katowice (A)
Zawisza (H)
So some hard games there will be in Febuary and March but I will not give up and I will to get similar results as I got at beginning of the season but it will be hard because as you could see my team lately had been off form so I think I might get around 3-5 points in those 6 games which will be really bad because I am only 1 point of relegation zone so in just matter of some games and I might find myself in relegation zone which I want in the last place.

For the start I changed my team formation form 4-2-3-1 to 4-4-2 diamond to see if it change something in my team performance.

Febuary Results:

Nieciecza 0-2

March Results:

Radzionkow 2-2

Olimpia Grudziadz 2-1

Polonia Bytom 1-1

GKS Katowice 2-3

Zawisza 2-2

Well nice results in those two months and I was thinking that my team is going to have similar number of points but after the first game I thought it will be another poor set of results because in that game my Olimpia played quite poor but there was also 3 new players who haven’t get gel in with the team together so I thought it could be because of that that they did not play well in that game.
And then came a draw against Radzionkow in which maybe Olimpia didn’t play as good as in first games in the league but they still played pretty well and they got that point which get me away from relegation zone (after losing to Nieciecza I got dropped into 15th place) and unluckily they were just 7 minutes from getting 3 points.
Finally a win after 7 games without a win which is really great because they played ok in this match but not as I expected from them but win is always a win. In this game a controversial penalty really came in handy for me because I really doubt that Olimpia could score goal from a action. Also another thing that came in handy was that red card which Olimpia Grudziadz received in 48th minute.
Well another lost but now it is a lost after 3 games unbeaten. In this match my team really disappointed me because they played really poorly and I think these two goals were just pure lucky and mistakes from Andrzej Wisniewski (GKS goalkeeper) because if he didn’t make that mistakes than it could be at least 3-0 lose for me or it could be even more if Jan Beliancin made that penalty.
And finally the last game in March against Zawisza who was in 7th position so I thought it would be hard games for my Olimpia and I thought that my team will defied heavily. I had to wait until second half to see some goals. Surprisingly after just 58 minutes my team were up 2-0 after 2 goals from Artur Wichniarek who scored his first goals for Olimpia. But unluckily for me Zawisza scored those 2 goals to make a draw and what make me really angry was that my team lost that important goal in 83rd minute.

League Table:

So 13th place with just 9 games left and only 2 points ahead of relegation zone so it looks like it’s going to be good finish of the season to watch and really nervous for me because even slightly off form of these last games and I might lose my job and get my team relegated so I will have to have a miracle in those games to stay up.

April Matches:
Bogdanka (H)
Wisla Plock (A)

So I think 3 of these games are pretty hard for my team(Bogdanka, Polkowice and Wisla) but I really have my hopes up but last time when I played against them I only got 1 point so that’s way I looking that my team will get between 0-3 points in those 4 games which could mean that I really could get relegated this season and lose my job.

In April I have played 4 matches against some of though opponents:

Bogdanka 3-1

Flota 2-3

Polkowice 3-1

Wisla Plock 0-2

Well it was some pretty hard opposition out there but surprisingly my Olimpia played really well and even their worst performance against Wisla was pretty much better performance than they played in previous month because even in that game I was really happy with their performance, maybe not really happy with result but they had really good chances to score goal.
First game was really good match and it was quite good performance from my team and I was really happy after that game because it was first time since my team scored 3 goals since match against Piast in October when they drew 3-3 and it was first match in 2012 where they nearly were better than Bogdanka state wise.
Well match against Flota kind of disappointed me because Flota is quite easy opponent but it seems like my Olimpia doesn’t have look to them because it was second time where they lost to Flota by 1 goal and it this match until half-time I was winning 2-1 which really annoyed me when Flota scored their 3 goal because these last 2 goals where just my defense mistakes which unluckily for me Flota made those mistakes count.
Against Polkowice I was really happy with my team performance because it was the best performance from my and especially Artur Wichniarek’s performance was really great because it was first time when my player scored a hat-trick but also he received the highest rating(9.6) this season for my team so far. And it was more pleasing because Polkowice are in 6th place so they are actually not that bad and my team still managed to win by amount of 2 goals which is just great result for team like Olimpia.

League Table:

Last 5 matches in May:
Warta Poznan (H)
Dolcan Zabki(H)

So in last 5 games in the league I think my team is capable of getting around 5-7 points which could actually getting me a place above relegation zone because I am currently 12th and I have 5 points ahead of 15th team which is relegation place. So I think that my team is actually capable of staying up if they will continue to play like they did in April because they actually played really well in April and in last 5 games there is only Piast where I am pretty sure that my team will lose the points and I even think that if they play really well they might actually not lose in may but it just my hopes because there is really small percentage that my team will not lose.

May Results:
Warta Poznan 2-3

Arka 1-1

Sandecja 1-1

Piast 2-2

Dolcan Zabki 1-0

Well my team got 6 points out of 18 which is ok result for team like Olimpia and I am quite pleased that my team managed to lose only once in May against quite thought opponents. My team performance was ok but I think it could have been better a little bit because games against Arka and Sandecja were just lucky for me and my team to go away with a point because both teams played really well and they could easily beating me but Olimpia managed to hang on to those results.
I think that I am most pleased with result against Dolcan because in that game my team played the best in this month, not just because they have won but they played really well and I think they played the best in that match as in any other games.
I am most disappointed with games against Arka and Sandecja because in those matches my team played quite poorly comparing to other games in May but not as bad as some games through the season. Only things that I am happy with those results are of course that they got some points from them but also that they only lost 1 goal in each game because if they would lost more than that would definitely be a lost because as said above they played poorly and they hardly had any chances in those games so those 2 draws were just pure luck for me.

League Table:

So in the end of the season I team was 13th which is ok position but after first few games in the league I thought I could actually be in top 10 teams but this season only should me that in football everything is possible and that first few games don’t make up the whole season.
On the other hand 13th place is actually good place because Olimpia was newly promoted team and their media expectation was to be 14th so I actually did better than was expected and most important thing is that I did not get relegated and that I saved my job because I really enjoyed managing Olimpia.

Olimpia Elblag Positions:

Throughout the season Olimpia was in lots of the different places which ended up in 13th place which isn’t that bad but I wish they could finish in position in which they were after 7 games but well Olimpia isn’t just good enough in the first season to be in that place but maybe next season they could finish in 6th position or even higher, no-one will know until the end of next season.

Olimpia Season Stats:

In here I will talk about Olimpia’s record that happened this season:

Team Records:
Highest Attendance: 3387
Lowest Attendance: 1353
Average Attendance: 1794
Biggest win: 4-2
Biggest Defeat: 0-3
Highest Scoring game: 4-4
Most Games won in the Row: 2
Most Games Lost in the Row: 3
Most Games Without Losing: 6
Most Games Without Winning: 7
Most Games Without Conceding: 2
Most Games Without Scoring: 2

Player Records:
Top Goalscorer: Artur Wichniarek – 10 goals in 10 games
Most Assists: Daniel Koczon with 8
Highest Average Rating: Bartosz Iwan 7.16 (20 apps)
Most man of the Match: Marcin Pacan 2
Worst Discipline: Alexandre Teklak 6 yellow cards/2 red cards
Youngest Player: Maciej Dabrowski 17 years 117 days
Oldest Player: Alexandre Teklak 36 years 277 days
Fastest Goal: Lukasz Zaniewski 3 minutes 30 seconds
Youngest Goalscorer: Lukasz Zaniewski 19 years 328 days
Oldest Goalscorer: Petr Pokorny 36 years 143 days

League Movement:
Ekstraklasa had dropped 19 places and is now on 58th place in European Competition Ranking and dropped a half-a-star and its reputation is now 2*.
Polish First Division moved from 129th place into 156th place and also dropped half a star and its rating now is 1.5*.
Top 4 League are: English Premier Division, Liga BBVA (both 4.5*), German First Division and Serie A (4*).
Beginning of 2012-2013 Season

I have started a 2012-2013 season with Olimpia Elblag in Polish First Division.
This season I am also one of the contenders to get relegated and my media prediction is to be 13th so it is not that good. So against this season I am avoiding to get relegated and hopefully get into one digit position at the end of the season.
Looks from the teams in the league I think my team is capable of being in around 10th position but last season was kind of disappointing so I think this year it will be hard too but I am sure that this season my team will stay up.

In pre-season my Olimpia had played 5 games in which there was 2 quite tough opponents:

Sigma Olomouc 0-2

Kaszubia 2-1

Teplice 3-4

Lech Rypin 1-1

Baltika 2-0

Well some results are good but some are bad. Overall I am not that pleased with their performance in friendlies because they just played really poor in most of the games. I am most disappointed with result against Lech Rypin because that Lech is a lot worse team than my Olimpia. And my team just did not perform as I excepted and I now that they can play better than that. But I can understand that they did not performance as I excepted because there were lots of transfers in and out of the team. So they are not gel in together so far.
I am most pleased with result against Baltika. Mostly because it was their best performance and they won against team which plays in second tier of Russia football. And Russia football is a lot better than Polish football so it is just amazing to win against that teams.


I have managed to sign 12 players (3 of them went to U18 team) because I had release 11 players because they were quite poor. Some of the players seem to have quite good attributes. And I have hopes for them that they will help my team to get in single digit position at the end of the season.

Mateusz Molik RB/CB/LB

Aleksander Januszkiewicz ST

Jean Paulista MR/AMR/AMC

Patryk Wasilewski GK

Dirceu LB/LWB

Grzegorz Skwara MC/AMC

Jonasz Kempa CB

Tomasz Barszcz AMR/ST

Jaroslaw Krzak AML/ST

I am really pleased with some of the transfers. Especially I am happy that I found some young players with quite good stats because they could play for Olimpia for few season if they are good. So after my massive squad cut, I think I replace them with even better and younger players so it is really good transfer window so far. But I will have to see if that was really smart choice to get all these players because they haven’t used to my tactic yet.

My tactic:

This tactic I have created in demo and I have been using this tactic since January this year. I think this tactic will help but seeing last season results I think I might actually reconsider to change that tactic. But I will give it a go to see.

Olimpia Elblag manager gave interview to Dziennik Elblanski

DE: Good day. Last season you have managed to avoid relegation and you have been 13th. Will Olimpia stay up this season?
JF: Yeah definitely they will stay up and I think this season will be better than last one.
DE: You seems to be really confident. In your opinion what position your team will be at the of the season?
JF: Well Olimpia haven’t played any games in the league yet so I don’t really know but I was hoping to be around 10th place.
DE: Do you think that someday Olimpia will play in Ekstraklasa?
JF: I am pretty sure that Olimpia will play in Ekstraklasa and they might even play in Champions League.
DE: If they will, in your opinion when they will?
JF: Hmmm.. Hard question. I think it could be around 3 season until they will get promoted into Ekstraklasa and another 5-6 or even more until they qualify into European competitions so if lucky than in around 10 years.
DE: You think Olimpia will be capable of winning any of European competitions?
JF: With team like Olimpia I can only dream of winning an European competition.
DE: Let’s talk about transfer. You have already signed 12 players. Do you plan any more transfers?
JF: Not now but if any of areas could get improve, than I think I might sign someone in January window.
DE: Who is your favorite signing this season?
JF: Well I am pleased with all the signings but Jaroslaw Krzak seems like good signing for Olimpia.
DE: You had sign more younger players in this window. Why is that?
JF: I thought there were a lot of older players in team so I just wanted bring more younger blood into the squad.
DE: OK. Thank you for interview.
League Results

Pogon 2-1

Warta Poznan 2-1

Zawisza 1-1

Bogdanka 1-2

Chrobry 4-0

Polish Cup 1st Round:
Miedz 1-2

Well a great beginning of the season as my team get 10 points from the first 5 games of the season. But unfortunately they lost in 1st round of Polish Cup which is not that good because my board’s expectations where to qualify into 2nd round but now at least I can concentrate on the league which is more important because I want to get promoted into Ekstraklasa someday.
I am happy with both first games because in those games there were a lot of new players which haven’t got used to my formation and that lead to that they played quite poorly in those games but they managed to go away with 6 points from those 2 games which is just incredible because I hardly ever got all points in games where they are new players involved.
Then came game against Zawisza and like in previous 2 games they were playing really poorly so that was just pure luck that got away with 1 point because my team only had 2 shots (1 on target) in whole game which even for team like Olimpia is pure crap.
First lose of the season came against Bogdanka after quite good game, probably my teams best performance of the month because they were actually pretty good and I think they deserved a point from that match but unfortunately they were only 6 minutes away from the point because the 2nd goal which gave Bogdanka a win was scored in 84th minute which made me really angry because I really hate concede goals in last 10 minutes of the game especially so important.
Then was the largest win I had with Olimpia Elblag which will probably the best result this season. I think both teams played equally good (or equally bad) but my team was luck to score those 4 goals but also my team was lucky until this point so why these game shouldn’t be lucky. I am just pleased that my team showed me that they are capable of winning against 4 goals.

League Table:

Well second place after 5 games which is basically the best place I had with Olimpia Elblag and if my team will be lucky like this until the end of the season they actually might get promotion but I seriously doubt that.

I have signed 2 new players to my squad and here they are:

Tomasz Magdziarz RM/AMR/ST

Mateusz Waclawczyk AMC/ST
September 2013
So for a start in this month I increased level of training for my senior squad because I thought they didn’t put much effort into the training.


Wigry 2-0

Arka 2-1

Nieciecza 2-1

Polonia Bytom 0-1

Sokolka 1-0

GKS Katowice 0-0

Well pretty good results. How am I kidding, this are really great results. I am really pleased with all results but the standard of play from my team was kind of abysmal. In my opinion they were just lucky to go away with those results but at least they managed to get that winnings.
I am most pleased with win against Arka because they are pretty good team for Polish First Division and winning against them is something really good. And I think in this match they played the best throughout the month.
I think the worst result came against Sokolka because they are new promoted team and in my opinion they kind of crap team. So I was thinking Olimpia will play really well and win by at least 2 goals. But in the end Sokolka played a lot better than my team so I seriously was disappointed with my whole squad. But at least in this match they have won and got those 3 points.

League Table:

Well I am second and my Olimpia is in promotion spot which is a great feeling because my it is one of best start of the seasons I ever had. And I think if they will continue to have results like that then I might even get promotion. LOL.


In: Welcome. So your team have great results this month, are you pleased with your team performance?
JF: Hello. Well I am pleased with the results but the overall team play was awful.
In: You have signed 2 new players. Why so late?
JF: Well mostly because of injuries. I had only 4 fullbacks (2 LB’s and 2 RB’s) and 1 LB and 1 RB. So other fullbacks had been played lots of games and it made them really tired so that’s why.
In: Who do you think is the best player in your squad?
JF: I think Bartosz Iwan because he played really good so far in the season. He also is leading in assists with 5.
In: You think your team is capable of getting promoted this season?
JF: I would love that. But in reality I think my team could be in top 10 but I think there is like 0.01% of my team getting promoted.
In: OK. last question. Who do you think will get promoted this season?
JF: Well definitely Bogdanka will win and get promoted. In 2nd place I don’t know yet but I think Piast or Pogon will get promoted.
October 2012

LKS Lodz 1-1

Podbelskidzie 1-3

Piast 2-3

Polkowice 1-1

Well in my opinion it was terrible month for my team. Mostly because they were playing really poorly and they did not have luck which lead to only 2 points out of 12. But on the other hand I think I 2 points is still better than 0 points. Because sometimes I think those 2 points were also a luck that my team managed to get those.
In this section I always say what match I was pleased about. But in this month I am not pleased with any of those matches because my Olimpia played really poorly. Even comparing to previous months this was just terrible month. And also my team didn’t manage to win.
I am most disappointed about result against Podbelskidzie because well it was tough game for my team. Maybe in this game my team played OK but if my defender Teklak didn’t receive red card then my team could draw that match. And I think they might even win that game but I blame it all on Teklak because someone have to be scapegoat in this match.

League Table:

Well 6th place 1 game to play. And if my team will win that game then my team could actually be 4th which would be great. But even if I lose that game and stay at 6th place is still would be good but in the end I would still prefer the win.

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