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Something new but somehow old.

New story.
Started on 26 November 2011 by macdab55
Latest Reply on 22 January 2012 by Walsall_Craig
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November 2013 – Getting mad at Mykola Dremlyuk
So November is first month where my team didn’t play in Polish Cup and that’s why my team played 4 games. As you may guess all where in the league.

Garbarnia 3-2

Warta Poznan 2-1

Arka 0-0

Nieciecza 1-2

I guess there are good results. Definitely better results than in my first season with Olimpia Elblag and around the same when I played 2012-2013 season. I am not happy the way my team have finished the month. Not just because they lost because everyone have lose eventually but I really hate when my team has one man advantage and don’t win the game like game against Arka. But I have to look on the bright side because I could lose all the 4 games and then I would be in big trouble. But the 2 wins were good because Warta was 3 at the time when I played them so the win was really important for me because then I managed to stay on top for longer period of time.
Well I am most happy with win against Warta because like I say it was really important win for me. Due to Warta being 3rd and me being at 1st with just a little bit ahead of 2nd place who was Sandecja at the time. And thanks to that win my team managed to get 6 points clear at the top which was truly amazing. So it didn’t matter that I lost points in those last 2 games.
I am most disappointing with draw against Arka because I am just really disappointed that my team missed the opportunity of winning the game. It seemed that they just couldn’t finish the chances which they had so that’s why I am disappointed with my players. But it could be worse as my team could have lose this game which would be a lot worse.

League Table:

Even with poor results in last 2 games my team is still 1st with 2 points ahead of 2nd Warta. So nice I have good shot at getting promotion and maybe even winning the First Division for the first time ever.

So it’s half-way through the season I am interviewed with local paper.

In: Already half-way thought and what is your opinion on the season so far?
JF: It’s was great. My team showed that they are capable of getting good results which also was shown in 2012-2013 season.
In: So you are pleased? And you think you will get promoted this season?
JF: Yes of course I am pleased because everyone thinks I will be in bottom half of the table and yet we are 1st. Mmm… I would like to get promoted but I think it is still too early to tell. But I think my team will definitely be in top 6.
In: Transfer window is upon us. Will you make any transfers?
JF: I was thinking of making my defense any better but if this will happen I don’t know yet.
In: OK. What about selling players?
JF: Hmm.. I wasn’t planning on it because all or at least most of my players played good so far.
In: Last question. Which player performance make you most happy?
JF: Well I am most pleased with Fernando Ismael Rodriguez because he is just great so far. And he even got interest from team from Ekstraklasa which is LKS Lodz.
In: Thank you for answering my questions.
JF: Thank you.
Season looks good so far and fantastic position to be in, lets hope you stay there for the rest of the season and win the the title!

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