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Something new but somehow old.

New story.
Started on 26 November 2011 by macdab55
Latest Reply on 22 January 2012 by Walsall_Craig
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November/December 2012

So my team played 4 games before 3 month winter break.

November Results:

Olimpia Grudziadz 2-2

Zdzieszowice 2-1

Pogon 1-1

December Result:

Warta Poznan 1-1

Well nice results from my team. I am really pleased that my team managed to not lose a match because there were some though opponents in those 4 games. I think my team played pretty decent. Maybe not as I wanted but definitely they been playing quite good and deserved some of those results.
In this month(s) I think I am most pleased with result against Olimpia Grudziadz. Maybe they only got 1 point in that game and they played little bit worse than team from Grudziadz. But what I am most pleased about is that my team were 0-2 down before half-time and they managed to get draw out of this match.
I am most disappointed with how my team played against Warta. Because they were just awful and I am really surprised that my team haven’t lost like 4-0 or 5-0. But in the end it is final result that counts and no how good team plays. Warta seriously over played my Olimpia and after that game I was thinking that I need improve my squad over the winter break.
I was thinking about signing new striker and midfielder. For striker I am looking at Christian Okafor-Agu and for midfielder I am looking at Mark Nerkowski who plays for amateur team AAC Eagles. But 1st of January is coming and maybe better players will come to me at the end of the season. But only downside of that would be that I have wait to end of the season.

League Table:

Nice 5th place in the table. With 15 games left my team is 9 points behind 2nd which is promotion place. So I think promotion this season is seriously out of reach for my team. But on bright side I think my team could be in top 10 teams season. And that would be good because I am predicted to be 13th so 3 places above the prediction place would be good in my opinion. And even with a bit of luck I think that my Olimpia might be in 5th position which would be absolutely great but I don’t think they will hold on to that.

Next 5 Fixtures:
Next 5 fixtures will be played in March and they will be played against:
Zawisza (H)
Bogdanka (A)
Arka (A)

Well my Olimpia will be playing against 3 tough opponents. So they might be chance that they will lose more points than they will get. But I am not losing hope and I think my tame is capable of getting around 6-10 points.
Season looks good so far, keep up the good work and maybe bring the championship to your team!
Winter Break and Friendlies

So my team had a 3 month winter break in which they had played 16 friendlies. Some matches were played against better teams than my Olimpia. But some were easier teams.
Lech 1-1
Heidenheim 1-3
Ekranas 3-1
Lierse 2-2
Gefle IF 4-1
Chojniczanka 0-2
Koper 1-2
OKS Olsztyn 1-1
Nafta 1-1
Vejle Kolding 3-3
Unterhaching 4-0
Blsany 4-0
Bohemians Prague 1-0
Chemik Bydgoszcz 4-0
Teplice 1-3
Baltyk Gdynia 1-2

Some pretty decent results there. I think result against Unterhaching was amazing because I think that’s a team who maybe better or at least similar level to mine. And winning 4-0 against of them is really good achievement. And this result was just luck because my team also played pretty well in that match.
I think the worst result was against Chojniczanka because that team is kind of crappier than mine and I expected a easy win that match. And my Olimpia played really bad comparing to Chojniczanka so I am really disappointed with that result. But in the end it is only a friendly.
Overall I am more pleased with the result rather than disappointed. But I know my team could have been better but they are only friendlies. So I am not that worried with those results.

So I have managed to signed 3 players and get 1 on loan during transfer window and 1 month before the window and here they are:

Noah Korczowski – Free transfer (ex Schalke player)
Well he isn’t that bad for my team and he is only 19 so I think he might be good future prospect for me.

Filipe – Free – Czarni Zagan
Well maybe he isn’t really good but so far I have 2 right backs who are 37 and he is 10 years younger so he might be good signing for future seasons.

Krzysztof Halgas – Loan – Widzew
I wasn’t interesting in him but Widzew is my partner team so they loaned him to me. And I wasn’t too sure about him but he played really great in friendlies so I am happy with that loaned.

Arkadiusz Warzycha – Free – Irakleio
Another striker for my team. Well I just couldn’t help myself to sign him for free because he might actually turn out to be good player.

So overall I am really happy with everything that happen in winter break. And I think that my team could actually do good in second half of the season and actually be in top 5.
Good Results there!

sounds like you got a quality signing in arkadiusz!

Keep us updated mate story looking good
March 2013
March. I like march because it’s starting to get hotter, days are getting longer and just 4 month until the summer holiday. And I think it’s a wonderful month because it is a nearly end of the season. Also my team had some great results over this month.

Zawisza 2-0

Bogdanka 1-1

Chrobry 3-1

Wigry 4-1

Arka 3-0

WOW. That’s some great results and that’s probably one of the best months I had the best fixtures since I took over the job. And after that fixtures I am speechless because my team is conceded one of the worst in the league. But looking at those results show that my team is really good. Or in my opinion really lucky because in some of these games they were kind of poor. So I think some of those results were just poor luck but in the end it end result counts and not how team plays.
I am most pleased with result against Arka. Mostly because Arka is quite good team, in my opinion even better than my team. And it match showed it because Arka played quite well in that game but they were just really unlucky.
Well to be honest I am not disappointed with any of those results because who would be? Those are some great results and I am just really happy.

League Table:

WOW. 4th place with just 1 point behind 2nd place which is just incredible. My media expectation is to be 13th and I am 9 place above that is just brilliant. Yeah I know I really had lots of luck this season.

Games in April:
Polonia Bytom(A)
Nieciecza (H)
Sokolka (H)
GKS Katowice (A)

Well only 4 games in April but kind of hard so I might actually lose some points in April. I think I might get around 4-6 points but then again I had great March in which I thought I would get around 6-8 points but got amazing 13 points so twice that I expected.
Nice work, very good results, keep it up .
Good luck for rest of the season and you are punching above your weight if the media say your looking for 13th yet your 4th in the League!

Definetly keep up the good work and push to win the title if not this season then next!
April 2013
April, second to last month in most of the leagues. This month wasn’t as good as March but in the end I think no month will come close to what results my team had in March of 2013.
So like I wrote in last post my Olimpia played 4 games this month.

Polonia Bytom 1-3

Nieciecza 1-0

Sokolka 3-0

GKS Katowice 0-1

Well that what I thought. 6 points from those 4 games is still pretty good. But after what I saw in March I was hoping for more points but my Olimpia is still one of worse teams in the league so if they get some points I should accept that.
I think I am most pleased with win against Nieciecza. Mostly because it is of course a win against a team which is in my opinion better than mine. And also my Olimpia have been played really good in this match and even they played slightly better than Nieciecza.
Well you might guessed it, I am most disappointed with lose to Polonia. It is a first lose 13th October. So with that match amazing 10 match unbeaten streak did end. It really hit me because it is the longest unbeaten streak I had with Olimpia and I just wished it could never end. Also Polonia seriously outplayed my team in this match so the performance of Olimpia’s team was seriously poor. Only positive in this game was, that my team finally lose and I am kind of pleased that they lost to Polonia because they could have lose to worse team than Olimpia.

League Table:

Seriously respectful 5th place with 3 points to 2nd placed LKS. If my team ends in 5th place it would be really great because it would mean that my Olimpia would be 8 places above their media expectations. And that would be one of best achievements for me and maybe my team will win overachievers of the season. I also think if my players will play really well, similar to what they played like in March, than they might even get promotion but that is like a dream for me because I seriously doubt that will happen.

Last 6 games of the season:
LKS Lodz (H)
Podbelskidzie (A)
Piast (H)
Polkowice (A)
Zdzieszowice (A)
Olimpia Grudziadz (H)

Uhh… Some really thought opponents I will play in the last games. So after looking at that games, I seriously think that my team will be lucky if they will stay in 5th place. But I should never give up because yeah maybe they are better teams than my Olimpia but it is football and in football they are some weird things going on and my team might actually get some really positive results against these teams. So what I can really do is just wait and see if dream came true for Olimpia.
Ending of 2012-2013 Season
My team have played last 6 games of the season. There were some really good results but the play of the team could have been better.

LKS Lodz 1-0

Podbelskidzie 1-3

Piast 2-0

Polkowice 2-1

Zdzieszowice 2-2

Olimpia Grudziadz 3-2

Well some really great results here. A 13 points out of 18 is really great for team like my Olimpia because well they were one of the worse teams in the league before this season. Before those matches were played I hoped to have results like those but in reality I was thinking of getting around maximum of 9 points because there were some thought opponents.
I think I most pleased with win against Piast because they are good team (or at least I always thought they were) and my team played quite well against them. And winning by 2 goals wasn’t happening too often for my team.
I am most disappointed with result against Podbelskidzie because well it is the only lose in this month. But also my team played horribly and I think they deserved this defeat. That is worst defeat this season ( had lost twice in previous month with the same result) so not good because I just felt really mad that my team lost just 4 games before the end of the season with so close to getting promoted. But in the end it is football and better team won so all I can do is congratulate Podbelskidzie players that they played really well.

League Table:

Amazingly my team finished 4th. Man…. that is just incredible feeling that my Olimpia did so good this season finishing 9 places above the expectations. Only a point behind the promotion place but maybe it is good thing that my team did not get promoted because I still think my team isn’t good enough for Ekstraklasa.

Positions throughout the season:

My team had some great positions throughout the season. I especially liked the positions between 6th match and 13th. It is just incredible that my team wasn’t lower than 6th position. Before the season I thought my team would be lucky to be in top 10 and there weren’t even close to 10th position.

In: Afternoon. Season has ended, what your opinion on this season?
JF: Afternoon. Well it was great season from my team. 4th place is really good. Seriously I never dreamed that my team could fight for promotion this season.
In: Were you disappointed that your team didn’t get promoted?
JF: I was disappointed but I have to congratulate the fight this season. And in the end I think it is good thing that they did not get promoted. Because in some of those matches I think they get lucky and I just don’t think they are good enough to be in Ekstraklasa right now.
In: Do you think that your team will get promoted next season?
JF: If they will be playing like in this season, then yeah I think they actually might.
In: Will you be making any transfers in next transfer window?
JF: Yeah. Because 6 players all ready said that they will retire at the end of the month. So at least I will buy their replacements. And some players might leave due to not signing new contracts with them.
In: Thank you. That is all for now.
JF: Thank you.
2013-2014 Season
Rebuilding the Team

On summer transfer window in July I had to rebuild my Olimpia. My 9 members of staff have left (my whole staff) because they didn’t want to sign contracts. Also I released 4 players on free transfers and 7 of my players have decided to retire (4 of them staid on my staff).
So over the July I have to sign at least 1 RB, 1CB, 1DMC, 1LM, 2RM, 1AMC and 1 ST. Which adds up to 7 players which is quite a lot in 1 transfer window. And to makes things worse no-one really good wanted to come to me. And I understand why:

Diosgyor 0-4
OKS 1945 Olsztyn 0-3
FC Timisoara 0-0
Chojniczanka 1-0

Pretty awful results in my four friendlies. After last season performance I expected better but on the other hand there were 8 players which are new to my team and they needed to adapt to my team’s kind of play. So I might understand if they would have bad beginning of the season.

Here are my transfers:
RB: Michal Wojcikowski
2 CB’s: Kamil Szymura and Mitar Vulovic
DMC: Marco Pasciel
ML: Tomasz Sedlewski
2 MR’s: Adrian Fedoruk and Damian Kosinski
AMC: Mateusz Trafalski
ST: Tomasz Barszcz

Well some of those transfers will be good addition to my team but I could have done better if my team was popular and if I had some more money. But in the end I can’t complain because they wanted to come to my Olimpia so at least I should be happy because of that.

It is this time of year to do a interview:

In: Hello again. Another year in Polish First Division, will team get promoted this season?
JF: Hello. I hopes so but in football everything is possible so I can’t guarantee that.
In: So what position are you aiming at?
JF: Well I was hoping for higher than in last season but in top 10 would be great place.
In: OK. Everybody already knows that you managed to signed 7 players. Who do you think was the best signing in this transfer window?
JF: I think it was Mitar Vulovic because he is young and seems like he will be good player.
In: Are you planning any more transfers?
JF: No. But then again I didn’t expect to sign so many players so can’t really say no for sure right now.
In: Which team will be top at the end of the season in your opinion?
JF: Well it is beginning of the season and my team haven’t played any games in the league. But Zaglebie Lubin might. Mostly because they just get relegated from Ekstraklasa.
In: What about second place?
JF: Bogdanka might because they played really good last season and were just unlucky to not get promoted.
In: What about relegations? What 4 teams will get relegated this season?
JF: That’s a hard question. Because again I haven’t play any teams yet. But if I have to pick that I think, Chrobry because they struggled last season and they haven’t made any good transfers. On the other 3 spots I honestly don’t know. I would have gone for 3 of 4 newly promoted teams but all of them signed players who can help them to stay up.
In: OK. Thank you for interview
JF: Thank you.
August 2013
After accidental over save of this game I had to re-play some of those games in August. So here are the fixtures in August.

League Results:
Arka 3-1

Nieciecza 1-1

Stal Stalowa Wola 4-0

Sandecja 2-3

GKS Katowice 1-1

Zaglebie Lubin 3-2

Polish Cup 1st Round:
Chojniczanka 1-0

So that over save actually worked better for me then before. Well it were some though opposition but from top of my head I could make harder opposition but they are playing in Ekstraklasa. Despite those though opposition my team still managed to get quite good results which I should be proud of. And I think if my team could play like against Zaglebie because it that game my Olimpia really deserved that win. And not saying that they should play like that in every single match that I played this month because against Sandecja, GKS and even Chojniczanka my team were just really poor and they were just lucky to not lose by far more in those games.
I am most pleased with match against Zaglebie Lubin because in this game my team just played really good and I just think my team deserved that 3 points. And also Zaglebie is really good team which just got relegated from Ekstraklasa and they are predicted to finish at the top this season so winning in that game was just something amazing.
I am most disappointed with lose to Sandecja because well it is a lose and in that game my team was really lucky to score that 2 goals. In my opinion they didn’t deserved that goals by the way they have played and they should have lose by 4 goals at least.
OK so I beat Chojniczanka but this time luckily I beat them in 90 mins thanks to goal scored by my regen attacking midfielder Mateusz Waclawczyk. But like in previous two matches I don’t think they deserved this win and they deserved to be knock out because Chojniczanka was a lot better in this match. But in this luck there is also an unlucky event as my team got Polonia Warsaw at home in 2nd Round which means that I am going to be lucky if I won’t lose by more than 3 goals.

League Table:

Well I am 6th after 6 games which is great in my opinion. But I think my team is capable of better so hopefully in my opinion I will be higher at the end of the season. Maybe not in top 2 position but maybe like last season in 4th or maybe even 3rd.


As you may see I released a lot of youngsters there. Because well they all were crap and they were just a headache for my transfer budget. As when I released them all my transfer budget grew from 25 p/w to 976 p/w which is really a lot for a team like mine.

Valeriu Tapos:

I think he might be good addition for my team, only too bad he got injured.
September 2013 – Against all odds

So in September I have or I should say my team have played 6 games. 5 of those games were in the league and 1 was in 2nd round of Polish Cup. Against all odds my team did better than I could imagine.

Podbelskidzie 2-1

MKS Kluczbork 1-1

Chrobry 4-1

Zawisza 6-0

Piast 1-0

2nd Round
Polonia Warszawa 2-1

What a great results. After those games I am just speechless because I never expected to have such a great results. Yeah some of those matches were against quite easy opposition like MKS Kluczbork and Chrobry but other 3 games were not so easy. Like Zawisza had only 1 lose before game against me and they were at the top of the league and Piast are always considered to be one of the teams to get promoted.
I think you can guess that I am most pleased with win over the Zawisza. They were at the top when I played them so I thought yeah my team could have good fight but draw is what they will get at most. And then at the end of the match I saw this result and I just couldn’t believe it because both teams played around the same and even Zawisza could have been better but somehow my team managed to score 6 goals. Which means that they have the biggest win this season so far and possibly the best result that I got, and possibly I will ever get.
Well all those results are good but I think I am most disappointed with draw against MKS Kluczbork. Because my team was a lot better than MKS and they deserved those 3 points but in the end it’s a draw. It could have been worse and MKS could have win that game which would have been much worse because well MKS is a lot worse team than me so it would be disgrace for me and my team.

League Table

Well finally for the first time, my Olimpia is at the top of the league. Which is really great because I don’t think my team have ever been in first place or at least they weren’t at the top for long time. Now they have been at the top for 2 weeks after beating Zawisza. Well I think if my team keeps playing like that for the rest of the season they will remain at the top and eventually get promoted as I wanted.

National Ranking:

Well I just wanted to share with you who are in top in National Ranking.
how the flying f**k did Cameroon get to of the World Rankings,

on the topic, you having a good season so far, how long are you staying with your team? or would you look for a different challenge?
I am planning to stay until I win Ektraklasa and then play in European competitions. Or when i will get sacked. Then I might look for different challenge.

And i have no idea how Cameroon got that first place. Possibly won African Cup of Nation but I wouldn't think that they would jump so far.
October 2013 – Impossible Comeback
My team played 5 games in October. 4 were in the league and 1 was in 3rd Round of the cup.

League Results:
Bogdanka 2-2

Polonia Bytom 2-1

Polkowice 3-2

Flota 2-1

3rd Round of the Cup:
Widzew 3-2

Well another great month for my team. From what I saw from my team I actually think that they might have really good shot at promotion this season. If my team is going to be like that for the rest of the season they actually might have more points than the top teams who had won the league in previous 2 seasons. And I actually think they might have the higher number of goals scored then anyone in this league because I already have 5 more goals scored than any other team in the league. Only problem with the team so far is goals conceded because in my opinion my team concede a lot of goals so far that is my only concern.
Well all those teams were quiet easy. But I am most happy with a draw because Bogdanka is the best team which I played against this month (only counting the league). My team played quiet well in that match. There were some positives about that match so that’s why I am happy with that match.
Uhh.. I always pick the match in which I am most disappointed with but in this month I don’t think I can. In all those league game my team played really well so I would be a really bad manager if I pick any of those games as most disappointing.

Ha what a comeback in 3rd Round of the Cup. Man I was seriously happy after that game. Widzew were predicted as favorites in this match and they were 2-0 up. I never really managed to beat team after losing 2 games. Most I could managed is a draw so that was really great comeback from my team.

League Table:

After this great month I managed to get Manager of the Month for the first time this season. And it is 2nd time I got in that award as in September I was 2nd.

So after amazing comeback against Widzew in 3rd Round of Polish Cup my team is going to play in Quarter Finals for the first time since 1977. But I kind of screwed because I got Legia who is one of best teams in Poland so I have no chance of getting through.

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