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Undiscovered Talent - Series 1 - Sign up!

A fun simulation story.
Started on 27 January 2012 by SlapDashFluky
Latest Reply on 28 March 2012 by nlmh
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#40599 SlapDashFluky : Right, for the first series. Signing up is now closed! Thanks to all who took part in this first series and if you're interested in joining up in future let me know!

if you still taking players here's mine. if not, maybe series 2 :D

Player Name: Venancio Simao
Player Position: DM (defensive midfielder)
Player Nationality: Angolan
Series 2, you're definately in pal!

Heres the link if you want to see how series 1 is unfolding:
#40587 SlapDashFluky : #40555 promitch :
Player Name: Mitch Leathem
Player Position: AML / ML / DL or can you only have 1 position? If so go DL.
Player Nationality: England (Did say aussie first but didnt read it properly lol)

This will be interesting good idea to bring it here!

You can change your nationality to Australian, if you like?

Ok mate stick with been Aussie, cheers mate.
For Series 2:

Player Name: Shaun Platt

Player Position: ST

Player Nationality: English
Player Name: Jordan Inglis
Player Position: GK
Nationality: Canadian

Sign me up for series 2!
Alright, guys. I'll stick you away somewhere for series 2! For now you can follow series 1 to get an idea of how it works.
Player Name: Alessi 'Jones' Dionisi
Player Position: ML/AML
Nationality: Italian

This is pretty cool! Sign me up for Series 2 thanks!
This is a pretty interesting idea :), would love to get involved in series 2!

Play Name: Clinton Hurst
Player Position: DR (Right back)
Nationality: English
Here is my player for series 2 :)

Player Name: Jens Andrason

Player Position: DC

Nationality: Icelandic

Player for Series two:

Player Name: Vivian Kilbadio

Player position: LB

Nationality: French

Can't wait for series two :]
Hey Im not sure if your taking applicants for series 2 but if you are I'd love to sign up. Here's my details if you do get round to it,

Player Name: Jose Manuel Cavallos
Player Nationality: Portugese
Player Position: AML

Name: Craig Blick
Position: DL/ML
Nationality: English

I would love to be part of series 2 as I like the way this is!
Name: Maciej Dabrowski
Position: RB
Nationality: Polish

My player for series 2.
Player Name: Andy Bone
Player Position: Goalkeeper
Player Nationality: English

My player for series 2 mate
For series 2 (if there are still spaces?):

Name: Kane Halsall

Position: Right Winger

Nationality: English

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