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Liverpool FC && Crawley Town... ON THE UP

Started on 14 April 2012 by 1650 Yo
Latest Reply on 26 August 2012 by 1650 Yo
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some good results here, a bit hard to see what competition some of the game is except for the obvious ones out in Europe. Good win vs Chelsea with Crawley
if the matches dont have a specific competition next to them then theyre usually league games... i could always start putting that in though :)

and thanks :) ive just beat them again in the league 3-2 at home this time though... i couldnt believe it when i beat them in the cup nevermind at stamford bridge too
good story so far. find it a bit hard to follow 2 teams though . but im enjoying it
seems to be thats some people are struggling to know which matches are for which competition so ive decided im going to colour code them:

RED will be LEAGUE, as its not only my favourite colour and theres more league games than any other competition... but it happens to be the colour of the home kits for both my clubs, so red seems like the best colour to use

BLUE will be a DOMESTIC CUP, no particular reason. Just think Blue is quite fitting

GREEN will be the EURO competition as the land of the earth is green, and the competition includes teams from all over Europe

Season 5 (March)

League Position: 2nd (77 Pts)
FA Cup:Peterborough (Semi's)

Vs West Ham(A) 1-0 Loss
Vs Marseille (A) (CL 2nd Leg) 2-2 Draw (N.Subotic, E.Cavani) (5-2 Win on agg)
Vs Aston Villa 2-1 Win (A.Greizmann, N.Subotic)
Vs West Bromwich (H) (FA Cup) 3-1 Win (A.Greizmann, N.Subotic(2)
Vs Blackburn (A) (J.Henderson, A.Greizmann)
Vs Everton (H) 3-1 Win (Marcelo, J.Henderson, A.Greizmann
Vs FC Porto (A) 3-0 Loss


League Position:8th (60Pts)
FA Cup:Aston Villa (Semi's)

Vs Arsenal (A) 2-0 Win (J.Tomkins, J.Ayew)
Vs Chelsea (H) 3-2 Win (J.Ayew(2), A.Hamel
Vs Man Utd (A) 3-1 Loss (J.Ayew)
Vs Tottenham (A) (FA Cup) 3-0 Win (J.Tomkins, J.Ayew, A.Hamel)
Vs Cardiff (H) 3-0 Win (J.Shelvey, J.Ayew, E.Zamani o.g)
nice mate your doing really well with two teams keep it going
1650 Yo's avatar Group 1650 Yo
12 yearsEdited
Just to let you all know it will be a while (maybe 2/3 days) as my season ends on the 30th of APRIL (for Crawley) with only 1/2 games in MAY (for Liverpool).... ONE being the CL final, so i will be doing TWO more updates for the end of the season,

ONE will have ALL the games of April AND May

THE OTHER will have all the seasonal awards, promotions and relegations etc

thank you to you all for following :)
Season 5 (April - May)

Final League Position: 2nd (83 Pts)

Vs Arsenal (A) 4-1 Loss (S.Gerrard)
Vs FC Porto (H) (CL 2nd Leg) 3-0 Win (M.Gotze, S.Gerrard, C.Vela o.g) (Won 3-0 Pens)
Vs Chelsea (H) 3-1 Win (R.Shawcross, D.Agger, L.Suarez)
Vs Man Utd (A) 3-2 Loss (A.Peula, L.Moura)
Vs Peterborough (H) (FA Cup) 6-2 Win (C.Tevez(2), X.Shaqiri(3, R.Barns-Graham (Yth))
Vs Arsenal (A) (CL SEMI) 2-0 Win (S.Gerrard(2))
Vs Cardiff (H) 4-1 Win (R.Barns-Graham (Yth), R.Hardy (Yth), X.Shaqiri, E.Hazard)
Vs Arsenal (CL SEMI) (A) 2-1 Win (E.Hazard, R.Shawcross) (4-1 Win on aggregate)
Vs Newcastle (A) 2-1 Loss (E.Cavani) (Last Game Of The Season)

Vs Aston Villa (N) (FA Cup) 3-0 Win (R.Shawcross, X.Shaqiri, S.Gerrard)
Vs Barcelona (N) (CL Final) 2-1 Win (R.Shawcross, M.Gotze)

Final League Position:5th (73 Pts)

Vs Newcastle (A) 4-2 Win (J.Shelvey, J.Ayew, J.Tomkins, J.Hoilett)
Vs Peterborough (H) 2-1 Win (J.Tomkins(2)
Vs Wolverhampton (H) 1-1 Draw (J.Hoilett)
Vs Aston Villa (H) (FA Cup) 1-0 Loss
Vs Birmingham (A) 4-2 Win (J.Fleck, Pablo o.g, A.Hamel(Yth), L.Sandhowe(Yth)
Vs Burnley (H) 2-0 Win(L.Sandhowe, J.Ayew)
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12 yearsEdited
Yearly Awards

English Footballer of the Year: 1. J.Rodriguez (Man City), 2. S.Rondon - (Arsenal) 3.W.Rooney (Man Utd)

Players' Players of the Year: 1.M.Hamsik (Man City), 2.Y.Toure (Man City), 3.S.Jovetic - (Man Utd)

Golden Boot: 1.S.Rondon (Arsenal), 2.J.Rodriguez (Burnley) 3.S.Aguero (Man City)

Players' Young Player of the Year: 1.N.Oliviera (Fulham), 2.K.Papadopoulos (Man City) 3.J.Wilshere (A.Villa)

Goal of the Season: 1.D.Costa (Arsenal) (V Chelsea), 2.Y.Mollo (Everton) (V Chelsea), 3.J.Hoilett (Crawley) (V Newcastle)

Golden Glove: 1.J.Hart(Man City), 2.D.De Gea (Man Utd), 3.Gomes (Tottenham)

Manager of the Year: 1.A.Villas-Boas (Burnley), 2.R.Mancini (Man City) 3.M.Pellegrini (Man Utd)

Premier League Title: Man City

League Cup: Leeds

FA Cup: Liverpool

Champions Cup: Liverpool

Euro Cup: PSG

Team of the Year:
GK:J.Hart (Man City)
RB:Rafael (Man Utd)
LB:Marcelo (Liverpool)
CB:R.Shawcross (Liverpool)
CB:V.Kompany (Man City)
RM:L.Suarez (Liverpool)
LM:J.Rodriguez (Man City)
CM:M.Hamsik (Man City)
CM:Y.Toure (Man City)
ST:S.Rondon (Arsenal)
ST:W.Rooney (Man Utd)
sub1:B.Guzan (Crawley)
sub2:K.Papadopoulos (Man City)
sub3:Ganso (Man Utd)
sub4:S.Jovetic (Man Utd)
sub5:J.Hernandez (Man Utd)
sub6:G.Bale (Tottenham)
sub7:G.Rossi (Man City)

Leagues 1 & 2 are still on Play-off games, so Promotions & Relegations will be on a seperate post :)
congrats on having players in team of the year and bringing home 2 trophies, not bad at all
Tomkins is scoring a lot of goals for you. Also well done on the CL Final. Shawcross is getting goals as well which is very good for a centre back. 2nd is a very respectable position! Next season you can win it though :)
i'll put the stats of both players for you if you like? also Andy Hamel was my top goalscorer for crawley with 18 goals, which may not be as good as some players BUT hes only 18/19 years old and was only back up to Jordan Ayew and Roman Lukaku, luckily for him though Lukaku got ijured for pretty much the whole season and Jordan Ayew was injured on and off too so he got more games than originally planned when i signed him
i was gonna do ALL league tables but as the other 3 leagues have more than 20 teams it'd be 2 screenshots for each league so i'll do a screen shot for the Premier League then just list the Ups & Down

Premier League Table

Ryan Shawcross Stats

James Tomkins Stats

Andy Hamel Attributes

Andy Hamel Stats
Promotions & Relegations

Premier League:
18th:Norwich (27 Pts)
19th:Wigan (25 Pts)
20th:Birmingham (21 Pts)

1st:Sunderland (92 Pts)
2nd:Stoke (91 Pts)
3rd:Blackpool (91 Pts)

22nd:Reading (48 Pts)
23rd:Doncaster (44 Pts)
24th:Southampton (42 Pts)

League 1:
1st:Middlesborough (89 Pts)
2nd:Preston (82 Pts)
3rd:Swindon (79 Pts)
(Exeter actually finished 3rd, but lost in the Play-Off final Vs Swindon)

21st:Stevenage (55 Pts)
22nd:Bradford (32 Pts)
23rd:Wycombe (28 Pts)
24th:Tranmere (26 Pts)

League 2:
1st:Chesterfield (102 Pts)
2nd:Morecambe (90 Pts)
3rd:Plymouth (87 Pts)
4th:Rochdale (74 Pts)
(Rochdale finished 7th, but won the Play-Offs Vs Luton, who finished 5th)

23rd:Walsall (43 Pts)
24th:Port Vale (31 Pts)
ive just been notified of what is happening within the next month and one was a transfer of a young goalkeeper from dundee utd here he is!

Aiden Crawford
Season 6 (July - August) (Pre-Season Only!


Vs Cruziero 1-1 Draw (S.Gerrard)
Vs River 4-0 Win (L.Suarez (2), 2 o.g's)
Vs Blackpool 2-0 Win (R.Shawcross (3), L.Moura, M.Gotze)
Vs Crawley 1-1 Draw (E.Cavani)
Vs Mosside 5-0 Win (A.Griezmann, C.Priest(Yth)(3), A.De Gaetano(Yth)



Vs Arbroath 0- 0 Draw
Vs Sunderland 2-1 Win (J.Fleck, A.Valencia)
Vs Liverpool 1-1 Draw (J.Fleck)
Vs At.Madrid 3-1 Loss (J.Hoilett)
Vs Atalanta 5-1 Win (A.Valencia(2), J.Ayew, J.Fleck, A.Hamel)
Vs Sampdoria 3-1 Win (J.Fleck, A.Barr(Yth), J.Ayew)

Nacional da Madiera

i dont really know much about this team, so im not sure whether to put out a strong side or not given the amount of games i have to play this season. i suppose i would have to either field a strong side dependant on the game before and after this one, or field a squad of youngsters

I say this to myself every season for Crawley Town, but i have a BIG feeling that its going to be a bad season for Crawley.
This season i have the League, League Cup, FA Cup, and Europa League and i think the amount of games this season will not do us well at all..
Also i dont think the squad is NEARLY good enough to even challenge for top half, nevermind beating last years league position and doing well in cups.

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