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List of Online Football manager games

Looking for the best non FM, online football manager games
Started on 10 May 2012 by 2pence
Latest Reply on 18 January 2024 by maidros
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evansuk2000's avatar Group evansuk2000
10 yearsEdited
Hi people, I have been playing Hattrick for over 5 years, it's a fantastic game and you really reap the rewards if you put in place a decent training plan. Over 400,000 users, and better than ever.

If you fancy giving it a go >
heyall's avatar Group heyall
10 yearsEdited
You should try It is very new, still in early beta stages, so there are some bugs, but it is promising so far :)
Olovops's avatar Group Olovops
10 yearsEdited
Any other suggestions ? - manage your own team, find, buy and train players, select best tactic and squad, live matches and substitutes. Give it a try :)

This is the only game I play. I have played for 5 years now and its the most addicting and fun game ive ever played. And ive played a lot of games.
Long time no hear:)

I recommend Goal Tycoon - this one offers all aspects which are in protagonists but one - you can exchange your virtual money to Euro using for example Paypal or skrill account. You can log in under below link (and in additionhelping me a little bit :) )
For those who want a difficult game, the derby manager is the most challenging, you have to start in the lower divisions and it is pure and tough management.
For all German managers here in the forum, I can only recommend Websoccer consists of completely real teams and a very active transfer market.
A friend from Brazil recommended me a new football manager which appeared in their language version. I wonder if it will be published in English.
footballtop's avatar Group footballtop
3 yearsEdited
I recommend footballtop

We compete here against other users from all over the world.
I recently came across this game
They are very new and looks pretty decent. The best thing is that the game is under continuous development and since I joined there have been plenty new things added on. And to add to that, the developers are always active on the forums and chat and they listen to your suggestions and grievances.

UI wise I would give it a 6 out of 10, but still pretty impressive. Game is pretty realistic, there are hiccups for it being new. Very few active users right now (around 250 I think) but it's growing everyday
I play em all LOL but my fav is this one:
This one is my favorite football manager game, and it's free to play:
I'd also add The Open League to the list. It's free and heavily integrated with Discord. I think it's a great game but will admit that I am biased (I'm one of the developers :))
Here's my brand new one which has just gone live after a couple of seasons of beta testing.
I'm not just blowing my own trumpet when I say its the most detailed online multiplayer sim which has ever existed and is ever likely to exist.

There's also Football Manager Project, I'm working on it, the community is starting now and the game is in full development.

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