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Swansea To The Top

Started on 19 May 2012 by Jason_Kavanagh
Latest Reply on 22 May 2012 by jamstoe
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Ok so i have being playing FM Now for about 10 years and i have learned the rope's on the game like tactics and players like how every time can get the best players in the game its just judging the right time to go after them so i am going to manage Swansea football club and show you that it can be done i am going try and get Swansea into champions league football in my fist season and to be honest i should be able to do it.also i am going to turn them into the best club in England in just 3 years now the reason i picked Swansea is because of the money i done some research on Swansea in FM 12 and no mater what between the first six months Swansea can get bought buy a tycoon and he gives around 100 million to 150 million to club he also upgrades training and youth so i have started the game and done six month's on till this happened took me a few hours but now in august its all ready done but with that the new owner says he is going bring in someone else but most of the time he gives you a chance to stay on in this cause i got that chance.So with that money and the tactics i going to use i am going to turn this team into a huge team now i am a Manchester united fan but i have something for Swansea i like there football and the way they get on with things so i hope you enjoy my story and thanks for reading.

Pre Season

Swansea Vs WolfsBerg (Home) 2-0 (Win)
Swansea Vs Den Haag (Away) 4-0 (Win)
Swansea Vs Stuttgart (Home) 5-1 (Win)
Swansea Vs Gladbach (Away) 4-1 (Win)
Swansea Vs Inter (Home) 3-1 (Win)

So to be honest that was a great pre season i was not expecting to beat inter but what a result wining all my pre season games the tatics i am using are going to rip the primer league apart.


Dede 20 Million from Vasco pay over 48 Month's
Marouane Fellanini 27 Million From Everton pay over 48 Month's
Ji Sung Park 10 Million from Manchester United pay over 24 Month's
Marc Andre Stegen 18 Million From Gladbach pay over 18 Month's
Lucas Maura 42 Million from Sao Paulo pay over 48 Month's (Was Not Expecting to get him)
Stevan Jovetic 39 Million From Florentina pay over 48 Month's (Was Not Expecting to get him)

Danny Graham 9.5 MILLION to Fulham

Now as i was saying there is always away of getting the best players here is a step guide to do this.
declare interest in the player even if the player says he does not want to come do it again and again the player will always say the same thing do this over a 2 week period and then put a bid in and when it is accepted you will see the player does want to come but the contract is red on role offer him key player and then the contract opens up and that's how you get big players but wont work on really big name players like messi our any of them young big players only.
Wow thats fantastic. Other teams should be quite terrified :P
Awesome how you got the big transfers in! And you already beat Inter! Good luck with your season, I'll want to see how this goes.
cheers mate i never pick swansea but did there and the club got sold by min agust and i got hazard to join my club got 130 million of new owners cheers mate your a legend i dont do stories i just play the game but i will be following your story thanks again.
Well spotted, I'm an Arsenal fan but this season I got almost a soft spot for Swansea, especially after they beat us 3-2. They play lovely football and I'm glad they stayed up. Also, whenever I have used Gylfi Sigurdsson he has been an absolute beast.

What tactics are you using?
Very nice!!! Some really really good signings in their but you probably won't get a good transfer budget next season

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