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Spain Tactic for FM12

Started on 28 June 2012 by wayupna
Latest Reply on 29 June 2012 by mwichmann
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Anyone yet matched the current Spain Tactic for there FM12 game yet..

Im pondering the idea of this 4-6-0 formation to see how it works and was wondering if anyone had either made one or come across one.
I can't see how it would unless you had prolific goalscoring midfielder's... It hasn't exactly worked out for Spain?
They have made the final of a major tournament so it's doing something right would you not say ??
I think the Barcelona system (which seems virtually what Spain play) would work great if only they could have Messi. Lacking him, unfortunate accident of wrong passport, I'm not overfond of what they do, esp. what they've done in this tournament. In my only slightly educated opinion, they set up too close to the opponent's goal, and don't leave themselves enough room to work through, it all ends up packed in. In their first group game, when stuff wasn't working, they actually backed off and started their attack from deeper and I thought it worked a lot better (and in terms of results in that game it certainly did). We've been hearing talk about this 4-6-0 system for a few years now, and I think this tournament shows it has flaws. Mainly, I think they don't have the diversity of different abilities in that system that you need to pull a change out of the hat when people are shutting you down. What I do think is superb, and doesn't get enough credit, is how well they defend: you can call it "defend with the ball", but that also means you give the opponent absolutely no space when they do get the ball and so win it right back, or force really ugly looking passes because there are actually no options. I do want to imitate this, but haven't succeeded more than in spurts.

I did try to play a 4-6-0 in one save a couple of years ago after I'd stockpiled all sorts of talented midfielders. It was not a success, and I couldn't afford to give it a long run to see if it would have gotten better. I guess FM has probably gotten a bit better at accommodating these sorts of oddball setups, maybe it would work better now.

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