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Exiled in a Foreign Land

Started on 22 July 2012 by Akash
Latest Reply on 31 July 2012 by Kiwi
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Lmao, not bad results - but rather, too many draws.
Nice going. Tell me something ... are you going to continue to play this career in the Asian leagues only? How do you plan to move out of the continent?
#60254 Glenn T : Lmao, not bad results - but rather, too many draws.
Seriously not that bad, but can you imagine where they would be in they hadn't drawn so many games? They are still in 5th position.

#60257 Gurdit : Nice going. Tell me something ... are you going to continue to play this career in the Asian leagues only? How do you plan to move out of the continent?
I want to roam the globe. I would like to check out Kiwi's special land ((Story Here), or move somewhere into South America after winning the Champions League. Yes, my friend, this could soon become a Pentagon Challenge.
Got this bit of news as I was preparing the boys for our Quarter Final match against Beijing.

FA Cup - Quarter Final
- I had successfully guided my Korean side to FA Cup glory; that could easily have been one of the reasons the Shangdon board decided to approach me. They were facing a side, Beijing, who were not only their rivals but also one of the biggest clubs in the country.

- To be honest, I didn't go into this match with too much confidence. I barely knew my players and had to take the assistant's help while deciding my matchday squad. I decided to not tamper with their tactics, because the players would obviously need time to get used to them. I went into the board asking them about what they expected of me this season, and they were gracious enough to tell me they won't judge me by my early performances.

- Not a very convincing display, at all. If it wasn't for a 92nd minute equalizer, we wouldn't have gone to penalties and our season would be over, but thankfully, midfielder, Wang Yongpo was at the right place at the right time.
There were two things I learned today:
1st - There is no concept of extra-time in the Chinese FA Cup. After normal time, we straight went into penalties. I am glad, because most of my players weren't fit enough to begin with.
2nd - Our team revolves around our Brazilian striker, Gilberto, who, as I find out, has refused to sign a contract with our team for the next season. We might need to have a chat about that.
- As I approach my office one day after our victory over Beijing, I already have a schedule set up for today. Because of Gilberto refusing to sign a contract running out in 2 months, I would have to look for a replacement. This kid is on a £17,000 per week contract, so I can actually look for some big league rejects, who can raise the reputation of the club, which is one of the things my new owner is after. China, and Asia as a whole has an obsession with the Barclays Premier League and that's where I find a player who fits our transfer budget and wage bill.
After speaking to one of the coaches in Manchester, we negotiate to a verbal agreement.

It was cheap business, but it is a good thing I wanted to confirm the story with the media only after the deal was done.
As soon as I get off the phone with the out-of-favour, yet too-good-for-China striker's agent, I see Gilberto and Fabiano (two Brazilians and our best players) walking into my office.
Fabiano did all the talking, but Gilberto agreed word-to-word with Fabiano's statements.

- It was obvious I was going to get them on my good side. They were judging the club because of the decisions of my predecessor, but when they realized how much my previous team had improved in stature over the last 3 years, during my tenure, they had no problems committing to a new contract.
Nice writing! I like how you weave the story around the in-game thingies :)
Really enjoying this story
#60312 Gurdit : Nice writing! I like how you weave the story around the in-game thingies :)

Thank you for commenting again, Gurdit. I wish I could've written this way from the very beginning, but I just was so far ahead in the game that I had to quickly breeze through stuff. Keep reading, because from now on, everything gets more detailed, better written and more winning!

#60315 DembaWalker342 : Really enjoying this story

Thanks for your positive comments. I hope to keep you glued to your computer screen for a hundred more posts. If there is anything you want me to do differently, don't hesitate to tell me.
I made the mistake of reading the paper this morning. Usually, I am used to showing my boys media predictions and betting patterns for our team's performance and how it is their job to prove them wrong. We hardly ever went any match as favourites, but I was at a different club now. I was at a club where nothing but the best was encouraged and expected.
- I don't know what happened, but I am certain it wasn't my motivating words that us got as this victory. I didn't their language, and most of the Brazilians in this team had hardly made an attempted to learn English, spending their time and resources in learning the local language. A few common footballing terms like 'goal', 'win' and 'champion' were thrown around by the assistant manager, and the boys seemed pumped up. Most of the action resulted to nothing in the first half, but a minor change in tactic to exploit the opponent's weak defending of corners made the afternoon comfortable. Ma Long was the star of the day, which helped me realize one thing - I couldn't trust my scouts. In the staff meeting two nights ago, a scout of mine had suggested we transfer list Ma Long because he was not worth his salary and squad placement. I believe Long just proved he is worth his weight in gold tonight.
- As soon as we won the match, some of the boys celebrated, while others were praying for an A'erbin in the other semi-final. These boys weren't hoping for the weaker team to qualify, rather A'erbin were the favourites. They wanted that team to come through so they could avenge a 3-0 loss from earlier this season. I loved that, and took note of everyone who was fired-up. It was this spirit that would get us to that title.
My assistant manager, in his broken English, somehow managed to tell me that are club was the most successful club in Chinese FA Cup history, and I had a legacy to live up to. No pressure, right?

As I went into that absolutely massive Olympic stadium, I couldn't quite believe it. For the very first time in my short career, my stomach was filled with butterflies - and I wasn't going to be on the pitch. It was the first time I had seen upwards of 40,000 people cramped in one place, since not more than 5000 people showed up for any game in South Korea.

The boys got rid of any nerves that they or I could've had, in the very first minute. Who else but our captain led from the front to put the ball in the net from close range. Then, from then on, started the Gilberto show. After every strike at goal or every header that he met, my smile grew wider, knowing I had secured his signature for another two years. I could easily build the team around him and win the Super League within no time.
Yes, we were that comfortable that I was already thinking about next year. Those A'erbin boys didn't stand a chance against our Shangdon warriors.
With those four goals, Gilberto became the cup's top scorer, while the fans were absolutely jubilant.
Most importantly:

- My second team was only now in the Champions League, but there's still a lot of work to be done.

A New Season

- As I wake up after coming back from a 10 day long vacation, I head to my office and am greeted with the not-so-attractive face of my Chairman. Probably the only English speaking man at the club, unsurprisingly, he was a man of more than a few words. He talked about creating an empire at Shangdon, with me being their leader and how it all started this season, with participation in the Champions League and domination over Beijing in the Super League. I wasn't too comfortable with him going overboard with his expectations, so I brought him back to reality by saying, "We will certainly be title contenders, but we still have a long way to go, if you want to win the title."

- I was more than happy with the money our board was ready to offer just being title challenging, and I decided to take advantage of the enthusiasm of my board of directors and their vision for the club.

- Yes, absolutely incredible. No longer would our club would be handicapped - not being to look for players outside the continent. Maybe it was my ambition to sign Roque Santa Cruz or just that they have realized we aren't the first choice club for most of the players in this continent. We would have to look outside, if we were in search of quality.
Even though I have our best players signed up long term, we still need to sort out our midfield problems. Unfortunately, the league has a limit of how many players we can have from outside the continent, and we were at full capacity. This meant I had to sell before buying.

- Paul Cordero was, by no means, a bad player. In fact he had an ability to be a quality player in the squad, according to my coaches. The problem was - he wasn't the best player we had at left-back or centre-back, and I couldn't afford to have a foreign slot sitting on the bench. We got good value for him as soon as I transfer-listed him, which is indication of that player's talent.

- Coming back to our centre midfield problem, this guy may be the solution. Although, he needed some work in major departments, his passing and dribbling technique should be enough to warrant a first-team place from time to time.

There are another transfers I am working on, but nothing concrete so far. Besides, the new season fixtures are out and preparation needs to begin soon.
Our first friendly was fairly straight forward. Beijing IT was Division, and our boys comfortably ran out 3-0 winners. New boy Hermoza was rested, having travelled many a mile, he was still away from full fitness. Our reserve and youth strikers chipped in with the goals in this match. Wang Yongpo looks like a good prospect for the future, although there has been no real report about him impressing during training.

- I got a call from Changchun that they had finally accepted my offer for their midfielder, Liu Jian. We had been negotiating for the best part of two weeks, with them refusing to budge, but the player pressuring them into a deal, I got my man for cheaper than I expected. Now, all that was left was reaching a contractual agreement and our centre midfield for this season would be complete.
I was just notified about this by my boys, who had a really good laugh about this. It is one thing to get into mind games and try to psyche a fellow manager out, and quite another to come across as a couple idiot. The season hasn't even started and Cai Ya'nan thinks we are underperforming.

Our next match is the Super Cup against our fierce rivals and last year's league winners, Beijing.

- This was a match I had to win. If the ambition and demands of the club weren't fulfilled from the start, I could be in trouble with the board. I had to get my tactics right, my team selection spot on and also make sure our team comes across as a competitor for the league. All of this when playing against a well oiled machine that is Beijing - it was going to be tough.

Well, maybe not that tough.

- This is what I was hoping for, when I went into the match, and this is also why I needed to get this win under my belt.

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