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Exiled in a Foreign Land

Started on 22 July 2012 by Akash
Latest Reply on 31 July 2012 by Kiwi
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Akash Vidyasagar, an Englishman, expressed his desire to join management after qualifying for his 'badges', stating:
1st July 2011:
"I am eager to get into management, hoping to learn as I move forward. My focus is on bringing success, and at least early on, my salary will not be of the highest importance."
This was the perfect thing to hear for clubs that were cash-strapped or clubs looking for a foreign manager within their budget. Within the first five days of that July, Akash got offers from clubs from a variety of leagues.

1. Hereford
- A newly promoted side in League 2 of the English leagues. Akash, initially being from that area, they took their chance of hopefully bringing him to the club. They were predicted to be 23rd and the season had not started yet.

2. Kettering
- A club taking part in the Blue Square Premier, but financies being completely insecure. They were already deducted 3 points at the stat of the season and wanted a manager who wouldn't further their losses.

Although both these jobs were the easiest to take, because no one would be expecting too much from them, Akash was in Asia at the moment, learning the Asian style of playing, while watching the AFC Champions League.

3. Chongqing Lifan
- A team in the Chinese National League (2nd division) with three quarters of their matches already played. The team was expected to finish in 4th but were finding it difficult to hold onto 9th place.

4. Incheon Korail
- Playing the Korean 2nd divion, the N-league, also languishing in 9th place but expected to finish in 4th. Unlike the Chinese league, the N-league has almost half of its matches left and the transfer window is still open.

5. Gangneung City
- Same league as Incheon, only lower down the table. In 13th place, expected to finish 8th.

6. Nizhniy Novgorod
- A Russian team in the Russian 2nd division, in dire need of saving. They were doing pretty good in the league, but their financies were dipping fast. Wasting over a 1000GBP were week on wages.

Akash Vidyasagar choice:

P.S.: I really hope you guys don't get too annoyed about my multiple stories on this board. if you have been following the General Chat, you should already know that I have lost my laptop's functionality and all my saves with it.
It took me nearly two years to get a job offer - best of luck!
Why didn't you go for Gangneung mate :(
The scouts provided me with a team report, which looks far from promising.

THe team needs a lot of tweaking, but with the non-existent transfer funds, looks like we'll be free transfer hunters. Here are my signings for this mid-season:

I knew signing so many players might affect the harmony of the team mid-season, but with almost 3 weeks till our next match, there would be enough time for them to bond. I did consider mutually terminating contracts of players that certainly wouldn't feature in the first team, but they said they would gladly let the rest of their contracts run out.
It wasn't going to affect them too much, but with my wage budget being crossed, I had to talk to the Board and take out some of that transfer budget to pay for them.
Tips: The winner has been bolded in the result, but in the scorers, my team has been bolded.

My tenure at Inchneon Korail began in the best possible way:
Cheonan City 1-2 Incheon Korail
Kim Seong-Min 3', 68'
Lee Su-Hwan 88'

And then, I started questioning myself:
Incheon Korail 1-2 Chungju Hummel
Choi Dong-Hu 2'
Lee Cha-Hyun 19'
Kim Seong-Min 39'

Made a couple of substitutions only to give up on a two-goal advantage.
Mokpo 3-3 Incheon Korail
Kim Seong-Min 3', 27'
Kwon Kyung-Hu 6', 59'
Lee Ik-Hoon 19'
Lee Chang-Min 61'

Our luck seem to change after our new signings started to gel into the team.
Incheon Korail 4-2 Ulsan HMD
Kim Hyuk 24'
Kim Seong-Min 43', 50', 83'
Kim Hyo-Il 64'
Ha-Seung Yong 77'

Ansan Hallelujah 0-1 Incheon Korail
Kim Kyung-Kook 65'

We were facing the runaway league leaders in the next match and, needless to say, they were heavy favourites. During the pre-match talk, the players were hopeful of doing well, but without any hope of winning.
Incheon Korail 2-1 Suwon City
Park Kyoo-Tae 25'
Lee Ik-Hoon 45+1', 73'

Gangneung City 3-1 Incheon Korail
Kim Dong-Jin 7' Kim Chang-Hee 43' Ha Seung-Yong 48'
Bae Sang-Joon 60'

Incheon Korail 4-0 Kimhae
Kim Seong-Min 6', 11', 32'
Park Yong-Hwan 25'

We needed this result to go our way to secure a comfortable place in the playoffs but it just wasn't to be. A match won was lost in the second half.
Incheon Korail 2-3 Daejeon KHNP
Ko Ki-Goo 40', 79'
Kim Seong-Min 44', 45+2'
Kim Hyun-Joon 58'
Here's what the N-League table looked like with two games to go:

While the top two teams already qualified, the focus shifted towards the teams below them. Incheon's next match was against third-placed Goyang.

Goyang Kookmin Bank 3-3 Incheon Korail
Kim Hyo-Joon 11'
Kim Dong-Min 45+1'
Lee Ik-Hoon 52'
Kim Young-Nam 69'
Kim Seong-Min 89'
Kim Hyun-Ki 90+2'

Yes, we drew in the 92nd minute after winning it in the 89th minute. The team got the hair-dryer treatment for their complacency. The next has now become a must win. Wow, and what do you know, we will be facing 2nd placed Busan TC in our last match.

Incheon Korail 3-1 Busan TC
Kim Seong-Min 26', 47', 90+1'
Lee Jae-Young 38'

We had made it to the Playoffs, scraping through, yet finishing in fourth.
These guys have already beaten us in the regular season, so the boys were told to forget about that and move on.

Playoff First Round

Playoff Round Two
We were breezing through the playoffs, but there is no time to stop now. Our third playoff round is against a team that finished above us, but we had just beaten - Busan TC.

Third Playoff Round
A very, very, very close game, which saw two of my players' fitness levels go down to 42%..but we won.

Not you again.

]Playoff Final
- This is a two-legged final, with the first match taking place home at Auxillary Stadium. Suwon are heavy favourites and should have no problems dispatching surprising finalists, Incheon Korail.

First Leg
So, yes, we carry a one goal lead into the second leg, but that is away from home. Most of my players are on their last legs and my bench just isn't strong enough to take over. It will take a miracle from Kim Seong-Min to get a victory against Suwon again.

Second Leg
We have done it. We are the winners of the N-League, beating sure-favourites Suwon comfortably in the second leg.

The Playoff tree
#59035 Kiwi : It took me nearly two years to get a job offer - best of luck!

I set my experience as 'Automatic', so maybe that is I got more offers early on, or maybe you just need to put in the right leagues. I chose leagues like the K-League and the Chinese Super League so that I get a job quickly.

#59037 Glenn T : Why didn't you go for Gangneung mate :(
Because there's only one Mike Joshua, and only one Wang Haibo!
Very unique story, I like it, I'd like to see how management holds in the Korean leagues
Akash's avatar Group Akash
10 yearsEdited

Season Analysis

Our Star Player

Player of the Year

Top Goalscorer

Most Assists

Manager of the Year

Fair Play Award

As soon as we finished the match against Suwon, I was approached by a board member about my contract, which was due to expire in three months. I wholeheartedly accepted their offer, and added another year to my contract.
Two of my players would be leaving the team on loan to Sangju for 22 months while they complete their military service. Neither of them were first team, but this rule has made me scratch my head ever since I knew of its existence. What manager would want to lose his player the moment he is hitting his prime, at the age of 24?

Kim Dong-Min and Park Jae-Yong have left our team on loan.


Transfers Out
Kim Dong-Kyu
Hong Yun-Ki
Yoon Young-Tae
Kim Jin-Sol

Transfers In
Heo Sung-Won

Park Joon-Young

Seo Myung-Won

Moon Dae-Sung

Mamady Kaba

Ha Sung-Yong

Jang Woo-Chang
I love the story!!! Hope you do well next season. Check my England story out by the way!!!! (England- World Cup Win)
Guys, I need help. As you must already know, I won the playoffs and should've been promoted to the top division, but I wasn't & neither were Suwon (finished 1st during the league stage). I went into the rules and tried checking out if there is something specific about how to get promoted, but there isn't.
I will surely continue with this team, but I want to know what it'll take to actually get promoted. If anyone knows, please help me out before I go ahead with my next season, only to meet with complete disappointment.
#59087 YoungOwl : Very unique story, I like it, I'd like to see how management holds in the Korean leagues

Thank you for commenting.
It isn't the easiest job, but it's very enjoyable. You should try it out.

#59121 jamstoe : I love the story!!! Hope you do well next season. Check my England story out by the way!!!! (England- World Cup Win)

Thank you. I have been silently following your story, but finally commented.
Nice sory to read.
Your football manager-skin looks nice, which one is it?

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