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Help with my 4-2-3-1.

Help with my 4-2-3-1.
Started on 25 September 2012 by adonis_p
Latest Reply on 21 December 2017 by David16
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I am a fan of the 4-2-3-1. You can rarely get me to try anything different!

I have begun a save with Vitesse of Dutch Eredvise League. I wanted a club with a bit of money to spend to see what I could do in a short period of time.

My tactic is this:


Balanced Philosophy: Will play rigid to begin most matches and open up shortly after to either balanced or fluid depending on the opponent. Will stay rigid against a large opponent)

Strategy: Will strive to play control always with the exception of counter when playing a large opponent.

Passing Style: I am not partial, but I do tend to perfer short, controlled passing.

Creative Freedom: I like to give my players a bit of creative freedom so I tend to play a bit more expressive.

Closing Down: I have been toying with playing the first 20 minutes by standing off then switching to press more almost all the time to gauge opponent a little.

Tackling, Marking, Crossing and Roaming all set to default.

Players Roles:

GK: Sweeper Defend
DL/DR: FB Automatic
DC: Center Defend
CM: Ball Winning Mid - Support
CM: Ball Winning Mid - Defend
AMC: Trequarista/Attack Mid
AML/R: Inside Forward or Winger
Striker: Poacher (or sometimes Trequarista when a Attack Mid used)

I like to play a high line. Obviously with a high line and Control style using Ball Winning Mids, winning posseion will usually happen more often than not.

I play no counter attack but always have offside trap clicked.

When against a stronger team or a tough road game, I will often drop both CM's to DCM and play with both defend and support, counter attack style, more direct passing and of course no offside trap, with all other posistions and setting same as above.

I am fairly new to tearing down tatcics so I am curious if any of the gurus can see any problems with the way I play OR any problem areas in regards to position mix I have. Any general thoughts or things to look for when playing like this would be appreciated.

To compare...I enjoy Real Madrid style minus the more direct way of play. I would like to see a good tempo with short to default passing from the back, only taking chances down field when they are obvious ones. I like to press as I do like to keep possession longer than opponent and create meaningful scoring chances.

I by no means like slow, possession football that buries a team but may not find many good scoring chances.

I am just looking for some advice, thoughts or anything regarding my tactic in relation to what I like.

(On a side note: I have all the right players to play the positions/roles as I have mentioned above, all with quality attributes for those roles mentioned.

Thanks in advance for the insight.
I never considered 4-2-3-1 as a possesion tactic, its more of an attacking display. I for one like passing directly, to the near post, and have a poacher as a target man for finishing. AMR/AML should be pacy enough to distribute the ball, but keep them on a support role.
Philosophy... balanced or rigid, but I tend for rigid. You should play counter attack, as it launches one when you got the chance, and if pacy enough, that means a goal in 95% of the occasions.
Thanks for the response. Yeah I dont really consider possesion either, but prefer when I end up with more in that set, especially playing so high.

So you would play control style and everything else same...just tick the counter attack?
Yes. But control won't make a difference. If you know how to pick your mid side, you will still have higher posession. The problem of playing in control is you waste time, time that might save your ass if you have a mistake, because playing possession risks loosing the ball. Also, don't have both your mids as BWM, you could have a BWM and a BBM/DLP/AP
Thanks. As it stands, I have the players ideal for the following roles:

GK: Regular Keeper Defend or Sweeper Defend
DL/DR: FB Automatic
DC: Center Defend
CM's or DM's: DM Defend/Support or Ball Winning Mid Defend/Support
AMC: Trequarista/Attack Mid/Adv Playmaker
AML/R: Inside Forward or Winger
Striker: Poacher (or sometimes Trequarista when a Attack Mid used)

Would you suggest a different tactic or a slightly different philosophy/style? Using the above roles of course.
2 CM's, one as a BWM(s) and one as a DLP(s). AMC as a classical attacking mid(support). AMR/L both as wingers and ST always as a poacher. I also find that having both DR/L set to Full Back(defend) gives your defence a lot more solidity.
Thanks FM Rookie. Would you suggest playing those two CM's deep or normal? The problem is I have 3 players who are excellent DM or Ball Winning Defend or Support. I wonder if I could use one and tweak for DLP/Support for the short term...and 'em in mid of pitch as opposed to deep?

What's the thought behind having a Attack Mid/Support in AMC with those CM's and a Poacher? Why not set for attack?

Again, really appreciate the advice.
Again, this is just from my own experimentations. Play the 2 cm's normal. The Attacking mid(support) adds balance to the midfield and attack and the poacher, really needs no explanation. He is there to score goals and a poacher will do that.
Here is my 4-2-3-1 tactic
my left back and right back are full wing backs
AMC: attacking midfielder or advanced playmaker
ST: rarely poachers and Trequarista but TF,DF and CF

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