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The England Football Team

What do you think?
Started on 20 October 2012 by paul1576
Latest Reply on 12 March 2013 by Justice
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I was just wondering what the opinions from around the world are about the England football team. Do you like the way they play? do you like the players? Do you think England could win the world cup?
they are shit, no and no!

but seriously, england in the last like 5 years havent really developed any great players, i mean you find great talents in team. but not the like "international" talents where a player would be able to do as well in the club and the national team.

i have also seen how the english players don't have the same "fight" they used to have before. i mean compare it to sweden, we got a few great players who are international quality and can play in any team. but every other player will come in and play equally good in the national team as they would at the club level if not better. mainly because of the fighting spirit.

england obviously want to adapt to the "tactical" football first, and now they want to be "spain type" team now. they dont go in with their own style, and thats where they loose it.

the players i don't see much problem with, obviously a big selection pool for england compared to a few other smaller countries who still manage to do better than england quality wise.

we obviously see with england at times stupid selections, they go after names rather than performance. last year how good were liverpool? not good, but still many of their players got to play in the national team. obviously the likes of gerrard still do perform. but i mean otherwise they wouldnt just go for a few players from the lesser teams even though they have done brilliantly through out the season. give those players a chance instead of picking "the ones already played and have the big name". and see a bit of attitude change.
And yet England are 5th in the world rakings. We dont look pretty and yes they do seem to choose names rather than performances - I mean Rooney is crap and yet he somehow scores for England still. Garrard is getting too slow and now we lose our best def in John Terry as he has quit. I think the premier league makes it hard for players as most who play in it are not english and yet we choose players only from the premier league. We should play 442 long ball and kick ass tactic but I bet we would get too many players sent off as the game of football has gone "soft" these days.
Well a lot of people say that the English national team is bad because of too many foreigners in the league. There are 600 players in the Prem and 300 are English, 300 are foreign. About half of these English players are first team regulars. That is enough for a squad so it is probably that England's players are not World Class but just good.
I think that the problem with the English national team is that maybe one or two players in the squad are hyped up rather than the whole team. Looking back at Euro 2012, everybody was praising Gerrard's, Carroll's and Sturridge's form for their clubs and they had very respectable performances in the Euro. If the media were to hype up the entire team, this would motivate the entire team. Although I thought England looked very promising in the Euros, compared to the World Cup, and they were unfortunate to be knocked out by the eventual runners-up and by penalties.

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