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KuPS - The Rocky Road To Glory

Bringing glory to my beloved Keltamusta
Started on 27 November 2012 by The FM Rookie
Latest Reply on 13 July 2013 by wellsy1498
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October Update

Hi guys. With the domestic trophies wrapped up, it was time to rest players and gain CL experience. Here we go:

3-1 Loss vs PSG (A) CL Grp A, 1.10.14.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic 4', 45+2'
Willian 89'
Willian (8.8)

Miika Ilo 57'

1-0 Win vs JJK (H) League, 3.10.14.

Ebrima Sohna 90+2'
Ebrima Sohna (7.5)


2-2 Draw vs MYPA (A) League, 5.10.14.

Nosh A Lody 53’
Riley O’Neill 58’

Rasmus Schuller 44’
Enock Kwakwa 65’
Aleksi Paananen (9.0)

1-0 Win vs HJK (A) League, 8.10.14.


Jerry Voutilainen 67’
Sean Cunningham (8.3)

2-0 Win vs VPS (H) League, 12.10.14.

Bard Finne 22’
Aleksi Paananen 53’
Joni Nissinen (8.2)


1-0 Win vs Haka (H) League, 16.10.14.

Ats Purje 61’
Atte Hoivala (8.7)


3-1 Win vs TPS (H) League, 19.10.14.

Sander Puri 15’
Johann Smith 24’
Jerry Voutilainen 90+2’
Juha Tuomi (7.9)

Marko Jaksic 7’

3-2 Loss vs Inter (A) CL Grp A, 22.10.14.

Fernando Llorente 70’, 72’
Gianluca Caprari 86’
Fernando Llorente (8.9)

Ats Purje 35’
Ilja Venalainen 54’

Veikkausliiga Table

Champions League Group A

We managed to stay unbeaten throughout the entire league season. This has probably been my greatest achievement in all of my years playing FM. I hope I can achieve even better in the future, if that’s possible. We still have three Champions League games to play and I hope we can put up a good fight. Here are the three remaining fixtures:

Until next time, stay tuned!
Theoretically you can still top the group :P
2013-01-26 16:54#78973 Blue : Theoretically you can still top the group :P
Theoretically I can still have an orgy with Hollywood stars, which would probably be more likely :P

Last Three Matches

Hello again guys. We had played out the entire domestic season now. All that was left were the remaining games in the Champions League. We had to play Inter, Liverpool and PSG one more time. Here we go:

2-0 Loss vs Inter (H) CL Grp A, 4.11.14.


Lorenzo Crisetig 10'
Fernando Llorente 45+2'
Lorenzo Crisetig (8.3)

0-0 Draw vs Liverpool (A) CL Grp A,

Etienne Capoue (9.0)


5-0 Loss vs PSG (H) CL Grp A, 9.12.14.


Mathieu Bodmer 10'
Mamdou Sakho 48'
Javier Pastore 75', 77'
Franchel Diamesso 90'
Javier Pastore (9.5)

Champions League Group A

I didn't expect to get any results from these Champions League games but we managed to get an amazing draw at Anfield. This is a great memory to keep. Hopefully we can make the Champions League group stages again next season. My next update will be the season review. Until then, stay tuned!
Wow what a tough group you had! You managed to do yourself proud especially at Anfield as European football is their strength and always has been.
LOL, Liverpool went out :D

2014 Season Report

Hey guys, another season done means another season report for you! I will run through each of the competition's fixtures, our expectations for those competitions and our expectations for next season. Here we go:


My aim for the league was to win the title again, this is how we did over the season:

Final League Table

This season was quite extraordinary, staying unbeaten throught the whole season. We also kept 21 clean sheets which is amazing. Hopefully we can keep our unbeaten record for next season!

Our players did well in terms of awards, Voutilainen coming 2nd in Player of the Season being the highlight. I was surprised I came second for Manager of the Season award, I felt I did enough to win it but I didn't.

Points Record

I'm hoping to retain the league title next season. This would be a great achievement to win three in a row. Can it be done? I hope so!

Finnish Cup

I was hoping to reach the final of the Cup this year. This would be a great achievement.

Another brilliant trophy win for us. I'm looking to retain the title next season.

League Cup

A final in this trophy would have delighted me.

I was very happy to win this trophy. It doesn't bring European football but it brings pride and satisfaction. I am looking to win it again next season.

Champions League

I was hoping to get past the first round of the qualifiers. This would have been great experience for us.

Champions League Group

I was absolutely delighted to go as far as I did. Getting to the group stages was a dream-come-true. Earning a draw at Anfield was such a thrill, being a Reds fan myself. I hope to reach the play-offs next season. This would be a huge achievement!


So that's that. Next time will be the new season. Until then, stay tuned!
Really well done :)
You lost games in Finland with Banzai :O
Great season m8, congratultaion :)
Thanks guys :D Blue, that was pre-Banzai :P

2015 League Cup Fixtures + New Signings

Another season starts soon. Here is our League Cup Group, fixtures and our new signings:

League Cup Groups


New Signings

Vincent Dubois
20 yrs old - M/AMC
Free Transfer - £900 p/w

This guy has great potential and great all-round stats. He looks a very exciting regen and I snatched him up as soon as I could. (Released by Bordeaux)

25 yrs old - AMC
Free Transfer - £2,500 p/w

He might be on high wages but he supplies great technical abilities aswell as pace. He will be good rotation for Demirci. (Released by Santos)

Guly do Prado
33 yrs old - AMR
Free Transfer - £950 p/w

He might be on the wrong side of 30 but his experience will be vital. He has played for both Southampton and Middlesborough in the Barclays Premier League. His technical ability will provide us with a great match winner. (Released my Middlesborough)

22 yrs old - DR
Free Transfer - £1,200 p/w

Alex will be a great right back for the club and will rotate with Hoivala in the squad. (Released by Vitesse)

22 yrs old - DL
Free Transfer - £1,000 p/w

Another great defender signed (Alex's twin brother, coincidentally). He will rotate with Cunningham for the left back slot. (Released by Vitesse)

So, these five were good signings. What was very funny, imo, is that Alex and Anderson are twin brothers and I only found out while I was writing this! Until next time, stay tuned!
Loving the story keep it up

Team Report

A Team Report:

29 Players
3 GKs
3 DRs - 5 DCs - 2 DLs
5 MCs
3 AMRs - 4 AMCs - 2 AMLs
2 STs

And the players:

I'm very happy with my squad this season. I might look to replace Topi Sormunen at centre back but otherwise I think I have a very strong team.
Some good signings there, will this be another great season?

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