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KuPS - The Rocky Road To Glory

Bringing glory to my beloved Keltamusta
Started on 27 November 2012 by The FM Rookie
Latest Reply on 13 July 2013 by wellsy1498
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:P :D :D :D! Is Valeinen the league's top scorer?
To much KuPs stories :/, good luck in the league cup final :D

League Cup Final

This was the big game, the Final of the League Cup. All the dramas of the previous games, the dramatic goals, the penalty shoot-outs, it all came down to this. Kuopion Palloseura and Myllykosken Palloseura, battling it out for the League Cup. Two teams, one cup. Who won? Who lost? Let's find out!

Schuller won it for us! Well, who would have expected that? His first goal for the club and in a great fashion too! It is great to be able to win another trophy and it is a proud day for all KuPS fans. Onwards and upwards from here! Until next time, stay tuned!
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Thanks Jeremy :) I'm so happy to have won four trophies already. Hopefully I can have six by the end of the season

The Joys Of Management

Johnson: "Football Management is the ultimate task"

Extract from an interview with Nick Johnson...

Nick Johnson: "Football management has it's negatives, like any other job in the world. Sometimes you can feel isolated as a manager. When a team performs poorly, the majority of the blame resides with the manager. The manager is expected to make progress happen within the club, even when it is very difficult to do so. The manager is expected to do everything perfectly, which is near impossible.

Despite all these things, I love being a manager. The thrills of managing a club, winning games, winning trophies, the fans' support, it is all amazing. I love being a manager. I thrive under the pressure of managing a club like KuPS. I have been lucky to have everybody involved with the club supporting me and my every decision.

I am also very happy to announce a new signing for KuPS. He is a young Norwegian striker who used to play for Molde but did not sign a new contract after his last season there. He joins us on a free transfer and I want to develop him to eventually be our main striker here. He is a determined lad and I know that he will shine."

Bard Finne
19 yrs old - ST
Free Transfer - £275 p/w
Nice finishing mate!
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April Update

The league and cup campaigns have started back up again in this month. I have brought in a new tactic for my KuPS side which I will post a screenie of and a link tp at the bottom of this post. We had three tough games, here they are:

3-0 Win vs FC Inter (A) League, 21.04.14.

FC Inter:

Miika Ilo 4'
Jerry Voutilainen 62'
Muhammed Demirci 66'
Miika Ilo (9.2)

e2-1 Win (1-1 FT) vs FC Inter (A) Cup 7th Rnd, 24.04.14.

FC Inter:
Ari Nyman 87'

Muhammed Demirci 26'
Ilja Venalainen 116'
Ilja Venalainen (9.0)
Ebrima Sohna 91'
Sean Cunningham 108'

4-0 Win vs FC Lahti (H) League, 27.04.14.

Antti Hynynen 24'
Etchu Tabe 31', 47'
Ilja Venalainen 51'
Etchu Tabe (9.3)

FC Lahti:
Jukka Veltheim 35'

Veikkausliiga Table

Cup Quarter-Final Draw

It was a great month for us as we won three very difficult games. I must credit my tactic for this, it has proven to be a huge hit. Before I made this, I spent nine years making a tactic. It took me nine minutes to make a better one! Here is the tactic:

Here are KuPS' fixtures for May:

We have a tough game against HJK in the cup semi-final and we have to play them again in the league. Otherwise, I am hoping to stay undefeated. I hope you are all enjoying this story. Until next time, stay tuned!
Now I see where Pep learned Tiki-Taka! KuPS! ;)
Great month and great tactic Nick, keep it up!
2013-01-19 23:37#78067 or.dabool : Now I see where Pep learned Tiki-Taka! KuPS! ;)
Everybody's got to learn from somewhere, don't they? :P

2013-01-19 23:45#78069 manchesterblue97 : Great month and great tactic Nick, keep it up!
Thanks Ben :) It has been a HUGE success so far!

May Update

Hey guys, time for another update! Last month saw the introduction of the "Banzai Tiki-Taka" tactic which I made myself. It brought some brilliant results in April. Let's see how it did in May:

4-0 Win vs HJK (H) Cup QF, 01.05.14.

Ilja Venalainen 1'
Miika Ilo 3', 9'
Jerry Voutilainen 25'
Miika Ilo (9.4)


1-0 Win vs Mariehamn (A) League, 04.05.14.

Aleksei Kangaskolkka 55'

Antti Hynynen 4'
Etchu Tabe (7.6)
Miika Ilo 86'

3-0 Win vs Haka (H) League, 11.05.14.

Antti Hynynen 23'
Etchu Tabe 47'
Jari Litmanen pen 50'
Etchu Tabe (8.5)


1-0 Win vs HJK (A) League, 15.05.14.

Konsta Hietanen (8.1)

Ebrima Sohna 87'

2-0 Win vs RoPS (H) League, 19.05.14.

Atte Hoivala 11'
Jari Litmanen 68'
Atte Hoivala (9.0)


1-0 Win vs JJK (A) League, 23.05.14.


Jerry Voutilainen 1'
Etchu Tabe (8.0)

1-0 Win vs Honka (A) Cup SF, 29.05.14.


Ilja Venalainen 22'
Juha Tuomi (8.4)

Seven wins from seven, what a month! This really does prove how good the "Banzai Tiki-Taka" tactic is. The download link is in the April post, for those who are inieterested. We notched up fourteen goals and not conceding a single one!

Veikkauliiga Table

Cup Final Draw

Forssell Retirement Date

Ever since I have implimented my new tactic, I have had no space for strikers which meant that Forssell wasn't getting games. He decided to hang up his boots as a result.

June Fixtures

I might be optimistic but I think that every game is winnable. Hopefully we can do the impossible and win them all! Until next time, stay tuned!

KuPS: A Growing Club

KuPS might not be the biggest club in Europe, but under Nick Johnson's management they are certainly heading to be there or thereabouts. They have already performed above expectations last season, winning the Finnish treble, and knocking Werder Bremen out of the Europa League in the qualifying rounds. These are no easy feats, and now everyone can see the club growing.

When KuPS were drawn against German club Werder Bremen, no-one really thought they stood a chance of going through. Not many people knew who they were, although when Johann Smith gave the Finnish club a first-leg lead, more people started watching with intrigue. In Germany not only did they have the famous KuPS fans behind them, but also a lot of neutrals who support the underdog. KuPS may have lost the second leg in Germany 2-1, but amazingly went through on away goals thanks to Purje, who put them in front just before half-time. The desire to keep going and wanting to win that day was admirble, and the KuPSi players never gave up, not when Bremen took the lead, not when they were absolutely dominant, not ever.

It's not just the results on the pitch that is attracting attention, they have also made some fantastic transfers. One of those is Bard Finne, a young Norwegian wonderkid, released by Molde when his contract expired. He might not be great now, but Nick Johnson believes he will still become a great player, and has jumped at the chance to sign him. Undoubtedly though, the best wonderkid in the KuPS squad is Muhammed Demirci. Released from Besiktas last summer, and picked up by the Finnish champions, Demirci is set to grow into one of the best players the Finnish league has ever seen, and lead the club to glory.

Nick Johnson is being hailed as a tactical genius by sections of the KuPS support after winning four trophies in his short time at the club so far, and is close to winning a fifth, with KuPS in the Finnish Cup final against MYPA. This season he has trialled an experimental 4-6-0 False No. 9 tactic, and it has worked brilliantly so far. KuPS have won all 7 of their league games so far, and are yet to concede. This was also the tatic used to win the League Cup at the start of the season.

Many football fans know that KuPS aren't going to stop growing yet. They are going to carry on winning trophies, signing great players, and going places in Europe. This season they are in the Champions' League qualifiers, and depending on who they draw, they will think they have a great chance of progressing to the next round. There's nothing more we can do other than sit back and enjoy the ride here in Kuopio.

Darijo Rakitic, Savon Sanomat
Great post Ben, just amazing :')
great story man but that guy in the pic is dead set ugly ahha

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