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KuPS - The Rocky Road To Glory

Bringing glory to my beloved Keltamusta
Started on 27 November 2012 by The FM Rookie
Latest Reply on 13 July 2013 by wellsy1498
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August Update

Hi guys, here is the July update as we had Europa League qualification action although it was also a month to forget as the KuPS board really tried their best to screw me over! Anyway, let's start!

1-0 Win vs Bremen (H) Europa League 3rd Qual Rnd 1st Leg, 01.08.13.

Johann Smith 9'
Markus Joenmaki (9.0)
Johann Smith 84'

Werder Bremen:
Clemens Fritz 67'

2-2 Draw vs HJK (H) League, 04.08.13.

Mikael Forssell pen 10'
Jerry Voutilainen 74'

Joel Pohjanpalo 43'
Demba Savage 89'
Demba Savage (8.2)

1-2 Loss (a2-2 agg. Win) vs Bremen (A) Europa League 3rd Qual Rnd 2nd Leg, 08.08.13.

Werder Bremen:
Sebastian Prodl 75'
Eljero Elia 83'
Sokratis Papastathopolous
Florian Trinks 61'

Ats Purje 44'
Atte Hoivala 90+5'

3-3 Draw vs FC Lahti (A) League, 11.08.13.

FC Lahti:
Hendrik Grossohmichen 26'
Jani Backman 53'
Jonne Kemppinen 90+2'

Dudu 24', 89'
Sander Puri 50'
Dudu (8.8)

1-0 Loss vs Haka (H) League, 19.08.13.


Lassi Luoto 76'
Dema (7.7)

3-1 Loss vs Napoli (H) Europa league Playoff 1st Leg, 22.08.13.

Ilja Venalainen 17'

Hugo Campagnaro 11'
Edinson Cavani pen 20'
Paolo Cannavaro 58'
Hugo Campagnaro (8.9)

2-1 Loss vs VPS (A) League, 26.08.13.

Jyrki Sarenpaa 21'
Ville Luokalla 87'
Sebastian Strandvall 6'

Sander Puri 62'
Paul Obiefule (8.2)

3-2 Loss (6-3 agg. Loss) vs Napoli (A) Europa league Playoff 2nd Leg, 29.08.13.

Blerim Dzemaili 29'
Edinson Cavani 41', 85'
Edinson Cavani (9.0)

Miika Ilo 44', 89'

Veikkausliiga Table


September Fixtures

So the board sold Paul Obiefule against my will and only gave me money to spend with 1 hr left in the transfer deadline day. I couldn't sign anybody in that time which means we have a weakened team for the last two months. I will leave you with Puri's wonder goal against VPS, so stay tuned!

I thought u did great against Bremen but you were unlucky against a clearly superior side, Napoli! take heart,you never know the blessing in disguise until it reveals itself!

Battle at the KuPSi Camp

Kuopion Palloseura manager Nick Johnson is headed for a collision course with the board after he was angered when the board to decided to sell Paul Obiefule, one of KuPS' better players, without giving him sufficient funds to buy a replacement.

This has caused great controversy, and anger amongst the KuPS fans, as they feel the team needs definite improvement due to a slight loss of form in recent weeks, although they have managed to knock German club Werder Bremen out of the Europa League, although proceeded to lose to the Italian club Napoli, although they did manage to score three in the process. Nick Johnson is being hailed as a tactical genius by sections of the KuPS support, and will certainly be encouraged by this in his first managerial job.

Johnson has a right to be worried about losing one of his key players, and missed out on a big signing on deadline day. He also has a right to be angry at the club. Of course, they probably used the money from the Obiefule transfer to improve the clubs financial status, but they should always be looking to improve the team. Improve the team; win trophies. Win trophies; get more money. Get more money; everyone is happy. Surely they should put the team before trying to make a profit on their investment.

So, will the tension at the club reach boiling point? Will we see any rash decisions? We'll just have to eagerly wait, in anticipation, for the next twist in Nick Johnson's KuPS career.

Mario Misarovic, Turun Sanomat
Thank you very much Ben :) This is amazing :P
Love it! Why did you let Dudu go, and he looked like he scored some crucial goals. Couldn't you stop the board from selling Obiefule? KuPS!
Great story m8! Really happy some1 doing story about Finnish team :) and even getting all the names right :)

I would do story myself but I´m bit lazy so it would be flop...
2013-01-15 03:55#77212 PaukerJ : Love it! Why did you let Dudu go, and he looked like he scored some crucial goals. Couldn't you stop the board from selling Obiefule? KuPS!
Board were too arrogant, Dudu is another story for another post :P

2013-01-15 06:35#77226 DerAlte : Great story m8! Really happy some1 doing story about Finnish team :) and even getting all the names right :)

I would do story myself but I´m bit lazy so it would be flop...
I'm glad you are enjoying this :) I'd hope I'm getting all the names right due to me being puoli-Savo and a full-time Kelta Musta :P

The Reason Dudu Left...


I had gone to a furniture shop but it was closed for some reason. I decided to drive back home and to spend time with my wife. It was a surprise for me to see another car parked outside my garage. I presumed it was one of Kate's friends. I opened the door quietly and was greeted with the sound of Kate having an orgasm and the sound of a familiar voice going "Oh yes, like that!".

I rushed in to the bedroom to see Dudu fucking Kate! I just stood there in shock. They stopped immediately and turned to me, not saying anything.

Kate: "I'm sorry Nick."

She started crying.

Me: "Fuck you Kate, we're married for God's sake! We're married!"

I stormed out of the room and then out of the house, looking for alcohol to make the pain go away.
i like the update man... aw your poor heart what can fix it :p
Awesome update aside from the clearly wrong usage of Kate :P I'm gonna show her that :D

Septemer Update + Finnish Cup Final

Hey guys, here is the September update. After all the rigours of the previous month, we had an important league schedule aswell as the Finnish Cup final. Here we go!

3-0 Win vs JJK (H) League, 01.09.13.

Marcos Paolo 34'
Ilja Venalainen 41', 90+2'
Ilja Venalainen (9.3)


1-1 Draw vs Mariehamn (A) League, 10.09.13.

Jami Puustinen 24'
Ville Taulo (7.3)

Mikael Forssell 36'
Marcos Paolo 74'

1-0 Win vs FF Jaro (A) League, 15.09.13.

FF Jaro:

Miika Ilo 55'
Pyry Karkkainen (7.4)
Atte Hoivala 61'

2-1 Win vs HJK (A) League, 18.09.13.

Berat Sadik 72'

Mikael Forssell 9'
Antti Hynynen 16'
Antti Hynynen (8.1)

2-0 Win vs Mariehamn (H) League, 22.09.13.

Aleksi Paananen 7'
Miika Ilo 85'
Aleksi Paananen (8.0)


4-1 Win vs Honka (H) League, 25.09.13.

Antti Hynynen 1'
Mikael Forssell 34'
Pyry Karkkainen 82'
Miika Ilo 85'
Antti Hynynen (9.0)

Mikael Lahde 80'

e3-1 Win (1-1 FT) vs FC Lahti (N) Finnish Cup Final, 28.09.13.

Sander Puri 39', 105', 115'
Sander Puri (9.7)

FC Lahti:
Rafael 69'

4-0 Win vs FC Inter (A) League, 30.09.13.

FC Inter:

Antti Hynynen 3', 19', 58'
Sander Puri 15'
Antti Hynynen (9.5)

Veikkausliiga Table

October Fixtures

Probably my best month in charge of KuPS; winning the Finnish Cup and hammering FC Inter away in a match which could ultimately decide the title race. This is why I play Football Manager, for moments like these. Sometimes it feels more important than life. Until next time, stay tuned!


Really well done Nick, looking forward to next season"
Thanks guys, but the season is not over yet. I cannot afford to take my eyes off the prize and what would be a way in to the Champpions League qualifiers; the league title
Is it not? Oh :/

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