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Andriy Shevchenko: From Hero to Hero

Read or be impaled by a flying shuriken
Started on 5 December 2012 by Glenn T
Latest Reply on 21 December 2012 by Glenn T
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Chelsea and Everton aren't going to stay there long so you need to move your butt!
2012-12-08 16:14#71453 Arvind K : Chelsea and Everton aren't going to stay there long so you need to move your butt!

Good point... as we speak, they are trashing us 3-0 :))

This is QPR's climb to the Premier League. Nobody expects wonders from you in your first season. Just show commitment and endeavour during difficult spells and you will progress.
Thank you :')
keep it going Glenn, Great manager so the results will come good soon enough ;D
2012-12-08 22:09#71485 MarkKolatowicz12 : keep it going Glenn, Great manager so the results will come good soon enough ;D

Thanks mate, as a matter of fact just held Man Utd to a 1-1 :P

November: Back to the Top

"Hello Andriy!"

"Hello Mark!"

"You seem in an awfully cheerful mood," Mark noted.

"That's because we are 10th in the table," I smiled broadly. "The monthly report doesn't seem as bad when you're 10th in the table, and not 19th.

Mark chuckled, before handing over the report.

Premier League
West Ham 0 - 4 QPR

QPR 1 - 0 Arsenal

Chelsea 5 - 0 QPR

Man Utd 1 - 1 QPR

QPR 0 - 2 Everton

Well, maybe not," I sighed. "Losing 5-0 is a humiliation..."

"Hey, it was Chelsea," Mark reasoned. "Beside, you got three points against Arsenal, and held Manchester United to a draw!"

"Yes, and Djibril scored four against West Ham at their own stadium..." I started to smile.

QPR Player of the Month

Nedum Onuoha

Nedum Onuoha has been a rock in the central of the QPR defense all month. He defended superbly well when asked to step up against the likes of Arsenal and Manchester United. Overall, we feel that the QPR defense have done quite well this month, save for of course the 5-0 loss against Chelsea. However, Mbia and Nelsen have both failed to show the same amount of consistency as Onuoha.

"Can't argue with that. Nedum has been brilliant," I said happily.

"Oh yeah, and guess who's on top of the goal-scoring charts," Mark winked. Somehow I felt that the wink looked somewhat pedophilish.

"Ah, Djibril?"

"Yes!" Mark grinned. "He's scored the most goals in the league so far with 13 goals. Second-placed is Danny Graham of Swansea, who's scored 11."

"That's nice," I leaned back in my chair. "Hopefully he can keep up this form."
One word describes how you have turned your form around: CISSE!!!

He's bagging them for fun at this stage!
I've switched back to my normal computer, so in-game screenshots will return :)
Just a 'testing' screenshot. Our position in the league currently... December 2012.

December: Powerhouse... Almost!

"Hey, Andriy!"

"Good morning, Mark!"

"We are unbeaten throughout the month," Mark had a grin etched on his face, as he handed over the monthly report.

Premier League
QPR 2 - 0 West Bromwich

QPR 2 - 0 Reading

Newcastle 0 - 0 QPR

Southampton 0 - 2 QPR

QPR 1 - 1 Stoke

QPR 2 - 2 Norwich

"Great month, huh?" Mark smiled.

"Yes, it was," I nodded.

QPR Player of the Month

Ryan Nelsen

Ryan Nelsen performed very well this month alongside Nedum Onuoha in the absence of Stephane Mbia through injury. His man of the match performance against Norwich awed every QPR fans, and Mbia will have to work very hard if he wants to maintain a first team place.

"They're right," I nodded, again. "Ryan has been absolutely wonderful."

"It's January right?" Mark asked.

I shot him a weird look. "No shit, Sherlock."

Mark chuckled. "Just asking if you've got any targets lined up."

"Not really," I sighed. "Probably a midfielder. Could you get Mike to phone Tony and tell him to come down to Loftus Road tomorrow?"

Glenn T's avatar Group Glenn T
11 yearsEdited

World Award Winners 2012

Ballon d'Or
Lionel Messi (Barcelona)

World Player
Lionel Messi (Barcelona)

World Team
Casillas; Alves, Pique, Vidic, Marcelo; Kroos, Modric; Di Maria, van der Vaart, Ronaldo; Messi

European Golden Boy
Eden Hazard (Chelsea)

The Halfway Point

"Good day, Andriy."

"Hello Tony," I greeted the Malaysian, and took a seat. "Sorry for having troubled you to fly here on such short notice."

"Oh, no bother. There is nothing that I cannot do if it comes to Queens Park Rangers," Tony proclaimed.

I thought of asking Tony for funds to sign Lionel Messi, but decided not to crack such a joke in front of the owner, who could probably sack me with a wave of his hand.

"Right. I invited you here to talk about what's been going on for the past five months, as well as what is going to happen... or what I hope will be going to happen, in the next five months."

Tony seemed intrigued.

"Alright, as you would know, we didn't exactly have the best of starts to the season, but we recovered and now we've moved up the table to 6th, although there are a few clubs close behind that have games in hand and all," I presented Tony with the monthly reports I had collected so far, for August, September, October, November and December.

He looked at them all with interest.

"By the way, I think you're doing a great job, Andriy," Tony looked up. "I don't think Mark Hughes would have gotten us to 6th in the table."

"Thank you," I grinned. Always nice to get some praise, especially from the higher-ups.

"Since we are 6th in the table, I remain confident we can avoid relegation this season. In fact, that confidence has been boosted," he beamed. "Mark Bowen tells me good things about you all the time... the way you train the team, and all."

"Yes, Mark is a nice man as well."

"Anyway," Tony leaned in. "If I offered you the chance to switch our season expectations, would you take it?"

I blinked, not exactly understanding.

"The plan this season was to avoid relegation. Since you're so high up the table, I was thinking of allocating more funds to the wage budget. The catch is, you'll have to promise we are able to finish in the top half of the table, or somewhere like 11th or 12th."

"Just the wage budget?"

"Yes," Tony sighed. "Unfortunately we can't do much about your... lowly transfer budget."

I nodded, understanding. With all due respect, Mark Hughes struck me as... well, an idiot. His summer signings hadn't really been all that good. Also, players like Zamora and Park were earning close to 60k and 70k per week.

Ji-Sung was the captain, and no disrespect meant to him, although really I think he doesn't deserve that much of a salary.

"I think it would be good to let our expectations remain at avoiding relegation," I made a decision.

"It's up to you," Tony agreed.

Soon, we had returned to the topic about the season.

"Djibril has been one of the standout performers this season," I informed Tony.

"Top scorer," Tony shook his head with a thrilled expression on his face. "I didn't know that!"

"He has been in blistering goal-scoring form. Unfortunately, his form has been dipping a little."

"I see..."

"Next," I opened another file. "Nedum Onuoha!"

"Not bad," Tony noted.

Not bad? I raised an eyebrow. Nedum's defending had been top class. However, I didn't argue.

"It's not only Nedum. Ryan and Stephane have been performing really well too."

"Ah, I see, that's good to know." Then, he turned to me. "Are you planning to sell anyone?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact..." I started thinking.

"Just a quick warning," Tony said uncomfortably. "Some of our players have... slightly exaggerated salaries. It might be hard to sell them."

"... I understand."

One More Brazilian

QPR manager Andriy Shevchenko has obviously found it easy in the South American market, as yet another Brazilian joins the QPR squad.

Doria comes from Botafogo for a fee of just 500k.

A central defender, Doria started out in the youth teams of Botafogo and worked his way up into the first team, making his debut last season. His performances have caught the eye of Shevchenko and the Ukrainian boss has finally got his man.

"Doria for 500k is a bargain," Shevchenko marveled. "I will be looking to introduce him slowly into the first team here."

When quizzed on his preference for Brazilian players, Shevchenko remarked, "Many young Brazilians turn out to be wonderful talents, and their clubs like setting low release clauses. Why not?"

Troublesome Teenager

"No, no, I will not let you leave on loan," I retorted to the kid in front of me.

For days, Taylor Parmenter had been begging me to let him leave the club on loan instead of 'rotting in the Reserves', as he called it.

"I feel that letting you stay in the Reserves until the end of the season will allow you to progress more than letting you out on loan to the non-leagues," I reasoned, for about the umpteenth time that week. "You have not been playing well at all in the Reserves. What makes you think you will play better on loan at another club? Get your form up and then we will talk about this at the end of the season."

To be honest, that was only half the reason. I didn't want to send him on loan, partly because his contract expired in the summer anyway. I wasn't planning to renew his contract, so in the summer he could be free to choose whatever club he liked. I wasn't going to waste my time with him.

"But, boss, you don't understand," said the young man. "If I can play at a first team somewhere instead of the Reserves squad, I'm certain I'll play better, and I'm even more certain I'll be happier!"

"Then, wait till the summer," I replied, with a harsh tone. "Your contract expires then, and then we'll release you and you would be free to go wherever you liked!"

"Why won't you just listen?!" Parmenter burst out.

"Why won't you shut the fuck up?!" I yelled back.

"... You are the worst manager I've ever seen!" Parmenter roared. "Fuck you! And go ahead, fine me for that! I don't give a fuck about this shitty club anymore!"

I sighed, as Parmenter stormed out.

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