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Poll: This Is England. The Three Lions Roar.

You are bored. This is the antidote.
Started on 17 December 2012 by TheChosenOne
Latest Reply on 8 January 2013 by TheChosenOne
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This Is England. The Three Lions Roar.

Chapter 1: New Manager. New England.
Episode 1: Hodgson Out!
Episode 2: We Want Harry!
Episode 3: Harry Almost There
Episode 4: We Don't Want Capello!
Episode 5: Who's Getting The Job?
Episode 6: Harry Steps Down
Episode 7: Manager Hired. Who Is He?
Episode 8: SUPER KEANE!

Chapter 2: Start Of The Irish Reign
Episode 9: Tika Taka Tactics
Episode 10: Keane's 'Best Squad'
Episode 11: England vs Australia; Squad Confirmation, Match Report
Episode 12: Passionate Words
Episode 13: In The Words Of Sir Bobby Charlton
Episode 14: Squad Confirmation For Montenegro and San Marino

Chapter 3: Getting Competitive
Episode 14: Squad Confirmation For Montenegro and San Marino
Episode 15: Montenegro vs England
Episode 16: Thank You's All Around
Episode 17: England vs San Marino
Episode 18: Keane's second thoughts

Roy Hodgson Sacked! English FA Reveal Why.

Sky Sports News Reporter: "Well what a phenomenon we have going on here, newly appointed manager Roy Hodgson has been sacked after two months in charge! Fans demand an explanation from the English FA, explaining why they no long have a manager in charge of their country. Shortly after seeing what had been posted on social networking sites they released a press conference out to the fans. It explained that there had been a 'problem' between both the board, and the now ex-manager Roy Hodgson. It seemed one side preferred and older more experienced side, and the other, younger, fresher talents. The board was not willing to negotiate with him and gave him the boot. Fans are very displeased with this, but now looked towards current Spurs manager; Harry Redknapp to take over England; despite allegations he may be moving leaving managerial roles permanently or looking for another league team and not venturing into International management. This is Daniel Atredias reporting for Sky Sports News."
You will do well if you trust youth -.-
You can win everything with kids.
- matt653
i agree with matt :D youth all the way, maybe look to arrange as many friedlie as possible to get the tactic right and the balace of players cause you'll still need a few older players for experience
Open your vault of youth ASAP! Sterling and the Ox in the first squad! Good luck :)
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Redknapp wants England post

Wembley Stadium...
BBC News Reporter: "Hello there, we know circulating the sporting world is the 'filling' of England's managerial position, we have had information in that current Tottenham manager has declared interest in the job, even after declining interest in any international job. He has said he has been interested in the post a while and said he should of spoke out earlier before Roy Hodgson claimed the spot. The English FA have not confirmed that they would take Harry on, but most pundits reckon they will, unless a miracle happens. This is Nick Johnson reporting for the BBC News."
Great buildup TCO! Will be following.
Harry Potter, your country needs you! :P
Yeah, Hairy Potter, c'mon, step up! Oh, wait..
Is that Atreidas and Rookie I see? :P
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English FA accept Harry's offer

ESPN Reporter: "Well it has finally come, Harry Redknapp is inches, no millimeters away from signing a 2 year contract with England. The English FA have accepted his interest and along with that offered him a contract. Fans around England are 'buzzing' at the fact Harry will soon be their countries manager, any different and there would be a huge uproar. This is Mr.Gurdit reporting for ESPN TV."
2012-12-18 10:08#72813 Glenn T : Is that Atreidas and Rookie I see? :P
Who else would it be? :P
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Capello wants Round 2!

Channel 4 News Reporter: "Yes yes, thank you Dave. Now over to some exciting news in the footballing world. The Italian ex-England manager, Fabio Capello has announced he wants 'his' job back. Harry Redknapp is so close to signing the deal; most fans in England would be devastated at the sight of having Redknapp as manager walk away. Capello offically annouced in a press conference that he "knew the players" and "knew how they work in different situations." The England players have not yet said anything about the current manager crisis, and don't want to until it is resolved. This is Mr. Arvind reporting for Channel 4 News."
I'd prefer 'Arry over Capello any day :P
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Things 'heated' between the Italian and the Englishman

Sky Sports News Reporter: "Good evening to you all, now we are here to bring to you some more news about the intense time, where the unfilled England managerial position is wanting to be filled. Harry Redknapp was a signature away from being the Three Lions manager, but ex-manager Fabio Capello claimed interest in the job, meaning the English FA retracted their offer to Harry. Harry is said to be 'fuming' with the interest claimed by Capello, and thinks he (Harry) deserves the job more than the Italian. Now that the offer has been cancelled a few more managers have been linked with the job. The most prestigious manager to be linked with it is Sir Alex Ferguson. Media has said he will take on England as well as ex-English Champions Manchester United. Others, such as Chris Hughton, Roy Keane, and Gary Neville are also linked with the job.
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Redknapp steps down from International spotlight

ITV News Reporter: "Morning listeners, we have some more exciting news on the England manager crisis. We have information that favourite Harry Redknapp has stepped down as A manager contender. Fans are devastated to hear that 'The Chosen One' (little bit of my username reference there ;)) will not be leading there country to glory. Most fans want Capello's head for 'putting off' Harry and will do anything to stop the Italian becoming there countries manager once again. Pundits have also increased Roy Keane's odds to become manager, as well as an unknown manager, Josh Sleightholm be thrown in the mix. However it is highly unlikely he will claim the job. This is Or Dabool reporting for ITV News, Thank You."

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