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Started on 30 August 2008 by RedArmy20
Latest Reply on 5 April 2011 by macdab55
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im luke support chelsea and my second team is Brentford, 16 from the UK, quite a newcomer to FM aswell, i've only been playing since FM 2009 just picked it up and now i'm addicted :)

got a career with SC Heereveen on 2010 started unemployed but there terrible and i'm 3rd, so hopefully another team come by soon.
welcome luke!
Yeah, welcome luke :)
Chelsea is a good team!

You should come check the "chat" we have :)
Cheers guys!

Yeah i'll check it out!

I've been using Genie for a while but the site seems quite pleasant so I decided to join! nu member also..but i've play FM long time ago, forgot wht years, from 2D to 3D player :yes haha, i remember when my friend always criticized me for playing fm for hours, looking that circle 2D like stupid, and ask me to play other game better than that,haha, but go to hell with it, im addicted to fm, cant wait for new ver every year,hoho :satisfied genie scout really help me a lot.cant wait for 10.3 today,hehe..
I just saw this thread now and I guess I am a new member... I am originally from Egypt but have moved to Canada over a year ago.. My favorite team is Manchester United since a loooooooooong time.. second team is Real Madrid. In Egypt I cheer for Zamalek FC..

I have been playing FM since before it was called FM... I started in 1993 I THINK.. with Championship manager .. no 3d no nothing.. not even a 2d match engine.. just text describing where the ball is going and stats .. lots of them.. LOVED the game and got hooked.. kept playing every year each subsequent version then moved with FM when it launched in 2005 I think.. played all of them till FM 2009. Because of my move, I didnt have the chance to play FM2010 AT ALL although I have it.. just got Genie Scout fot 10.3 and I really HOPE to MAKE some time to play it.. I miss it really :((.. I have 2 kids and they are really taking up all the time I have.. - this is why I understand Eugene's efforts and appreciate them that he did the scout and updated it altough he is married with a daughter and a day time job..

Long intro.. sorry about that..
Don't worry about the long intro's guys its what we like, and welcome to fm scout everyone :beer
Hi im James im a tottenham fan and i have been playing FM for ages (back when it was CM).
At the mo im in to the 2013/14 season with port talbot after dominating the welsh league for the past 4 years(3 leagues, 7 cups)im hoping to get past the group stages of the champs league? and one day win it lol
welcome james :)
Ah a Tottenham fan, so happy you qualified for the champions league, good luck for next season. Welcome James
FM_MUFC : Ah a Tottenham fan, so happy you qualified for the champions league, good luck for next season. Welcome James
thank you
New also, just getting used to it, great game, :satisfied:satisfied
FM 2010 is my fifth Football Manager i play (previously i playd FM 2005,2006,2007,and 2008) and i played that every game i seved game and when i lost or draw exit game and played game again and i played like that in every anager but after few season in FM 2010 i decied that it was boring to play like this and started to play games not matter if i gonna lose or win in my first gae i sterted to play Catania in serie a i finished 17th with 9 games won 9 gaes drawed and 20 lost but i still think its good but every time i try to past 15 june 2010 crashu dumps showes up thats why i started to play WMKS Giedajty(created team in sixth division) after two seasons i promoted them to 4th division with 48 games won 11 drawed and 3 lost and i decided to start playing FC Nantes and iam in my first season

My name is Magnus and I'm coming from the land up north, Norway. I've been a Liverpool fan since I was six years old, but with the years, I have gradually converted to Spanish football. Now, the biggest part of my heart lies in Real Zaragoza, as you can see on my username.

In addition to being a regulary FM player, I'm also one of the moderators on Norway's biggest FM site, We have now over 47.000 users and the number increases with the day.

I'm really looking forward to the release of Football Manager 2011, and I'm also looking forward to be a part of this community.


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