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Started on 30 August 2008 by RedArmy20
Latest Reply on 5 April 2011 by macdab55
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i play football for a little club near bregana called NK Klokocevac
well i am from Haslingden, a small town in Lancashire, North West England.
i have and will support my beloved Red Devils!!!!! for ever! i also like Accrington Stanley, and Sporting CP (only because UTD get a few wonderkids from there). i like Rock, Heavy Metal, camp 80's rock(yeah go BON JOVI!!), i read war novels and philosophy (im liking David Hume at the moment), i also am an avid fan of snooker, almost more than football, and i love watching Gilmore Girls!

i have played all the FM titles, my favourite being 08, this is because i had my greatest game, i won:
3 league titles, 2 champ league with Bayern Munich.
2 league titles, 1 champ league with Barcelona
1 league title with Inter
1 league title with Arsenal.
this game was a masterpiece of management, although my loyalty was quite bad.

i work at Tesco, but going to University of Central Lancashire next year, so my FM playing will be reduced dramatically.

i play for a sunday league team, in DM. im not one to blow my own trumpet but i am a match for Genaro Gattuso.

and i want to become more than a youngster on here, how do i do that?
and i do talk quite a bit and when im ona roll im hard to stop, leading to very lenghty posts, so i apologize for that!
welcome hehe. you wont be a youngster forever. So just let the nature take care of it haha. Nah but i think when u reach 50 posts u are experienced enough to be in the reserves(backup for first team that would be). So keep on going til you become a geeky gattuso =D
Im from erskine which is near glasgow. i support rangers (but they are a bit shit this season, and the past 3 seasons lol) i work as a structural engineer and im 18.

i suffered a bad accident so unable to play football for a few months still at least. been playing fm since CM 97/98 when i was just 7 years old lol and have had either CM or FM every year.

Currently managing spurs in fm 09 after bringing chesterfield to the championship ( couldnt seem to get them further and got the sack because i made too many board requests lol )

also a player of pro ev 2009.
welcome welcome
Welcome mate... It's good that we have many new members...:)
ohh yeah is there anyway to change your name?
Ok well i wouldnt say i was new but i never posted in this thread :)

I was born in Sydney but moved to Auckland New Zealand was there till i was 18 then i decided to move to Sydney where i work as a Roof Plumber. 8 hours a day in the sun leaves me alot of time indoors to play FM :P Im 25 now so i think im one of the older board members. Been playing since CM 98 or 99 cant remember lol. I support Arsenal and my favourite player is Thierry Henry. Broke my heart when he went to Barca. Love the EPL watch it on paytv. My dream is to go watch Arsenal play one day in London.
hey, i didnt notice you earlier =P hahaha

If you come to europe, dont just watch an arsenal match. Go and watch some other matches in other countries as well. I think your old enough to start seriously saving up money for such a trip.
how do you change your name, i cant find it.
i am from flintshire in north east wales, i am 18 and at uni in carmarthen south west wales!
i support manchester united and have done since i can remember i also like t check on how wrexham are doing now and then!!
i have first played CM3 and have got the new game ever since, got fm 08 last year and that was amazing got wrexham to the prem and won the league cuo twice. also man utd on a 55 unbeaten streak but got bored!
Now i have FM 09 and i am wolves, got them promoted first season via playoffs and got them to stay up first season and now i am at feb 3rd season and i am 11th in the league and doin well for an average squad with some half decent player mixed in!
thats about it really!!
welcome bryn
I'm from the Philippines but I moved to New Zealand. Got into football after my dad showed me how to do the rainbow(pot of gold) and how to curl a ball from a freekick. I support a lot of teams since the Philippines really isn't in to soccer. In the EPL I support Arsenal 'cause their the first pro team I've ever watched on the tv.
welcome x-law, and just so you know its football, we dont know what soccer is. =D

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