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Portsmouth Back From The Dead

Started on 28 December 2012 by Irish Legend
Latest Reply on 29 December 2012 by QuestionMark
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Portsmouth Football Club is an English football club based in the city of Portsmouth. Portsmouth's home matches have been played at Fratton Park since the club's formation in 1898. The club is playing in Football League One in the 2012–13 season after being relegated from the Football League Championship in 2011–12.

A New Start

Portsmouth have been a successful club in recent years, especially during the 2007-08 Premier League season, when they won the FA Cup, beating Cardiff City 1–0 in the final. They subsequently qualified for the UEFA Cup (now Europa League).
During this period, Portsmouth were recognised to have a large number of international footballers, including England players Glen Johnson and Jermain Defoe, as well as Peter Crouch, David James and Sol Campbell.

Portsmouth have been champions of England twice, in 1949 and 1950. As well as the 2008 FA Cup win, Portsmouth also won in 1939, when they beat Wolverhampton Wanderers in the final at Wembley Stadium.

This team has a lot of history and for them to playing in such a low league is wrong so that is why I am here to change all that. This club won the F.A Cup in 07-08 season they played in Europe and now they are going true hell. I am going to reshape this club from top to bottom. I hope use enjoy reading this I am going try and make it a great story. Let me know if there are any good players that will play for the club also.
Good start mate, keep it up

The Start

In what is a shock to most fans of Portsmouth football club Michael Appleton has left the club we don’t know why he decided to leave. But we understand that being the manager of the club is a wrong step for him he said. Portsmouth has announced young Irish manager Jason Devlin will become the new manager of the club. Jason who has no experience what so ever said he can’t wait for the new challenge that he is about to go on. It’s hard to see if Jason can help the club who can’t even buy players in the summer as the club is in an embargo handed to the bye The PFA. And with a team full of a lot of young players too hard to see if Jason and keep them from going down again.

Jason Had this to say.

Hi thank use all for coming out today. I have a challenge and a dream that dream is to take this club back to where they belong playing in the premiership. I can’t believe a team that won the FA cup 5 years ago are now playing league one football it’s a joke. But I promise the fans this we will be back playing the big teams. I know I can’t buy players in the market yet I just hope this is sorted before the end of the window as I have a few in mind. Yes it’s going to be a challenge to get this club back on the ladder but that’s why I am here to help them do that.

So big words from a very little manager I think only time will tell if he can’t turn the club around. But I think this young manager has taken on something he won’t be able to handle. But I have been wrong before.

[b]Times are hard when your a Portsmouth Supporter.
I'm looking forward to this I tried a Portsmouth career myself and failed miserably, I hope you do better.
AlexSonwild's avatar Group AlexSonwild
8 yearsEdited
Good start mate. I will be following, good luck ;)
Good start brother. Will be following. You are going to need some brilliant signings along the way so I'm intrigued to who you will be picking up. Good Luck
Good story. I am from Portsmouth, so I will be following

What to do

As I sit in my office I think to myself what am i going to do the broad won’t give me anything the owner is looking to leave. I have to look to loan and get a few free players for the season; this is going to be a lot harder than I thought. The fans want my head don’t know why. Not even in the job a week yet talk about giving someone a chance. It looks like I am going to have to show everyone that I can do this. I am going to get onto the phone and call the broad and tell them what I need.

After being on the phone and asking for a little help I got it in a stupid 10k transfer budget what the fuck am I going do with that, fuck this you can tell the cunt does not like this club as he is listen to offers the prick, and the fans are taking it all out on me. Well what goes around comes around looks like I am going to turn that 10k into wages so I can get some free players and with the wage bill -4,500 does not leave me much.
And then it hit me friendly matches cancel the ones with lower league teams get big teams in will bring in a little money not much though. Hopefully the fans will see that I am trying to turn this club around. There is only so much one man can do and with the broad not behind you it’s hard. But that’s life you just have to get on with it.

Things just go from bad to worse with this club now one my best players want to leave 700k offered I cant say no that’s money this club needs and I am going to take it hopefully it will be a good investment towards another players, a player that is young and full of life only time will tell.

A New Start

After waiting and waiting for the new chairman to agree the deal it was done I was so happy for me and the club. We now know that a man has taken over the club who wants to be hear his name is David Sheepshanks. The first message I got from Mr Sheepshanks is thank you for what was been a rough time for the club but me and you are going to change that. I will clear all the clubs debts and I want to give you 1 Million for transfers with 50k wage how does that sound. That sounds great and thank you.

I can’t believe it know we can start again this club will be back in the premiership I promise you that. With a million to spend I started to look. So far I have got 5 players on loan and bought one. But I still have 750k to spend to change this team around. I have my scouts looking at two players these could be big stars in time, but for now I need players to play now not in two years’ time. Here are the players I have got so far.

Simon Lappin Loan
James Tavernier Loan
Mikkel Anderson Loan
Ryan Harley Loan
Patrick Bamford Loan
Juraj Halenar 300k

I am happy with what I have so far also two players left and it was not me that sold them was the old chairman. I tried to keep them at the club but he was having none of it saying the club needs the money, sure what did he care he was selling it anyway, I swear I think he wants this club to fail. Well thank god he is gone. The players that left are,

Izale Mcleod 150k
Brain Howard 190K

I wish them two the best of luck with their new clubs and I also want to say sorry lads if it was up to me use would still be here.

And while all that was going on with the takeover I had a few preseason matches to play also, and for the lads to forget everything that was going on and go out there and play some great football that showed me they mean business this year. Well here are the matches.

Lincoln (A) 1-0 (Win)
Liverpool (H) 2-1 (Lose)
Havent (A) 3-0 (Win)

We were unlucky against Liverpool but we put up a good fight well are next match is in the capitol one cup so I am going to get ready for that thanks for reading.

Portsmouth Vs Exeter 15/8/2012

We had a cup game against Exeter and it was at home, I told the players to go out there and show me what they can do show the fans that use want to play for this club. If use want to change the further of the club well now is your chance it’s a new season and in my eyes it’s a new start forget the past and work towards are further now lads get out there and show me what use can do.

In a game that was very poor we came out on top and I am not happy with the team. Two win on penalty’s is a joke we should of won that match even on a bad day. But look we got true in the end, and the players know how I feel about it. I want them to play a lot better in the next game we will need them to be up to par if we are to get anything out of the season.

August League Games

Ok so the month of August is over and the team played 3 league games I was hoping for 4 pionts out of these games to get the ball rolling. And to be honest I thought we could easily get that, boy was I wrong the team did not even show up I had to sit there and watch them play that shit football. At one stage I was fit to run onto the pitch and show them how to fucking do bunch of dopes and I told them that. They need to pull there fucking finger out there ass and start playing football.

With the fans not behind me and never have been since day one I am giving them an even better chance off booing me when we lose. Losing all 3 games is showing everyone that we are not good enough to even play in this league I swear to god I will change this team if it kills me I will. And then the new chairman says that he is not happy with the start that we have made, well what do you want I say with everything that has gone on with the club in the last few weeks it’s going to take time. Now can I please get on with my job.
I have brought players in with little money the players we had we all young lads we needed some players that have played big time football. And in January I will get that well that’s if I last hear. I won’t leave but let’s see how the broad treat the club if they want big things I want some money.

Ouch, tough start mate. Don't worry, things will only improve :)
Apart from Exeter and Walsall, you haven't done that bad defensively!
22nd August 2012

A Man of Contreversy

David Sheepshanks, CBE and chairman of St. George's Park, has been a figure of much contreversy since taking control of financially-torn Portsmouth FC. Upon arrival at the club, Mr. Sheepshanks brought promises of financial aid for both the club and the current manager, Jason Devlin. This was a huge relief for fans of Portsmouth FC. There was an air of joy around the club as the new owner invested £1 million in to the club's finances, although this was used to repay a minimal part of Portsmouth's breath-taking debt.

The fan's relief was short-lived, however, as Mr. Sheepshanks failed to invest more money in to the well-being of the club and thus the club failed to settle in to life in the NPower League One. In three league games, Portsmouth FC have earned three defeats. The reason behind these defeats, according to the fans, is due to the lack of budget given to manager Jason Devlin. He has been unable to bring in an overhaul of players and as a result, his squad looks very weak.

Some fans are calling for an early departure for David Sheepshanks but the future of the club would be put in under even more scrutiny, with disaster being it's only likely result. Will times under David Sheepshanks become brighter? Will he be forced out by the fans? Only time will tell.

Nick Johnson
The Daily Mirror.
You were lucky with the new owner I was in November and they were still barely in talks with bringing in a new owner

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