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A Heidenheim adventure

Started on 12 January 2013 by lross
Latest Reply on 7 February 2013 by lross
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The German third tier club Heidenheim FC (1. FC Heidenheim 1846) have today announced their manager Frank Schmidt is going to be let go, the reasons are not mentioned and no-one at the club has said why... This however is not the real news. Our reporter In Germany Claus Krause has more:

Heidenheim are a small club with big ambitions, recently the President of the club Klaus Mayer has accepted an offer from SKY SPORTS NEWS regarding the search for a new manager... Coaching badges will be fastracked and paid for and travel and accomodation if selected for an interview will also be paid for. Many local fans are outraged saying the money should be spent for helping the playing squad but this is set to revolutionise their club. For the worst? or for better? stay tuned all season as we cover this extraordinary story.

"This is my chance..."

*NOTE* This is going to be second to my West Brom story, I've been inspired by seeing Iain McIntosh write his version of this in 'Football Manager Stole My Life' so I am attempting it !

Name: Bryan Furwood
Previous experience: Football manager.(success can be proved)
managing semi-professional clubs Yate Town and Larkhall Athletic winning the league with both. (Again this can be proved and references can be shown)

Qualifications: Have everything, just haven't chose to pursue a 'proper' club yet.
Contact details/preference: E-mail: [email protected]
Availability: Whenever.

The main things I needed to fill out were straightforward, I am single, I can quit work, and my pet dog Rufus can come with me... Now to wait.

1 week later

To Mr. Furwood,

Your application has been read and accepted, details are enclosed for a flight and accommodation. You will be greeted by club officials and will also meet the President for an interview along with the SKY SPORTS NEWS journalist Claus Kraus. We look forward to meeting you, you will be accompanied by 2 other candidates.

Best Wishes,

1. FC Heidenheim 1846


The three candidates walked into the office of Klaus Mayer, met with handshakes and offered a drink...

Are the cameras going to always be involved ? A tall lanky man asked, candidate #1.

Yes, my friend Mayer replied smiling... That was the deal, and this documentary will allow one of you to expand your skills of management and will allow you to mould this group of players into a Bundesliga team, that is the aim one day.

There is one man, Bryan they said his name was, the only one with coaching qualifications, he played football manager a lot they told me... amateur and semi-professional management, emphasises attacking football, interesting.

My name is Klaus Mayer and I am Heidenheim's President, you will be taking a training session each today, the coaches will assess you and whilst that is going on one will be interviewed, the third will be interviewed.


Alright boys, my name is Bryan Furwood, just call me Bryan. I don't have ages today but I just want to split you up into groups, 4's really, it's simple keep-ball, green bibs keep the ball, orange bibs press the ball, if you win it back you give it back to the green team, the cones indicate the square in which to keep the ball and the four players, one on either side of the square have one touch each to play it back into the square to whichever team plays it to him... have a go at that.
The players stood there still, looking at Bryan Furwood...

Oh... could you translate that sorry Claus? Claus Krause does this and the Heidenheim players carry out the drill, enjoying it but the technical level is poor.


Mr Furwood, come in!

Klaus, I.. I mean Mr Mayer thank you for this opportunity.

Do not worry my friend, I'm pleased to have met you, now listen Bryan... you're my first choice, Sky Sports don't record the interviews, due to the secrecy they want when they reveal the management decision... I've read your application and if your coaching ways are up to scratch then I think it will be a deal we can strike.

That... that's fantastic Klaus. I can move here whenever and you can count on me I promise. This is going to be a long road but I plan to make this club great.

Bryan you are going to go a long way here, I hope... I'll have you know now though, the cameras can't protect you from a bad run...

*gulps* I understand.

Furwood walked out, sweat dripped down his face, he was looking at the floor...

How'd it go Bryan?

Good, I think.

Furwood wins Managerial hotseat at Heidenheim!

"I'm ecstatic, this is a chance to prove myself as a manager and a chance to take Heiedenheim as far as possible" Bryan Furwood

A pre-season where each manager took one game each, Furwood was there a the 1-0 win and only win they had in pre-season. The lack of goals worried the chairman in his interviews with us, but he told us Bryan always seemed like the most likely to get a reaction out of this team.

Furwood's reign as Heidenheim manager has started off as well as possible with a 4-1 win over Stuttgart II. Two weeks until their next match will allow Bryan to get to know the squad even more and work on his tactics with them. Maybe, just maybe he'll try to learn German
Good luck with this story :) Nice start to it already
2013-02-07 00:47#80189 The FM Rookie : Good luck with this story :) Nice start to it already

Thanks Rookie! It's taking over from West Brom now ! Bundesliga here I come!

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