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The Eagles: Fly to Hollywood

A Crystal Palace Story
Started on 12 January 2013 by afhp89
Latest Reply on 20 January 2013 by afhp89
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Dougie Freedman Quits!

Young manager and club icon, Dougie Freedman, have left his post as the manager of Crystal Palace after leading the club to a 17th place finish last season.

The 38 years old Scottish was promoted as a Caretaker Manager after the sacking of George Burley before eventually appointed as the official manager of the club, signing a two and a half year deal on 11 January 2011.

An official statement from the club's website stated that Dougie Freedmen resignation was due to a personal reason. Assistant Manager, Lennie Lawrence, will take over as a Caretaker Manager and will surely be hoping to be promoted as Freedman was.

Unfortunately for Lawrence, The Eagles are rumored to be considering the trio of Roberto Di Matteo, Attillio Lombardo and Gareth Southgate.

Palace Board Startles Fans!

Crystal Palace today have announced the unexpected appointment of Vinnie Jones as the club's new manager.

The professional footballer-turn actor-turn manager Jones, signed on a short term one year deal which will expire in June 2013.

The appointment of Jones was seen as a huge surprise considering his inexperience as a manager despite being a 48 years old former Welsh captain. The former Wimbledon, Leeds United and Chelsea player was known for his 'tough guy' character and is one of the 'Crazy Gang' of Wimbledon which won the 1988 F.A Cup Final.

Instead of going straight into coaching or management after his retirement as a professional footballer, Jones took a rather odd route into the entertainment business starring in hit movies such as Snatch, Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels and The X-Men.

When ask about the shocking appointment of Jones, club chairman, Steve Parish, rather jokingly said "What can I do? I was about to struck a deal with Pep Guardiola when Vinnie barged into my office, pointed a gun to my head and forced me hire him!".
Yeah a Crystal Palace story :)
I will be following, good luck ;)
This should be interesting, good look!

Vinnie Jones Meets the Press

Journalist: Hello and congratulations on your appointment Mr Jones.

Jones: Thank you.

Journalist: First of all, what makes you want to return into the footballing world after such a long period off.

Jones: To be honest, I miss the game. I miss the passion and just to be involved in the game that I am so passionate of.

Journalist: They were critics saying that you won't make it in the managerial world, that you were outdated. How do you response to that?

Jones: I bet those were the same person who says that I can't make it as an actor. Before you know it, 'swoosh' I went to hollywood!

Journalist: Where do you see the club is heading to this season?

Jones: I would say that we have a good shout of making it into the play-off.

Journalist: Do you mean that with the current squad? Or are you looking to bring someone in?

Jones: Obviously the squad could benefits from a few new faces, but nothing is finalized yet.

Journalist: Are there going to be any sales as well?

Jones: Probably. I have to meet the lads first and see who is going to be in my plans and who aren't.

Journalist: Okay Mr Jones, thanks for your time. I wish you all the best in your new career.

Jones: Thank you.
2013-01-13 07:03#76872 Sonalexwild : Yeah a Crystal Palace story :)
I will be following, good luck ;)

2013-01-13 07:09#76873 manchesterblue97 : This should be interesting, good look!

Thanks guys :)
Seen Crystal Palace play today as Burnley beat them 1-0, hopefully you can get them to play better than what they did ;) Good luck with your story. :)
2013-01-13 07:46#76884 BFC_Michael : Seen Crystal Palace play today as Burnley beat them 1-0, hopefully you can get them to play better than what they did ;) Good luck with your story. :)

Cheers mate. Hopefully i could :)
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1st Day in the Office

Vinnie Jones walks into the office and saw a document on his table...

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Squad Overview

From : [email protected]
To : [email protected]

Item 3: Squad Overview

Attached herewith is the report of Crystal Palace FC players sorted by positions.

*To view attachments, please click on the links above


Lenny Lawrence
Assistant Manager
Crystal Palace F.C
Will be following this story. Never sell Zaha or Williams!! Like the format afhp :D
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10 yearsEdited
2013-01-14 01:44#76985 PaukerJ : Will be following this story. Never sell Zaha or Williams!! Like the format afhp :D

Cheers mate. Zaha have been amazing thus far. I played him as AMR thou. ;)
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10 yearsEdited

Crystal Palace Announced New Assistant Manager

Crystal Palace have appointed club favorite and former captain, Steve Kember as their new assistant manager.

The 63 years old Steve Kember replaced Lenny Lawrence who left the club on mutual agreement yesterday. Kember himself was a manager of Crystal Palace during the 2003/2004 season when he took over as caretaker manager prior to the sacking of Steve Bruce before eventually being made as their official manager.

Vinnie Jones told the press that he was really pleased to have a man with such knowledge and connection with the club working behind him.
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(On the phone)
Vinnie Jones: Hello Steve, could you come to my office please?

Steve Kember: Alright Vinnie, I'll be there in a bit.

Vinnie Jones: Alright, see you.

(Knock on Vinnie's office door)
Vinnie Jones: Come in Steve.

Steve Kember: What's up Vinnie?

Vinnie Jones: Here, I need to talk to you about the tactics that we are going to use for next season. I have a flight to Brazil to catch up this evening, so I need you to meet the lads and work on all the tactics with them.

Steve Kember: Brazil eh? On what business?

Vinnie Jones: I won't tell you now, but you'll be happy to know that later.

Steve Kember: Fair enough. Alright, back to the tactics.

Vinnie Jones: Here, take a look at this document.

(Steve Kember browse through the document)

Steve Kember: I think these tactic might work. Probably with a bit more practice and some little tweaks, we could get some decent results.

Vinnie Jones: Great! I am glad that we are on the same page.

Steve Kember: Is there anything else that you want to talk to me about Vinnie?

Vinnie Jones: That's it. You can go on and wank in your office. (Laugh).

Steve Kember: Wtf Vinnie! I am 63 years old for f**k sake! Come on, that is not funny!

Vinnie Jones: It absolutely is to me thou! (Laugh) Alright, see you!

Steve Kember: Have a good time in Brazil you prick. See ya!

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