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Manchester United: The Kids

Started on 20 January 2013 by 2nd Rookie
Latest Reply on 21 January 2013 by Kane
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Manchester United: The Kids

Manchester United:
The Kids

This is a famous saying among many Manchester United faithful’s. The club has achieved it success mainly in two periods when the club was managed by two of Scottish greats, Sir Matt Busby and Sir Alex Ferguson. It has proved time and again that longevity at a certain club is an essential factor to achieve success as a manager especially for a club like Man U. Both have build dynasties which were the best in English football. The 'Busby babes' and 'Fergie Fledglings are a testimony to the dynasties they build. No such team (other than Liverpool) have been able to achieve unparalleled success due to their lack of longevity with their manager. Failure is a part of life and it is the stepping stone to success. Fergie hadn't won anything in his first 3 years at Man U and Busby won his first league in 1952,6 years after his appointment in 1945. From then on both won numerous trophies and accolades along the way to greatness.

With Ferguson in charge of the club the red devils faithful have nothing to worry. But with age on the wrong side of the gaffer there has been speculation that replacements are being scouted by the gaffer and Chairman Gill. The bookie’s favourite remains to be Pep Guardiola and 'The Chosen One'. David Moyes also seems to have an outside chance of landing the job.

The Question now for Red devils Faithful is that whether the next manager appointed will stay at the club and guide them to an extended period of success rather than a short term period. 'The Chosen one' hasn't been at a club for more than 2 seasons, Pep is relatively new. This leaves only Moyes to have some Longevity at Everton.

There seems to be a lot of Problems once Fergie hangs his boots but he has assured the fans that the right man will succeed him and success will continue to follow through the doors of OT.

In an interesting turn of events Sir Alex Ferguson has retired from the game as manager. Having spent 26 years at helm, the Red Devils manager felt the time was right to step down and allow his successor to build his team. He has moved to the member of the Board of Directors and will give his successor a guiding hand in managing the club.

In a separate press release from Chairman David Gill, it was stated that the successor to SAF had already been decide and will be announced tomorrow.

This has send waves of interest among the fans of the world who eagerly wait for what many consider the biggest decision/appointment in the history of Manchester United and world football to an extent.

Alex GoodBye

Alex Says GoodBye

Tears dropped from Alex’s, David’s, and Nemanja’s eyes, as he left the room and when he opened the door a huge noise erupted, all the players stood there clapping their hands as he opened the door, and each one had donated 50% of their wages from last week to Fergie, every single player, even the staff had given some towards him, along with several bottles of champagne and things to remind him of his unforgettable career at Manchester United Football Club, The Red Devils, the club he loves.

Once in A Lifetime Chance

David And Alex Announce New Manager

David Gill has said that Jason Kavanagh will be the new manager at Manchester united on an interim Contract untill they find a manager they believe can take the club forward. Kavanagh who is a youth team Coach at the club for the last 5 years is said to be really happy to be giving the chance to manage the club that he loves so much and also said that he knows all the youth team and knows who is ready to step into the Manchester United 1st team.


I am over the moon to be given a chance here at Manchester United I have being hear for 5 years working with the youth team, and I know what players are ready to step up. And I have a plan it was Alex himself who asked me if I would take over from him when he left, and I knew he was leaving two years ago but did not say anything, Alex had a plan and now it starts he has given me a list of things to do and I plan on doing them. He wants me to turn Manchester United back into the team of the 90,s. he wants young fresh players a great young team, and I am going to do that.

What he wants me to do is change the club and everything in it, and how I plan to do that is, most of the players over 26 will be sold, that includes big names and will be replaced with young talent, and the staff will also be replaced with young talent. Alex told me he said this is you Manchester united now so make to your own, make the changes for me and for you this will cement your position as the boss.

So in honour of Alex I am going to do all that, and it will work out well for both of us, I have told the broad even though I am on a interim contract I will be making these changes and that we might not win the league for 1 or 2 season but after that the team will win everything, I told them we will try get Champions League football and I will stick by that. It’s going to be a long road and with Alex saying he will help me out in my first year I can’t wait.

I know the fans are not happy with me being made the new manager, with all the big names they could of got, but I promise that I will be an even bigger name come 5 years time. And Alex told the fans that he can see a young vision of himself in me. To be honest that is a great thing to hear from that man and I won’t let him down.
Will be great to see how this story goes, good luck.

And as a United fan I give you that bit of extra luck for when wanting to destroy City ;)
Hmmm, the bottom bit off your first post happens to be exactly the same words as I put in my first ever United story...

Good Luck.
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Pre-Season And Transfers

Ok so in my first month as the new manager of Manchester united there has being a lot of changes in the club and a lot of old players leaving and a lot of fresh new superstars have being brought into the club, with this I plan to make this the best Manchester united team ever. The pre-season went really well with us wining all of our games, but most of all the new players gelled well with their new team mates. Well here are the players sold:

Players Out

Anderson 6.5 Million
Wayne Rooney 37 Million
Patrice Evra 15 Million
Nemanja Vidic 23 Million
Antonio Valencia 27 Million
Ashley Young 30 Million
Rio Ferdinand 4 Million
Michael Carrick 15 Million

So as I said before some big players were sold they were over 26 so they had to go, so for this to work I need young players, and I got some great young players with the money that I got of the players. Well here are the players I got:

Players In

Isco 20 Million Age:20

Gareth Bale 30 Million Age: 23

Moritz Leitner 19 Million Age:19

Stephen El Shaarawy 20 Million Age:19

Kyriakos Papadopoulos 30 Million Age:20

Ricardo Rodriguez 13 Million Age:20

Ademilson 6 Million Age:18

Thiago 32 Million Age:21

Please Note all Prices are in euro

With this team that I am putting together I want to win everything but I know it will take time to do, the players are going to need time to gel with each other and I know that so that’s why I only want a top 4 finish this season, I hope they can do better than this though. This is going to be a long season for us and I hope the fans will stick behind me.
Those transfers O.o, Good luck.
Making so many transfers is always a huge risk but it's something I love to do. Hopefully it works out well for you!
Woah. You might have just ruined your first season with those transfers out, but it'll be very interesting to see how you cope. Good Luck.
Like how you have sold rooney, the piece of shit! And youve made so many great signings, cant wait to see how: Isco, Bale and Shaarawy do! Good luck!
Woah Woah Woah. Rooney and Vidic out? :O WTF?

Gonna be hard to cope, you'll have to surround van Persie with all those youngsters. :P
You coulda got El Shaarawy on loan with a 16m future fee.
And Alex Sandro, Santon > Rodriguez.
Also, 30m for a defender seems illogical.
Sad to see Vidic go, but bold move. I can't wait to see how this turns out! Good luck.

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