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Liverpool F.C - A Liverbird From The Ashes

Started on 3 February 2013 by Arvind
Latest Reply on 19 February 2013 by Jamesg237
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James Rodriguez would be an amazing signing! I hope you can get him :)
Noooo Glen! :(

Yeah, it is probably a bit risky, but 29m for a 29 year old goalie is too good to turn down. We needed that money to develop other parts of the squad as well, since our budget was so low. I've bought Mandanda in a previous save and he did well. The reason I didn't opt for ter Stegen/Zieler etc was because I wanted to have an experienced goalie in the first season, so I can finish as high as possible.

And thank you. :)

Thanks mate, I'll try to keep it up :) I did lose some of my respect for him too, but he was such a cracking player when he was with us. He peaked early on and we saw his best when he was at Anfield.

He impressed on one of my other saves too, which is why I thought he'd do a good job here.

Thanks for the compliments, hope you keep following :) Glen will probably leave even though he's a really good right back, at this stage I'm just getting as much as I can for the older players in the squad who are at their peak so I can spend it on some good youngsters.

Yeah, he's amazing in real life, hope he is in FM too. :P

Sorry for selling your namesake :P I'll try my best to get another Glen next season xD

We've hit 2000 views! Big thanks to all of you guys for reading and commenting :)
You deserve it mate, and I hope that Rodriguez and Belhanda work wonders for you :)
Arvind's avatar Group Arvind
7 yearsEdited

Liverpool beat United to Rodriguez as Johnson returns to the Blues

Liverpool have beaten Manchester United to the signing of James Rodriguez for a fee of £21m.

The Colombian wonderkid was on Manchester United's wishlist for over two years, and they were said to be putting together a bid, but Liverpool have snatched him from under their noses.

He has been referred to as the "South American Ronaldo" due to his similarities with the Real Madrid star.

To break even, Liverpool have sold England right back Glen Johnson to Chelsea for £22.5m.

This will be the 28-year old's second spell at the club, having joined Chelsea once before from West Ham in June 2003.

Fans are disappointed with Johnson's departure, but are excited to see a player with the potential to be world class joining the club. Academy graduate Martin Kelly is expected to fill in Johnson's boots at right back.
I got out of my car in the parking lot at Melwood, slammed the door and pressed the 'lock' button on the key.

I turned around and staring at me angrily was our 63 year-old bus driver, Nick Johnson.

"Hey there.."



"The bus is fucking thirty minutes late 'cause of you! WHAT KIND OF MANAGER IS LATE TO HIS OWN TEAM'S GAME? HUH?!"

"What game?"

"We're playing Wolves in a friendly, you twat!"

The manager doesn't know that the team is playing a game? Well, that's a bad start to my managerial career.

"Get your ass on the bus or I'm leaving you here."

I followed the swearing old man to the road.

"Is that really our bus?"

"Nah. Our bus broke down and it's getting fixed at the moment. We borrowed a bus from one of the fan clubs."

I got on the bus and faced the awkward looks from my players and my assistant Rodolfo and prepared to endure 1 hour and 41 minutes of silence.

Liverpool Line-Up: 4-1-2-2-1: Mandanda; Bellusci, Skrtel, Agger, Enrique; Marrone, Sahin, Gerrard, Belhanda, Rodriguez; Suarez.

Randy Bierstekers: Good morning, we're here today at the Molineux, where Wolves are going to play Liverpool in a pre-season friendly. Sitting beside me is Glenn Tham. Glenn, as a Liverpool fan, what do you think of this line-up?

Glenn Tham: It's a good strong lineup, but with so many changes in the squad I 'reckon it'll take a while for them to play as a single unit. It's gonna be exciting to see prospects like James and Belhanda in the squad.

RB 1': And we have kick off.

RB 2': Belhanda plays the short pass to Gerrard. Gerrard releases JAMES!! Blocked by the keeper! Oh, and it's Suarez with the rebound shot! One-nil to Liverpool just two minutes into the game!
GT: It was an excellent run made by Rodriguez and Gerrard does well to pick him out. It's a good stop by the keeper, but he's unlucky as the rebound falls right to Suarez who has an open net in front of him.

RB 9': Belhanda plays it back to the keeper...Ebanks-Blake intercepts AND ROUNDS MANDANDA!! It's one-one already! Belhanda has his face in his hands!
GT: Absolutely terrible back-pass from Belhanda, he's just lost his concentration there. Ebanks-Blake saw the opportunity in front of him and took it with both hands.

RB 14': Belhanda, he's put it through for Suarez! OH! Excellent tackle by Stearman to win the ball. Surely, he's saved a certain goal there!

RB 18': Agger for Gerrard, and the captain runs with it..forward for James once again!! Over the bar!
GT: Again the Colombian fails to finish. He's just got to keep his composure in those situations. Another excellent pass from Gerrard, he looks in tip-top shape.

RB 36': Rodriguez takes the corner, and SUAREZ GETS THERE! The header goes wide!
GT: It was a free header for Suarez, he didn't even have to jump. He really should have capitalized on that chance.

RB 45': We go into half-time with the score at 1-1. Liverpool have created their chances but failed to take them.

RB 52': Suarez drops deep to collect the ball, turns around and picks out the run of RODRIGUEZ! Finally, he scores!
GT: He was trying to blast the ball in his previous chances, but this time he keeps his calm and just pokes it past the keeper.

RB 90+1': Danny Wilson on the left now..pumps the ball in, and Kevin Gameiro gets on the end of it! Probably the last kick of the game, and Livepool go 3-1 up.

RB Full-time: A polished performance from Liverpool, they created a lot of chances in the first half, and really should have scored a few more goals than they did. Judging by this performance they look good to go for the upcoming season.

Man of the Match: Martin Skrtel
From managing Man utd. to be a commentator for sky, i am so multifunctional :)
But back to the game, a nice result in the end liverbird, wonder who's to blame for the goal belhanda for passing the ball to slow or mandanda for not reacting in time
2013-02-14 12:03#81007 RandydeB : From managing Man utd. to be a commentator for sky, i am so multifunctional :)
But back to the game, a nice result in the end liverbird, wonder who's to blame for the goal belhanda for passing the ball to slow or mandanda for not reacting in time

Both probably, but mostly Belhanda since the pass was a bit wayward anyway.
that sucks, but you are not the only 1 happend to me a few times awell, and a lot of others will have the problem from time to time.
and eventually you didn't lose the game cause of the mistake, but you can always choose to give him a game on the bench
An Asian Sky commentator :P that's a first.

Wolves 1 - 3 Liverpool
2' - Luis Suarez
52' - James Rodriguez
90+1' - Kevin Gameiro

Liverpool 8 - 0 AFC Liverpool
10', 45+2', 57' - Raheem Sterling
16', 23' - Luis Suarez
47' - Jonjo Shelvey
72' - Younes Belhanda
85' - Kevin Gameiro

Liverpool 4 - 0 Flint Mountain
2' - Dani Pacheco
23' - Fabio Borini
66' - Oussama Assaidi
70' - Marc Sheehan
Where did you get that cool ass banner?

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