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Delroy Wilberhand - Restarting Chelsea!

Started on 16 February 2013 by Chris
Latest Reply on 9 March 2013 by Jer
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Chris's avatar Group Chris
11 yearsEdited

Roberto Di Matteo leaves Chelsea

Roberto Di Matteo has not been offered a permanant contract by Roman Abramovic, leaving the fans distraut. Di Matteo had came into a failing Chelsea and turned them into the Champions League and FA Cup winners, but only failing to finish 6th in the League. Its expected that Abramovic will have a replacement very soon. Guardiola is top of the list.


Changes I have made to database:
  • No January transfers.
  • All injuries healed.

Why would you want your balance set to 1 billion?!!? Totally takes away any chance of realism whatsoever! Can't say I agree with you doing this but it is your story nonetheless.

Good luck.
2013-02-16 12:36#81165 Jamesg237 : Why would you want your balance set to 1 billion?!!? Totally takes away any chance of realism whatsoever! Can't say I agree with you doing this but it is your story nonetheless.

Good luck.

Well I guess i got that wrong :P I will reset it to was it was originally :) Sorry.
Don't apologise. I am just not a fan of editing the game or the people who pay in 48 monthly installments so they can obtain the services of any player they pretty much want.

Looking forward to the story.

Ambramovic with out of the Blues press conference

RA = Roman Abramovic
DW = Delroy Wilberhand
J = Journalist

RA: Hello and welcome to a Chelsea press conference, you all will be wondering why I called you here on so short notice, but I have decided on the new manager for the season.

*An unknown manager walks towards the chair next to Abramovic and sits down*

RA: This is Delroy Wilberhand, you probally would not of heard of him, but he is a young one. He played for England U-21s when he was playing football and has decided to take up management. Luckily for him, I had a job for him.
DW: Hello, I am Mr. Wilberhand, but call me Del. I would just like to start with thanking Abramovic for trusting me with this position.
*press go crazy asking questions*
(The ingame press conference)

J: Hello Del, Im David McKeown from, How involoved do you intend to be in the day-to-day running of the club?
DW: I'm going to be involved as much as time allows me to.

J: Lee Critchley from World Soccer Magazine, While some managers are famous for their hands-on approach, others maintain a more reserved manner with their players. How do you see your management style?
DW: I think clubs work best when players feel valued as people as well as footballers.

J: David McKeown from again, You stand here today unveiled as the new Chelsea manager. As a big fan of the club, surely this must be a dream come true?
DW: I cannot stop smiliing, this is a wonderful feeling.

J: Pat Francis from Sky Sports News, What would you say is your tactical approach to the game?
DW: Football is about entertainment and that is what I promise the Chelsea fans.

J: Richard Austin, The Sunday Mirror, What can we expect from you in the transfer market? Are you looking to splash the cash or are you more of a bargain hunter?
DW: I am only looking to sign the very best players possible.

J: Robin Swain,, As far as your backroom staff go, will you be bringing in your own people or will the likes of Matt Birnie and Christopher Lillichon be staying at the club?
DW: I need to talk to the staff here, understand what they do and how they do it. Then we will see.

J: David McKeown again, On the off-chance that any agents read your comments today, is there a particular area of the squad which you are looking to strengthen in the near future?
DW: Attack.

J: Dean York from, You have taken charge when it is widely expected that Fernando Torres will leave the club. Can you hold onto him? Do you want to?
DW: Fernando will be moving on as soon as possible...*mutters under breath*...because he is rubbish...

J: Pat Francis, Sky Sports News again, The expectations of a team of Chelsea's stature are enormous. Do you feel that you will be able to continue their tradition of success?
DW: I think that has to be the target at a club like this.

RA: Thank you press for coming at such short notice.

Thanks for reading guys - Next update will be tommorow or tonight, depends how I feel!
Good luck Chris!
2013-02-16 19:27#81230 Blue : Good luck Chris!

Thanks ;)
Good luck for the story ;)
2013-02-16 20:30#81242 Murtagh : Good luck for the story ;)

Thanks man!

Delroy Wilberhand reveals transfer targets to fans

Main Targets:

People to sell:

Hat-Trick of signings for Wilberhand



Nice signings Chris, I will be following.

Good Luck :)
2013-02-17 08:06#81283 Sonalexwild : Nice signings Chris, I will be following.

Good Luck :)

Thanks for the support man :)

Surprise dealings for Wilberhand

Delroy Wilberhand has revealed a surprising deal for PSV youngster Zakaria Bakkali, the 16 year-old is seen as one of the better players for the future.

Nice to see you back in the business Chris :) Have a look out for Rodrigo and Nainggolan, they both become amazing :P

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